Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.7.pre9 and release/0.7.pre10

e829881 2019-12-08 Andy Chu [doc] Fix path of
1b26755 2019-12-09 Andy Chu [translation] Add a file from more-oil-manifest.txt to osh_parse.
9e88fe6 2019-12-09 Andy Chu [fix] Fix abbreviation of tokens.
dfa594f 2019-12-09 Andy Chu [refactor] Make note of Token size.
5cad083 2019-12-09 Andy Chu [optimize] Use "shared variant" to make word_part.Literal a Token.
0f3bec1 2019-12-09 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
6dc6ea3 2019-12-10 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Got perf and flame graph running on osh_parse.
f8bd463 2019-12-10 Andy Chu [cpp] Test out custom operator new/delete.
f337d98 2019-12-10 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Refactor to make testing osh-parser more easily.
1a151f1 2019-12-10 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Hook up dumb_alloc again.
29f91bc 2019-12-10 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Allow repetition of the benchmark with REPEAT=.
33be3b4 2019-12-10 Andy Chu [benchmark] Try out uftrace again. Works nicely.
0e5d4e6 2019-12-11 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Create a different osh_parse binary with flags for utrace.
3c18dec 2019-12-11 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove unused return value.
271a12d 2019-12-11 Andy Chu [performance] Reuse immutable token instances
b518d56 2019-12-11 Andy Chu [performance] Avoid allocating Token.val for 5 kinds of tokens
a0bfd92 2019-12-11 Andy Chu [translation] Add type annotation to fix compile error under Clang.
2c69fb7 2019-12-11 Andy Chu [refactor] Reorder fields of syntax_asdl::Token.
643110d 2019-12-11 Andy Chu [performance] Automation / tools for instrumenting memory allocation.
fab6496 2019-12-12 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Able to run with the tcmalloc / gperftools profiler.
125a27a 2019-12-12 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Align dumb_alloc requests to 8 bytes.
49ade56 2019-12-12 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Fix frontend_match_test by conditonally using dumb_alloc.
e91ae61 2019-12-12 Andy Chu [performance] Sharp sed hack to make Token 16 bytes instead of 24.
74d442a 2019-12-12 Andy Chu [refactor] Test out vector::reserve and record other sizes.
76a5331 2019-12-12 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Fix ASAN build with Clang.
dc83392 2019-12-12 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Use uftrace with debug build to show common ASDL types.
d88de90 2019-12-12 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Add a .sizelog build with -D SIZE_LOG.
c82c9e4 2019-12-12 Andy Chu [benchmarks/uftrace] Figured out how to profile List::List creation.
b4e25c0 2019-12-12 Andy Chu [benchmarks/uftrace] Wrote a plugin to diagnose List and Str creation.
7dede57 2019-12-13 Andy Chu [benchmarks/uftrace] Enhance the plugin to print percentages.
bc28eef 2019-12-13 Andy Chu [performance] Add a heuristic that removes ~15% of List allocations.
f9d87b1 2019-12-14 Andy Chu [fix] Fix bad bug in last commit! We were losing words.
2ef6509 2019-12-14 Andy Chu [performance] Optimize LineLexer::LookAhead to return an Id.
95e4117 2019-12-14 Andy Chu [benchmarks/uftrace] Show Tuple{2,3,4} creation too.
5228f17 2019-12-14 Andy Chu [mycpp] Add tuple_return_value test case.
90df167 2019-12-14 Andy Chu [mycpp] Return Tuple<> BY VALUE everywhere!
56fca79 2019-12-14 Andy Chu [mylib, performance] mystr[0:] and mylist[0:] return the same instance.
3b5fcfa 2019-12-14 Andy Chu [benchmarks/uftrace] Show callers of 'operator new' and 'malloc'.
88ab921 2019-12-15 Andy Chu [refactor] Replace word_t spids attribute with an explicit field.
398b293 2019-12-15 Andy Chu [refactor, performance] Remove unused 'spids' field on compound_word.
0346135 2019-12-15 Andy Chu [errors] Add a new method to show token values.
35444a1 2019-12-15 Andy Chu [var-op-bash] Fix crash on case-converting empty strings.
7cc33e8 2019-12-15 Andy Chu [test] Run test/parse-errors with the osh_parse.asan build.
72e492a 2019-12-15 Andy Chu [benchmarks/ovm-build] Measure build speed and size of oil-native.
7afb400 2019-12-15 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.7.pre10.
3cfedf0 2019-12-15 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Use oil-native from benchmark-data repo.
950f289 2019-12-15 Andy C [benchmarks] Fix cp command.
a8ad0b5 2019-12-15 Andy Chu [build] Remove debug code that breaks import crawling
4f69e5e 2019-12-15 Andy C [benchmarks/ovm-build] Fix cp command AGAIN.
faf8029 2019-12-17 Andy Chu [test/spec] Be specific about python2.
a9f532c 2019-12-17 Aaron Sokoloski [types] Add typechecking to osh/ (#561)
c40ad32 2019-12-17 Andy Chu [test/spec] Upgrade to latest version of busybox.
e3da7e4 2019-12-17 Andy Chu [metrics/native-code] Also measure osh_parse (output of mycpp).
28f5aed 2019-12-17 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Improve report apperance.
5a6c08a 2019-12-17 Andy Chu [types] Patch to remove Union type, for translation.
f4c30fc 2019-12-17 Andy Chu [release] Build osh_parse binaries for benchmarks.
865ecc4 2019-12-18 Andy Chu [errors] Change error messages not to use tok.val
31eba6f 2019-12-18 Andy Chu [test/parse-errors] Distinguish between static and runtime parse errors.
1baf99d 2019-12-18 Andy Chu [types] frontend/ now passes.
985c7eb 2019-12-18 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
4d42e4d 2019-12-18 Andy Chu [translation] Remove lexicographical comparison between chars.
69a3cfb 2019-12-18 Andy Chu [test/parse-errors] Fixes for osh_parse.asan.
ac64dc0 2019-12-18 Andy Chu [opy/regtest] Update golden checksums.
9f75240 2019-12-18 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Remove 'count' false positive.