Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.7.pre10 and release/0.7.pre11

bfd697d 2019-12-18 Andy Chu [benchmarks, test/spec] Tweak report appearance.
d5e377f 2019-12-19 Aaron Sokoloski Fix crash in $LINENO on bare redirect (#565)
8c6462f 2019-12-19 Andy Chu [refactor] Use $TMP in spec test.
f2b096e 2019-12-20 Andy Chu [mylib] Compile with -Wsign-compare and remove usages of size_t.
3747444 2019-12-20 Andy Chu [doc] Add missing draft.
3398f52 2019-12-20 Andy Chu [oil_lang] Add unit test stub.
cf7883c 2019-12-20 Andy Chu [devtools] Clean up .gitignore.
66cf220 2019-12-21 Andy Chu [eggex] Change capture syntax.
015ac00 2019-12-21 Andy Chu [eggex] Allow HexDigit instead of @HexDigit.
520cab7 2019-12-21 Andy Chu fix example
19fdf76 2019-12-21 Andy Chu [eggex] Allow [b B] in addition to ['b' 'B'].
68c8d2d 2019-12-21 Andy Chu comment
1af5521 2019-12-23 Andy Chu comment
4068cd0 2019-12-23 Andy Chu [test/parse-errors] Run with both bin/osh and oil-native.
c1d9ef4 2019-12-23 Andy Chu [translation] Fix osh_parse compile error caused by recent change.
cbf3714 2019-12-23 Andy Chu [translation] Working on 'more-oil-manifest.
f992487 2019-12-23 Andy Chu [translation] Try all the files in more-oil-manifest.txt.
5f80279 2019-12-23 Andy Chu [lazylex] New module for processing HTML.
c205e28 2019-12-26 Andy Chu [lazylex] Simplify API; Implement TagLexer.
9b18c89 2019-12-27 Andy Chu [lazylex/oil_doc] Implement the language-sh-prompt highlighter.
529a50d 2019-12-27 Andy Chu [lazylex] Enhance docs, and minor code fixes.
abc07ce 2019-12-27 Andy Chu [doctools] Implement a pygments lexer in oil_doc.
17e7056 2019-12-28 Andy Chu [doc] Add CSS exported from pygments.
d75a1c4 2019-12-28 Andy Chu [doc] Almost all .md docs parse with new cmark using lazylex.html.
ec920f4 2019-12-28 Andy Chu [doctools] Move tools from devtools/ -> doctools/
d3e7798 2019-12-28 Andy Chu [test/unit] Only exclude two tests after 'build/ minimal'
a1dad10 2019-12-28 Andy Chu [refactor] Move to doctools
46fc839 2019-12-28 Andy Chu [doctools] Implement more flexible abbreviations.
bd4f78f 2019-12-28 Andy Chu [doctools] Render help-index with a Markdown/HTML plugin.
b9154a8 2019-12-29 Andy Chu [doc] Convert to new format.
e1c90bf 2019-12-29 Andy Chu [doctools] Render help-index.html to text.
77c0111 2019-12-29 Andy Chu [build] Fix shell function name. Should fix Travis build.
a7fabae 2019-12-29 Andy Chu [doctools] Refactor the help index highlighting.
c962a2d 2019-12-29 Andy Chu [doc] Various fixes to highlighting on
0b4bd27 2019-12-29 Andy Chu [build] Notes about cmark dependency.
d22b692 2019-12-29 Andy Chu width and whitespace
a1a2d1a 2019-12-29 Andy Chu [refactor] Use html.Output style in the help-index highlighting.
db6fc7f 2019-12-29 Andy Chu [doctools] Upgrade cmark to version 0.29.0.
3ce6e29 2019-12-29 Andy Chu [travis] Check in to make the build work.
d70da3e 2019-12-29 Andy Chu [doctools] Make missing directory and document the hack.
bc64f62 2019-12-29 Andy Chu [build] Make more missing doc dirs.
8acbf70 2019-12-30 Andy Chu [refactor] Simplify help index highlighting even more.
fdabc07 2019-12-30 Andy Chu [web] Add blog CSS so we can make it consistent with the manual, etc.
df3f324 2019-12-31 Andy Chu [web] Mobile CSS uses media queries.
84c0a4e 2019-12-31 Andy Chu [web] Split out a new base.css for consistency.
d19dcdf 2019-12-31 Andy Chu [web] Consolidate more style in base.css.
bd6e583 2020-01-01 Andy Chu [doctools] Make HTML headers consistent with
0122d78 2020-01-01 Andy Chu [css] Remove leading indent from <ul> and <ol>.
b33e36f 2020-01-01 Andy Chu update comment
f96cf7b 2020-01-01 Andy Chu [web] Consolidate <pre> styles into base.css.
9a46058 2020-01-01 Andy Chu [css] Make indentation conditional on screen width.
9c55644 2020-01-01 Andy Chu [doc] Misc doctools and CSS changes.
b4e1c27 2020-01-02 Andy Chu [css] Style changes for
09869e2 2020-01-02 Andy Chu [css] Improve appearance of blog/index.html
07405fc 2020-01-07 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Compare JS engines, shells, and Python.
aa69c62 2020-01-08 Andy Chu [demo] Work on an even smaller slice of CPython.
4ff0bcb 2020-01-08 Andy Chu [demo] Work on OBJECTS_ONLY build.
eb7ed4d 2020-01-09 Andy Chu [demo] Down to 106 compile errors for the smaller CPython slice.
482a14b 2020-01-09 Andy Chu [demo] Down to 36 lines of compiler output for OBJECTS_ONLY build.
0e6c010 2020-01-09 Andy Chu [demo] OBJECTS_ONLY build compiles and links!
f800a80 2020-01-09 Andy Chu [py_object_main] Test adding two long integers and calling repr()
13af5ee 2020-01-09 Andy Chu [py_object_main] Able to concatenate strings.
d005607 2020-01-09 Andy Chu [oil-language] Fix bug in setvar d['name'] = 'mystr'
912c469 2020-01-09 Andy Chu [py_object_main] Construct tuple and list, and repr().
1f2969e 2020-01-09 Andy Chu [py_object_main] Test out dict, and fix printing of cyclic collections.
127f9dd 2020-01-10 Andy Chu [py_object_main] sort and reverse on lists work now.
89931c1 2020-01-10 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.7.pre11.
aea04f4 2020-01-10 Andy Chu [release] Shell functions for the 0.7.pre11 release.
a9180c7 2020-01-10 Andy Chu [cpython] Fix breakage I introduced in getargs.c.
599b01e 2020-01-10 Andy Chu [mycpp] Remove debug info and revert file list.
4553f81 2020-01-10 Andy Chu [release] Fix oil-native automation
4095fde 2020-01-10 Andy Chu [test/oil-runtime-errors] Simplify test harness.
fbbbf98 2020-01-10 Andy Chu [test/spec] Disable test that exposed nondeterminism in CPython itself!