Commits Between origin/release/0.7.pre4 and release/0.7.pre5

Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.7.pre4 and release/0.7.pre5

730da05 2019-09-02 Andy Chu [doc] Remove OSH divergence and document errexit in more detail.
1e545f7 2019-09-02 Andy Chu [doc] More work on errexit docs.
6404906 2019-09-02 Andy Chu [debug] Fix OSH_HIJACK_SHEBANG.
277c352 2019-09-02 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implemented shopt -s parse_set.
5f5e7f2 2019-09-03 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement shopt -s parse_brace.
219055a 2019-09-03 Andy Chu [oil-language] Thread the block from parse_brace through the evaluator.
75e4cbe 2019-09-03 Andy Chu [oil-language] cd now takes a block!
64a6077 2019-09-04 Andy Chu [strict] Relax strict_errexit so test/ runs!
8165082 2019-09-04 Andy Chu [strict] Dogfood all:strict in more of our own scripts.
107bc38 2019-09-05 Andy Chu [refactor] Move repr builtin to oil_lang/
f04fed8 2019-09-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement shopt -s all:nice
2de3c5a 2019-09-05 Andy Chu [strict_errexit] Fix subtlety with pipelines
2331091 2019-09-05 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix the build.
fc65e6a 2019-09-05 Andy Chu [typo] Fix bug in last commit
a6daac2 2019-09-05 Andy Chu [builtin/bracket] Fix the overflow check to return status 2.
c7fbc0e 2019-09-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] parse_brace also allows you to change the if style!
1a7168d 2019-09-06 Andy Chu [test/spec] Show that 'setvar' respects dynamic scope.
2e35f80 2019-09-06 Andy Chu [oil-language] while/until respect parse_brace
1ddc6f1 2019-09-06 Andy Chu [oil-language] for-in loop respects parse_brace
6284670 2019-09-06 Andy Chu [osh-language] for (( )) loops allows { } body
cff725d 2019-09-06 Andy Chu [oil-language] Test that old syntax still works under shopt -s all:oil.
41fae45 2019-09-06 Andy Chu [oil-language] 'case' statement respects parse_brace
1205e87 2019-09-06 Andy Chu [oil-language] parse_brace disallows unbalanced {} in words.
ddfeedb 2019-09-07 Andy Chu [doc] Update the quick ref with latest thinking on shell options.
b3127ac 2019-09-07 Andy Chu minor
cf21ff6 2019-09-07 Andy Chu updates to quick ref
7d3c1f0 2019-09-07 Andy Chu [oil-language] Fix the unbalanced { } syntax error.
c50f884 2019-09-07 Andy Chu [oil-language] while (z < 3) { ... } parses and evaluates.
e330c0a 2019-09-07 Andy Chu [oil-language] Fix while () to be conditional on parse_paren.
2fe765c 2019-09-07 Andy Chu [oil-language] if (x < 0) { ... } now works.
c8c7f99 2019-09-07 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement for-in loop.
f990d19 2019-09-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parsing and running a very basic function.
684bd56 2019-09-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Basic implementation of Oil return (for proc/func)
b5ca218 2019-09-09 Andy Chu [oil-language] Test cases for 'proc' keyword.
97227e9 2019-09-09 Andy Chu [oil-language] A statement in expression can end now end with }.
7ecd990 2019-09-09 Andy Chu [types] Fix build.
94b8aa5 2019-09-09 Andy Chu [oil-language] Don't need parens around return.
02d6c69 2019-09-09 Andy Chu [refactor] Simplify parsing of func and proc.
49d7f5c 2019-09-09 Andy Chu [test] Fix unit and spec tests due to 'func' collision.
8c5fe87 2019-09-09 Andy Chu [oil-language] Don't require parse_paren for 'for (...)'
6b5102d 2019-09-09 Andy Chu [oil-language] Make () optional after func/proc.
ab7c6ed 2019-09-09 Andy Chu [oil-language] Oil procs are entered in 'mem' and looked up there.
f08a367 2019-09-10 Andy Chu bind params for procs
b7a07dd 2019-09-10 Andy Chu rearrange code
83a18b0 2019-09-10 Andy Chu [asdl] Parse a new 'use' statement.
