Commits Between origin/release/0.6.pre21 and release/0.6.pre22

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.6.pre21 and release/0.6.pre22

d7d8241 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [metrics] Update line count scripts to account for pgen2 move.
4d1ef52 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [release] Shell functions for the 0.6.pre21 release.
d4adbd4 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [tools] pgen2 parser for find.
02448cc 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [tools/find] Fill in more of the grammar. Fix lint errors.
f6fa4fb 2019-06-04 Andy Chu [tools/find] Describe more of the language in the grammar.
6a15742 2019-06-05 Andy Chu Change shebang to use /usr/bin/env.
89891f4 2019-06-05 Andy Chu [devtools, factor] Remove shebang lines from non-executable files.
0c9702f 2019-06-05 Andy Chu [refactor] pgen2/ doesn't need to be executable
c7c0c10 2019-06-05 Andy Chu [devtools, refactor] Make all the shebangs /usr/bin/env python2.
48dcbce 2019-06-05 Andy Chu [tools/find] Stub for an ASDL schema.
813c635 2019-06-05 Andy Chu [devtools, refactor] Change shebangs in build/ too.
74182c7 2019-06-06 Andy Chu [demo] Document a few test cases that trigger the SIGWINCH bug.
16ed985 2019-06-06 Andy Chu [tools/find] Automation to build the 'find' grammar.
43f7804 2019-06-06 Andy Chu [refactor] Start consolidating signal handling in
395380d 2019-06-06 Andy Chu [refactor] Move 'trap' handler registration into SignalState.
14b9143 2019-06-06 Andy Chu [refactor] Move remaining signal handling into one place.
0869f9c 2019-06-06 Andy Chu [core] Fix hang in 'cat /dev/urandom | sleep 1'
3b23093 2019-06-07 Andy Chu [demo] Demos of signal bugs.
988caef 2019-06-07 Andy Chu [core] Regression test for issue #295.
f450133 2019-06-07 Andy Chu [core] Remove the concept of immutable "temp frames" on the stack.
5c4d75b 2019-06-07 Andy Chu [spec/assign] Add test cases related to temp bindings.
3cb35d5 2019-06-07 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove the _StackFrame class.
31b1f1b 2019-06-08 Andy Chu [build] Copy of Python's 'posix' module.
6501860 2019-06-08 Andy Chu [build] Use native/posixmodule.c instead of the vendored one.
1fdc695 2019-06-08 Andy Chu [build] Fix unit tests after posix_ change.
7ce81e3 2019-06-08 Andy Chu [build] Removing more of posixmodule.c.
bc59678 2019-06-08 Andy Chu [build] Strip down posixmodule.c to what we need.
da4b8fe 2019-06-09 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix lint error.
15a11ea 2019-06-09 Andy Chu [native/posix_] Remove build warnings due to docstrings.
6ab8771 2019-06-09 Andy Chu [native/posix_] Test out the EINTR behavior we're going to change.
bab6c43 2019-06-09 Andy Chu [native/posix_] Retry wait() on EINTR.
a71110b 2019-06-09 Andy Chu [core/process] Remove the EINTR check now that it's done in C.
04fc3c9 2019-06-09 Andy Chu [native/posix_] Retry read() and write() on EINTR.
82f5f73 2019-06-09 Andy Chu [native/posix_] Fix bug in last commit.
6da1da1 2019-06-10 Andy Chu [osh-lang] 'unset' sets a variable back to the 'Undef' (null) value.
ba9225a 2019-06-10 Andy Chu [refactor] Simplify EINTR checking code.
fd3545e 2019-06-10 Andy Chu [interactive] Don't cause readline to redraw the prompt on SIGWINCH.
a3ca021 2019-06-10 Andy Chu [interactive] Put Oil in control of SIGWINCH, not readline.
2f4f184 2019-06-10 Andy Chu [build] Replace Python-*/.../posixmodule.c with native/posixmodule.c
5e3f76b 2019-06-10 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.6.pre22.
f763f54 2019-06-10 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Regenerate method list.