Commits Between origin/release/0.6.pre19 and release/0.6.pre20

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.pre19 and release/0.6.pre20

b0b7d1d 2019-05-10 Andy Chu [osh/state] Be lazier about creating objects for SOURCE_NAME / LINENO.
9e6ae6c 2019-05-10 Andy Chu [braces] Start implementing {1..3}
7c8323e 2019-05-10 Andy Chu [osh/braces] Initial implementation of ranges like {1..3}{a..c}
e687000 2019-05-11 Andy Chu [osh/braces] Implement {01..03}.
ec09cd3 2019-05-11 Andy Chu [osh/braces] Fix a bug with {a,b,1..3}.
2dfe794 2019-05-11 Andy Chu [osh/braces]
05bfb4e 2019-05-11 Andy Chu [doc] Document intentional divergences in brace expansion.
dcbb30e 2019-05-11 Andy Chu Fix URL in output.
eb98eb7 2019-05-12 Andy Chu Spec tests for 'set' builtin
31032b6 2019-05-12 Andy Chu Test a round trip!
bfa3473 2019-05-12 Andy Chu [builtins] Properly implement 'set' without args.
3129e3e 2019-05-12 Andy Chu Basic implementation of 'set -o' and 'sh -o', which show options.
aef218d 2019-05-12 Andy Chu Enhancements while debugging Python's configure.
fdeeb41 2019-05-13 Andy Chu [errors] Make the default location info for assignments more specific.
a3dc963 2019-05-13 Andy Chu [test/spec] Move $LINENO tests to 'special-vars' and test with zsh.
9fa935f 2019-05-13 Andy Chu [spec/builtin-vars] Also run with zsh for comparison.
1cc6cfc 2019-05-13 Andy Chu [errors] Better location information for 'for' loops.
65263c1 2019-05-14 Andy Chu Flush stdout after EVERY builtin.
ab84542 2019-05-14 Andy Chu Take into account a shebang line like '!# /bin/sh`.
ac3d07e 2019-05-14 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Start some microbenchmarks.
fb505db 2019-05-14 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.6.pre20.
8b6f8af 2019-05-14 Andy Chu [build] Regenerate method list.
c28807d 2019-05-14 Andy Chu [build] Regenerate method list.
cf5c75b 2019-05-14 Andy Chu Merge branch 'release/0.6.pre20' of into release/0.6.pre20
b02d856 2019-05-14 Andy Chu [build] Regenerate method list again.
5bb5486 2019-05-14 Andy Chu Remove traceback after undefined span ID.