4d6c63d 2019-09-10 Andy Chu [asdl] Stub out the imported names.
8353e95 2019-09-10 Andy Chu [oil-language] Rough implementation of default vals for positional args.
38583fc 2019-09-11 Andy Chu [oil-language] Start implementing shopt -s parse_equals.
e61e5e4 2019-09-11 Andy Chu [oil-language] Initial implementation of parse_equals.
3d76f5c 2019-09-11 Waldir Pimenta Fix a typo and capitalization of section titles (#480)
3342e07 2019-09-11 Andy Chu [oil-language] Disallow name=val when shopt -s parse_equals
6bc9f60 2019-09-11 Andy Chu [factor] Rename syntax.asdl nodes for Oil vs. sh.
583518d 2019-09-11 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parse and eval double quoted strings in Oil expressions.
f5c7448 2019-09-12 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parse and evaluate single-quoted strings.
cc1dfd6 2019-09-12 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parse and eval C-escaped single-quoted strings.
dee1041 2019-09-12 Andy Chu [refactor] Simplify code to read expr.DoubleQuoted
a4b19a2 2019-09-12 Andy Chu Simplify implementation of single quoted strings
64e5b1a 2019-09-12 Andy Chu add raw
007834a 2019-09-12 Andy Chu [oil-language] Enforce that strings with backslashes have r'' or c''.
dd5278d 2019-09-12 Andy Chu [typo] Fix missing argument.
44f6660 2019-09-12 Andy Chu [oil-language] Accept $'' in expression mode as an alias for c''.
5d08e7c 2019-09-12 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parse null / true / false
33366d7 2019-09-12 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parse and eval integer constants.
404ba44 2019-09-13 Andy Chu [oil-language] Initial pass at parsing float literals.
c6a32d8 2019-09-13 Andy Chu syntax.asdl: Plan out the nodes we want for Oil.
b738883 2019-09-13 Andy Chu [oil-language] Initial implementation of tuples
aac2ad6 2019-09-13 Andy Chu [oil-language] Initial implementation of list comprehensions.
ff6f2ed 2019-09-13 Andy Chu [cleanup] Planning of syntax.asdl and grammar for Oil.
b15fa37 2019-09-13 Andy Chu Rename parse_cstrings to parse_rawc
33fb390 2019-09-13 Andy Chu [oil-language] Initial implementation of dict literals.
e6bb4a2 2019-09-13 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parse dicts literals with [expression] keys.
3194fa4 2019-09-13 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parsing more features of dict literals.
2b8521c 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
c87e10f 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Free up token IDs < 256 by tweaking the grammar.
12c5a16 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [test/spec] Minor fix
d6a2d9c 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Get rid of NoSingletonAction, and simplify grammar.
4d830ae 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Redo the transformer for 'dict' production.
334a4ef 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Use expr.Implicit instead of dict_val.Implicit
91900c4 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Simplify transformers after getting rid of NoSingletonAction.
5d79d68 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [oil-language] Allow dicts with string literal keys.
3534fa6 2019-09-14 Andy Chu clean out grammar
b9aa8e1 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove statements/Python stuff from the grammar.
eea8caa 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement more arithmetic and bitwise operators.
66438c7 2019-09-14 Andy Chu trying to figure out logical
ec36af0 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement 'and', 'or', 'not'.
d3c7782 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement 'div' and 'xor' operators.
fadf27d 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Reorder the 'transformer' rules.
0d850c5 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement the ternary operator.
4cb8447 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove the old Oil command parser.
fa9898b 2019-09-14 Andy Chu failing test for something we care about
8cf829f 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [oil-language] Plan and clean up grammar.
f5ffd1c 2019-09-14 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove old Oil lexer modes and state transitions.
74d7ab4 2019-09-15 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove old file and fix lint errors.
2ae207d 2019-09-15 Andy Chu [spec/oil-expr] Test out multiline expressions.
efc7dcf 2019-09-15 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement BracedVarSub in expression mode.
1bbef7e 2019-09-15 Andy Chu [types] Fix build by adding annotations.
