Commits Between origin/release/0.7.pre2 and release/0.7.pre3

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.7.pre2 and release/0.7.pre3

095de81 2019-07-25 Andy Chu [release] Shell functions for the 0.7.pre2 release.
0e1161d 2019-07-25 Andy Chu [doc/quick-ref] More Oil design notes.
88337a6 2019-07-25 Andy Chu [doc] Reorganize design-docs dir.
2127a45 2019-07-26 Andy Chu [build] Add missing build-defs for termios module.
9233fdc 2019-07-26 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Actually filter termios.c.
4aec13e 2019-07-26 Andy Chu [osh2oil] Fix a couple crashes caught by wild tests.
dd42678 2019-07-26 Andy Chu [builtin/trap] Avoid RuntimeError on SIGSTOP and SIGILL.
3e4a97f 2019-07-26 Andy Chu [builtin/bracket] Handle errors from stat() in -nt and -ot.
1855f5c 2019-07-27 Andy Chu [stdlib] Start
03e14ef 2019-07-27 Andy Chu [builtin/shopt] Validate option names with -p.
dc94c1b 2019-07-27 Andy Chu [osh-language] Implement $PPID, and 'set -o posix' is a no-op.
b66e99e 2019-07-27 Andy Chu [test/spec] Import smoosh tests and run them.
486e72c 2019-07-27 Andy Chu [test/smoosh] Show results in HTML format.
2aacad6 2019-07-28 Andy Chu [test/] Refactor lexer and stats.
f886e26 2019-07-28 Andy Chu [test/] Minor simplification.
aee064c 2019-07-28 Andy Chu [test/] Newlines in STDOUT/STDER blocks are respected.
e768b8f 2019-07-28 Andy Chu [spec/smoosh] Separate tests into two categories.
8987788 2019-07-28 Andy Chu [test/] Write a summary by shell (in text mode).
fb40d36 2019-07-28 Andy Chu [test/] Write per-shell summary in HTML at the top.
33793fe 2019-07-28 Andy Chu [test/] Tweak the appearance of the HTML report and console output.
d63a46d 2019-07-28 Andy Chu [test/spec] Display totals at the top of the file too.
3b408aa 2019-07-28 Andy Chu [test/spec] Rearrange columns of spec test index.
f664654 2019-07-28 Andy Chu [test/spec] Adjust HTML style, and automate more.
f91fbdc 2019-07-28 Andy Chu [test/] Minor tweaks.
4f9e6fa 2019-07-29 Andy Chu [doc] Add to OSH quick ref.
aa1c6a9 2019-07-29 Andy Chu [builtin/bracket] Handle uncaught OverflowError.
f650451 2019-07-29 Andy Chu [builtin/bracket] Fix -ot and -nt behavior when files don't exist.
e722c57 2019-07-29 Andy Chu [builtin/bracket] Implement the binary -ef operator.
389d38a 2019-07-29 Andy Chu [builtin/bracket] Fix error case.
b636320 2019-07-29 Andy Chu [test/] Fix unit tests.
0fc75bb 2019-07-29 Andy Chu [history] Don't expand history in comments.
131544a 2019-07-29 Andy Chu [test/] Handle errors when creating dirs.
4ecbce6 2019-07-29 Andy Chu [glob] Start of code for static globbing.
e4b5f0e 2019-07-29 Andy Chu [frontend/lex] Move some rules out of _UNQUOTED, to ShCommand
25ff7ce 2019-07-29 Andy Chu add rules for static globbing
93b3ece 2019-07-29 Andy Chu [osh-language] Don't "pun" redirects as < and > operators.
e78d9f2 2019-07-29 Andy Chu [refactor, dbracket] Lex ! as Id.Op_Bang instead of Id.KW_Bang.
0c3d1ba 2019-07-29 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement algorithm for shopt -s static-word-eval.
7b6dc91 2019-07-31 Andy Chu [osh/word_parse] Enforce no word tokens directly after a=(1 2)
0fd08b4 2019-07-31 Andy Chu [oil-language] Start implementing rules for __syntax__ oil-at.
d4f1c61 2019-08-01 Andy Chu [types] Fix type error.
63c11bd 2019-08-01 Andy Chu [oil-language] Evaluate @words
41e79bd 2019-08-01 Andy Chu [doc/quick-ref] Add Oil assignment keyword
b52a9df 2019-08-01 Andy Chu [frontend/lex] Fix lexing of comments in DBracket state.
