Commits Between origin/release/0.6.pre17 and release/0.6.pre18

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.pre17 and release/0.6.pre18

9579251 2019-03-20 Andy Chu [doc] Document why the startup sequence is simpler.
78e6f58 2019-03-22 Andy Chu [doc] Clarify README, e.g. with respect to OS X.
242fab5 2019-03-24 Joshua Nelson Print a newline after SIGINT / Ctrl-C (#271)
c90a92a 2019-03-26 Andy Chu Minor cleanups to comments and types.
29d99df 2019-04-01 Andy Chu [types] Get rid of unused type:ignore.
15a190c 2019-04-02 Andy Chu Initial commit of mycpp.
6dbd788 2019-04-03 Andy Chu [mycpp] Fix crash on int() invocation.
716e33c 2019-04-03 Andy Chu [mycpp] More fixes motivated by asdl/
8427a49 2019-04-03 Andy Chu [mycpp] Fix a couple crashes, motivated by
252c405 2019-04-03 Andy Chu Fix bug introduced last week. Reset() is not an abstract method.
82f5269 2019-04-03 Andy Chu [mycpp] Only translate files the user specified.
913ff8b 2019-04-04 Andy Chu [misc/old] Fix OHeap V1 and move it to misc/old.
f418611 2019-04-04 Andy Chu [ASDL] Revived the Enum visitor.
6642513 2019-04-04 Andy Chu [misc/old] Move the rest of the OHeap V1 to misc/old/
b3aba16 2019-04-04 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix unused imports.
e7ad4d7 2019-04-04 Andy Chu [ASDL] Generate C++ code for mycpp target code to use.
62eb208 2019-04-05 Andy Chu [mycpp] Able to translate a simple program with modules.
b19dd41 2019-04-05 Andy Chu [ASDL] Use arith_expr__X instead of arith_expr.X.
fb37e91 2019-04-06 Andy Chu [mycpp] asdl/ translates, but doesn't compile yet.
0b75c27 2019-04-07 Andy Chu [mycpp] Generate all declarations ("headers") first.
487692d 2019-04-07 Andy Chu [devtools] Use rm -r to remove __pycache__ dirs too
494d80b 2019-04-07 Andy Chu [mycpp] Write a benchmarks TSV and analyze with R.
5515d73 2019-04-08 Andy Chu [mycpp] Turn examples/ into an expression parser using ASDL.
f29fc84 2019-04-08 Andy Chu [mycpp] Working on translating and compiling examples/
36a5cdd 2019-04-09 Andy Chu [mycpp] Translate int('123') in Python to str_to_int("123") in C++.
2c331c3 2019-04-09 Andy Chu [mycpp] examples/ translates and compiles!
802c8d7 2019-04-09 Andy Chu [cleanup] Change import style to import log directly.
fa66aae 2019-04-09 Andy Chu [devtools] Remove stale file.
4a25c12 2019-04-11 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix unused imports.
f687f45 2019-04-09 Andy Chu [mycpp] Progress toward translating asdl/
a166b92 2019-04-12 Andy Chu [mycpp] Implement tuple unpacking in loops.
f3a8189 2019-04-12 Andy Chu [mycpp] Translate loops that use xrange() as a special case.
b5e0dc9 2019-04-12 Andy Chu [mycpp] Translate loops with enumerate() as a special case.
32eda5e 2019-04-12 Andy Chu [mycpp] Minor fixes to translate examples/
d14cca9 2019-04-17 Andy Chu Show a proper usage error on invalid arguments.
9647b9b 2019-04-18 Andy Chu [mycpp] Examples of switch statement and scoped resource.
72c0aad 2019-04-18 Andy Chu [mycpp] Brainstorming on typeswitch vs. switch.
a428290 2019-04-19 Andy Chu [spec/alias] Three new failing test cases for alias.
57316c6 2019-04-19 Andy Chu [test/parse-errors] Expose error messages in frontend/
4fb2366 2019-04-19 Andy Chu [release] Disable spec tests and unit tests under byterun.
071717d 2019-04-19 Andy Chu [devtools] Fix --parser-mem-dump, and add a demo.
5100b7a 2019-04-19 Andy Chu [benchmarks/osh-runtime] Don't pass --parser-mem-dump.
c293d49 2019-04-19 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.6.pre18.
02ea300 2019-04-19 Andy Chu [test/spec] Fix setup of busybox ash symlink.
ceb2f31 2019-04-19 Andy Chu [release] Don't try to compile mycpp with OPy!