621812b 2019-09-15 Andy Chu [fix] Fix crash from bad import.
b85bb35 2019-09-15 Andy Chu [cleanup] Use a single Id.Expr_CastedDummy node.
383533a 2019-09-15 Andy Chu [cleanup] Consolidate Expr tokens definitions.
7c0f275 2019-09-16 Andy Chu [refactor] Make word_part.DoubleQuoted and expr.DoubleQuoted match.
a8226ff 2019-09-16 Andy Chu [asdl] Refactor the parser, and add/tweak testdata.
b962be2 2019-09-16 Andy Chu [asdl] Parsed shared_type and pretty print 'attributes'.
fc5dfaf 2019-09-16 Andy Chu [asdl] Add support for shared variants.
973afe4 2019-09-17 Andy Chu [types] Fix build.
43b976c 2019-09-17 Andy Chu [refactor] Shared the DoubleQuoted variant between expr and word_part.
a2226c8 2019-09-17 Andy Chu [asdl] Shared variants now inherit from multiple sum types.
825efce 2019-09-17 Andy Chu [refactor] Share SingleQuoted variants.
2885d21 2019-09-17 Andy Chu [asdl] Statically check an error case.
3c3f2ad 2019-09-17 Andy Chu [refactor] Clean up ASDL's token definition.
d89ea14 2019-09-17 Andy Chu [refactor] Share variants BracedVarSub and CommandSub.
fe06edb 2019-09-17 Andy Chu [refactor] Share sh_array_literal between expr and word_part.
d9e83df 2019-09-17 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement rought draft of ~ and !~
87e825d 2019-09-18 Andy Chu [oil-language] Change the ~ operator to set a local M, not a global.
3348f9f 2019-09-18 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parse attributes like obj.attr.
c1469ce 2019-09-18 Andy Chu [oil-language] Added test case for saving M and using it later.
41f53e9 2019-09-18 Andy Chu [oil-language] Initial implementation of obj.attr and d->key
6159bcd 2019-09-18 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement SimpleVarSub in expression mode.
aee7228 2019-09-18 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parsing some basic Oil regexes!
8a18896 2019-09-19 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
61a322d 2019-09-19 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parse more of the regex dialect.
476eb8b 2019-09-19 Andy Chu [oil-language] Started evaluation of EggEx to ERE.
8b9eaeb 2019-09-19 Andy Chu [oil-regex] Adjust grammar and evaluate more terms.
99556c3 2019-09-20 Andy Chu [oil-regex] Implement and test alternation.
611419d 2019-09-20 Andy Chu [oil-regex] Update the lexer. Add tests for ^ and $.
57317e6 2019-09-20 Andy Chu [oil-regex] Parsing and evaluating char class literals.
20c05f8 2019-09-20 Andy Chu [refactor] Reuse the 're' type for the evaluation stage.
35313f1 2019-09-21 Andy Chu [oil-regex] More language design and more implementation.
266c9b1 2019-09-21 Andy Chu [oil-language] Reserve the // and /// tokens for later.
c44747d 2019-09-21 Andy Chu [oil-regex] Implementing splicing, and proper escaping of literals.
51ae352 2019-09-21 Andy Chu [oil-regex] Implemented pat{1,3} etc.
7eef1b4 2019-09-21 Andy Chu [oil-regex] Properly escape literals in character classes.
3c41baf 2019-09-21 Andy Chu [oil-regex] Detect an error that's a limitation of ERE syntax.
712ee81 2019-09-21 Andy Chu [oil-regex] Handle unicode escapes \u00ff in char classes.
185312c 2019-09-21 Andy Chu [oil-regex] Check for ambiguous byte strings in char classes.
e5ae2e2 2019-09-21 Andy Chu [oil-regex] Implement char literals in regexes.
859b1c5 2019-09-22 Andy Chu [doc] Start a manual for regexes.
275fd8b 2019-09-22 Andy Chu [oil-regex] Handle negated char class literals.
7a89b23 2019-09-22 Andy Chu [doc] Polish the eggex / regex doc.