2525fdb 2019-08-01 Andy Chu [frontend/lex] Revert Op_Bang -> KW_Bang.
9c9b4d0 2019-08-01 Andy Chu [oil-language] Add OilParseOptions to ParseContext and ExecOpts.
91c81cf 2019-08-02 Andy Chu [oil-language] Restrict changing of parse options to the top level.
2ee01b3 2019-08-02 Andy Chu [bin/osh] shopt options can be passed with -O and +O like bash
ed8d821 2019-08-02 Andy Chu [osh-language] Get rid of the $[ alias for $((.
1ff5df7 2019-08-02 Andy Chu [osh-language] Remove function call in the legacy arithmetic language.
2c4547d 2019-08-02 Andy Chu [oil-language] Fix bugs in 'static-word-eval' + splicing first arg.
c2aeb3f 2019-08-04 Andy Chu [types, refactor] Fix type error in ParseContext signature.
a6c9f13 2019-08-04 Andy Chu [oil-language] Preparing to parse legacy shell arrays.
a896a01 2019-08-04 Andy Chu [oil-language] Able to parse legacy shell arrays in Oil expressions.
c96c2b1 2019-08-05 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix tests and add more cases for array parsing.
5625066 2019-08-05 Andy Chu [refactor] Minor cleanup of @(array) parsing.
257f590 2019-08-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parsing $(sh command sub) on RHS of 'var'.
d45aeea 2019-08-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] Allow Eof_Real after 'var' and 'setvar'.
967acab 2019-08-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] var/setvar in command sub expression is a parse error.
400a300 2019-08-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] @ARGV is a cleaner way of spelling "$@".
d2690dc 2019-08-06 Andy Chu [doc] Start the Oil manual.
6adc2f0 2019-08-07 Andy Chu [refactor] Split out osh/
480e762 2019-08-07 Andy Chu [refactor] Split out as well.
90c0ace 2019-08-07 Andy Chu [builtins/pwd] Show the "logical" path as often as we can.
abdc39f 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix some lint errors.
5b9b3e7 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Add more test cases for 'var'.
1f081b4 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement the push builtin.
f2ac105 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Design notes about builtins.
496c9a3 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Maintain invariant for 'proc' stack frames.
a45c481 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename osh/ -> osh/
a693bcc 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove the 'osh_word' alias for the 'word' type.
e908938 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename value.StrArray -> value.MaybeStrArray.
b7c6fbf 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Shorten variants in 'redirect' type in osh/runtime.asdl.
754e78d 2019-08-08 Andy Chu fix
d547d12 2019-08-08 Andy Chu rename
39c36c0 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Shorten variants in 'word_part' type in frontend/syntax.asdl.
abd6438 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [lint, types] Fix lint errors and regenerate manifest.
aebff5c 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Shorten variants in the 'word' type in frontend/syntax.asdl.
7562e06 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename variants under arith_expr type.
bcf5c05 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename variants under the 'suffix_op' and 'bool_expr' type.
c28d48c 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename command.SimpleCommand -> command.Simple
bb8f53a 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Separate schema for shell vs. expr array literals.
2d991fd 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement command sub in Oil expressions.
8fcdfe4 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Evaluate shell array literals.
6e80ee4 2019-08-08 Andy Chu Demo of the new functionality
0f82f90 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement / test augmented assignment.
ee5d3eb 2019-08-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Fix tilde detection and brace expansion for shell arrays.
54ff20b 2019-08-09 Andy Chu [doc] Reorganize and rename design-docs/ -> rfc/
12073ae 2019-08-09 Andy Chu [types] Fix type errors in the expression language.
f82bad9 2019-08-09 Andy Chu [test/spec] Publish links to smoosh results.
05cd159 2019-08-09 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.7.pre3.
4236a43 2019-08-09 Andy Chu [opy/regtest] Update golden checksums.
7dc585b 2019-08-09 Andy Chu [release] Run smoosh, and add shell functions for 0.7.pre3.
34373f2 2019-08-09 Andy Chu [osh] Oops, add file that's been missing for awhile!
1886b58 2019-08-09 Andy Chu [types] Fix 'types/ travis'
b090aad 2019-08-09 Andy Chu [release] Fix spec test failures resulting from --cd-tmp.
4f44396 2019-08-09 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Don't add prefix to absolute paths.