3f38449 2019-09-22 Andy Chu [doc] Update the regex docs and quick ref.
dcb9340 2019-09-22 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
53c13d7 2019-09-22 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement chained comparisons like Python.
bacf8be 2019-09-22 Andy Chu [oil-language] Test chained comparisons.
3b28ed1 2019-09-23 Andy Chu [doc] Eggex API notes and polish.
333806d 2019-09-23 Andy Chu [doc] FAQ and more info on eggexes.
d612f2f 2019-09-23 Andy Chu [doc] Edit intro and fix a link.
a46fafc 2019-09-23 Andy Chu [doc] Feedback links.
d60af0e 2019-09-23 Andy Chu [types] Fix build.
19fc089 2019-09-23 Andy Chu [doc] Add more zero-width assertions, and add to the FAQ.
25012a2 2019-09-23 Andy Chu [bin] Fix bug in bin/oil and add a test for it.
0431b68 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [doc] Fix typo and update capture syntax.
c2456bb 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [doc] More polish on the eggex doc.
35af1fb 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [doc] Reorder sections in regex doc.
a80b63a 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [doc] Polish the regex doc.
049fa74 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [doc] Link to the eggex manual from the release index.
6724b2e 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [doc] CSS bug fix in <pre><code>, only in Chrome.
270bf2f 2019-09-24 Rory O’Kane [doc] Improve grammar in regex doc FAQ entry. (#489)
972eae6 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [oil-language] Option groups are now oil:basic and oil:all.
a7c890e 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [options] Rename all:strict -> strict:all
fa62074 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [test/spec] Split the suite manifest into two manifests.
df58ef2 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [doc] Rename options in the manual.
5fa2995 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [test/spec] Split spec test suites into OSH and Oil.
47b9e04 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [test/spec] Update the HTML report for Oil.
89769d6 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [oil-language] Test out tuple comparison.
2b0466c 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [fix] Forgot this file in last commit.
6487c8e 2019-09-24 Andy Chu refactor
7f566ac 2019-09-24 Andy Chu OK some of it runs
dc7a047 2019-09-24 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement 'pass' and 'pp' to pretty-print.
f1ae085 2019-09-25 Andy Chu [oil-language] Basic slicing works!
4cbd679 2019-09-25 Andy Chu [oil-language] Working out slices and ranges in Oil.
722ac98 2019-09-25 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parsing a slice properly.
14623a3 2019-09-25 Andy Chu [oil-language] Rationalize ranges and slices.
d95a083 2019-09-25 Andy Chu [oil-language] Test explicit range() and slice().
ad067fc 2019-09-25 Andy Chu [oil-language] Fix parsing of list literals.
4f0fffd 2019-09-25 Andy Chu [oil-language] Fix handling of multiple indices.
83756fb 2019-09-25 Andy Chu [oil-language] Lex and parse ...
6c92c11 2019-09-25 Andy Chu [oil-language] Test out multi-dimensional index, with one index a slice.
f22e0b1 2019-09-25 Andy Chu [refactor] Clean up the grammar a bit.
045a5fc 2019-09-26 Andy Chu [oil-language] A bunch of things about typed arrays working.
459966e 2019-09-26 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement generator expressions and Array[T] constructor.
ec25379 2019-09-26 Andy Chu [oil-language] Tweaks to typed arrays.
9d4eb94 2019-09-26 Andy Chu ok sure
d87a82d 2019-09-26 Andy Chu [builtins/repr] Enhance pretty printing to handle external objects.
2fa6d10 2019-09-26 Andy Chu [test/spec] Fix oil tests after capitalizing type names.
26c5b4f 2019-09-26 Andy Chu [asdl] Remove 'dict' type.
51fe062 2019-09-26 Andy Chu [oil-language] Instantiate the right type from array literals.
39faa20 2019-09-27 Andy Chu [fix] Make Oil spec tests pass again.
bd6c917 2019-09-27 Andy Chu [doc] Update quick ref.
7f8d3c3 2019-09-27 Andy Chu [refactor] Renaming and cleanup of grammar and schema.
dcb20a6 2019-09-27 Andy Chu [oil-language] Change grammar/schema for list comps and genexps.
5795b6e 2019-09-27 Andy Chu [oil-language] Refactor schema for assignments / bindings / mutation.
c9db1ec 2019-09-27 Andy Chu [refactor] Parse VarDecl and PlaceMutation separately.
160f92a 2019-09-28 Andy Chu [refactor] Simplify expression parsing.
ce951ea 2019-09-28 Andy Chu [oil-language] Grammar planning for functions.
c304005 2019-09-28 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parse syntax for lambdas.
a1fdce6 2019-09-28 Andy Chu [refactor] Separate parsing and schema for Proc and Func.
3632c17 2019-09-28 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove old node, and test func/proc.
dbe7134 2019-09-28 Andy Chu [oil-language] Basic implementation of lambda.
56f0ccf 2019-09-29 Andy Chu [refactor] Improve grammar and ASDL schema for proc and func.
7c7af34 2019-09-29 Andy Chu [oil-language] Adjust grammar for func and proc signatures.
5ffa58c 2019-09-29 Andy Chu [refactor] Consolidate expr and word function calls.
ad8aa58 2019-09-30 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parsing named and positional args, with "spreads".
d604949 2019-09-30 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement @rest in procs and ..spread in funcs.
aa12238 2019-09-30 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement default values for proc params.
243b3ce 2019-09-30 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement positional and named spread for funcs.
d34ae11 2019-09-30 Andy Chu [oil-language] Fix "$@" in procs, and test out a couple other things.
d8d62d1 2019-10-01 Andy Chu [oil-language] Consolidate inline calls like $f(x,y) with normal calls.
3c9329a 2019-10-01 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parse 'proc name-with-hyphens() {
0d7a388 2019-10-01 Andy Chu [bin/oil] Fix crash when there's an .oilrc.
d43224c 2019-10-02 Andy Chu [refactor] Change the place grammar, ASDL schema, and transformer.
12bb6c9 2019-10-02 Andy Chu [oil-language] Handle tuple unpacking in var and setvar.
cc448ac 2019-10-02 Andy Chu [types] Fix build by not counting summary line.
c615252 2019-10-02 Andy Chu [refactor] Start to evaluate place expressions.
64e1e9c 2019-10-02 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement PlaceMutation.
cccb4f0 2019-10-02 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement 'set d->key = val'
353c1ac 2019-10-02 Andy Chu [oil-language] Add test cases for bracketed expressions.
d986254 2019-10-02 Andy Chu [oil-language] ExprSub working!
8a0aa18 2019-10-02 Andy Chu [test] Fix type annotations, fix tests, and enhance tests for ExprSub.
e665a95 2019-10-02 Andy Chu [oil-language] Demonstrate the sigil pairs.
449ea50 2019-10-02 Andy Chu [cleanup] Comment changes in the grammar and ASDL schema.
4f287a7 2019-10-02 Andy Chu [frontend/lex] Reserve %() %[] %{}
916b28a 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [options] Moved simple_echo to oil:all, from oil:basic.
e25a073 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [install] Install the bin/oil command
f639d7c 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [oil-language] Change % to 'mod'.
8ef726f 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.7.pre5
8cf62f8 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [spec/oil-expr] Fix test broken by % -> mod change.
955f86a 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [release] Publish important source code with every release.
c8447e9 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [install] Get rid of duplicate slashes.
432c895 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [install] Improve the log output
99adbe1 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Regenerate method list.
fb1443f 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [devotools] Fix issues caught by strict_errexit!
9e869e8 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [devtools] Fix 'func' name conflict!
3f262ca 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [devtools] Fix another strict_errexit failure.
f0330b1 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [devtools] Another strict_errexit fix.
a8c7642 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [test/parse-errors] Change test case since I fixed ERE escaping.
f56a1e3 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [test/spec] Fix failure accounting for bin/oil.
ecfbffc 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [devtools] Remove bash-specific syntax.
0191b49 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [devtools] A few more strict_errexit fixes.
4c32d48 2019-10-03 Andy Chu Make note of OSH redirect bug.
a824b67 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Restore the 'iter' builtin.
a1f1a9f 2019-10-03 Andy Chu [build, refactor] Restore floating point functions I removed last fall.