Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.7.pre5 and release/0.7.pre6

23df4fa 2019-10-05 Andy Chu [doc] Draft Oil docs from Zulip.
63864db 2019-10-05 Andy Chu add to docs
97059f2 2019-10-05 Andy Chu more
dc2531c 2019-10-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement shopt -s parse_do.
55c4bb5 2019-10-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] Singleton tuples must be written tup(42).
81551d7 2019-10-06 Andy Chu [build] Remove unportable floating point #ifdef.
3766b15 2019-10-06 Andy Chu [doc] Fix option names.
eef3a58 2019-10-06 Andy Chu [types, mycpp] Small demo of the Oil parser we could translate.
b34b8a9 2019-10-06 Andy Chu [mycpp] examples/ works!
88e62c1 2019-10-06 Andy Chu [mycpp] Can now write to stdout.
abd002b 2019-10-06 Andy Chu [mycpp] Able to build, test, and benchmark the suite with example/files.
7816761 2019-10-06 Andy Chu [mycpp] File is now the base class for Buf and CFile.
727fe60 2019-10-06 Andy Chu [mycpp] examples/ now translates, compiles, and runs.
e61af0d 2019-10-06 Andy Chu [mycpp] Rename runtime -> mylib.
e2abe03 2019-10-06 Andy Chu [test/spec] Fix typo in oil test binary.
2fdc1b9 2019-10-07 Andy Chu [mycpp] Add another pass that does forward declarations.
91bf5d0 2019-10-07 Andy Chu [mycpp, asdl] Working on translating core/alloc.
54c2177 2019-10-07 Andy Chu [mycpp] Work on compiling alloc_main.
5b0fb50 2019-10-07 Andy Chu [mycpp] More work on translating core/
a850c6d 2019-10-07 Andy Chu [mycpp] alloc_main compiles, but doesn't run yet.
1dc8bb1 2019-10-07 Andy Chu [mycpp] Able to compile and run core/
580ef81 2019-10-07 Andy Chu [refactor] Move core/ -> asdl/
785f8a9 2019-10-08 Andy Chu [mycpp] Generate C++ from Oil's ASDL schemas and compile them.
b0dfeb5 2019-10-08 Andy Chu [mycpp] Test out the fastlex code with the C++ demo.
df76279 2019-10-08 Andy Chu [mycpp] Generate _devbuild/gen-cpp/id_kind_asdl.h.
4f6e164 2019-10-08 Andy Chu [mycpp] Working on translating lexer_main.
06d6597 2019-10-08 Andy Chu [strict] Turn strict_arith back off.
dad679f 2019-10-08 Andy Chu [mycpp] Working on examples/lexer_main.
11b4493 2019-10-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Move ASDL base classes to asdl/
27a854e 2019-10-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove asdl/const because it conflicts with a C++ keyword.
ecc4993 2019-10-08 Andy Chu [fix] Forgot this renaming in the last commit.
e029d90 2019-10-08 Andy Chu [fix] Lint caught a bug in an error message.
7dae5a9 2019-10-08 Andy Chu [mycpp] More work on examples/lexer_main.
997fcab 2019-10-08 Andy Chu [travis] Fix build by adding python3-setuptools.
ce9ee0f 2019-10-09 Andy Chu [refactor] Hard-code matcher dependency in LineLexer.
e596c62 2019-10-09 Andy Chu [mycpp] Take into account the docstring in __init__ detection.
adb5a57 2019-10-09 Andy Chu example of bug
3202763 2019-10-09 Andy Chu [refactor] Move a class that can't be translated to C++.
2460f64 2019-10-09 Andy Chu [types] Add type annotation to aid translation.
c253601 2019-10-09 Andy Chu [mycpp] Start using "mylib" at runtime in Oil.
831152c 2019-10-09 Andy Chu [doc] Draft from Zulip.
ef07de4 2019-10-10 Andy Chu [mycpp] Hoist local var declarations to the top of each function.
10c6852 2019-10-10 Andy Chu [mycpp] Hoist local variables created by tuple unpacking too.
5df859c 2019-10-10 Andy Chu [mycpp] Prettify whitespace in generated code.
3d5824a 2019-10-10 Andy Chu [mycpp] lexer_main compiles and runs!
62be08e 2019-10-11 Andy Chu [ASDL] Introduce "hnode" and check type tags instead of isinstance().
5717ee1 2019-10-11 Andy Chu [mycpp] Working on translating examples/parse.
7c66148 2019-10-11 Andy Chu [mycpp] More work on examples/parse and asdl/format.
0bdb4f2 2019-10-11 Andy Chu [mycpp] Implement Writer::isatty() and str_repeat()
121f18c 2019-10-11 Andy Chu [mycpp] Fix enumerate loop over pairs.
5e2123e 2019-10-11 Andy Chu [ASDL] Start to bootstrap with hnode.asdl.
1030345 2019-10-11 Andy Chu [ASDL] Finish replacing Python types with hnode.asdl.
dc115e0 2019-10-12 Andy Chu [mycpp] Working on translating asdl/ via examples/
cb2a227 2019-10-12 Andy Chu [mycpp] Improve type-specific translations of + * and % operators.
ae069b8 2019-10-12 Andy Chu [refactor] asdl/ doesn't use keyword args.
064e008 2019-10-12 Andy Chu [mycpp] Implement format string compiler!
87e9909 2019-10-13 Andy Chu [ASDL] Generate functions to return names from tags.
dfb0f33 2019-10-13 Andy Chu [ASDL] Generate corresponding C++ functions.
2f80382 2019-10-13 Andy Chu [mycpp] Expose the bug where 'virtual' isn't being declared.
73d1062 2019-10-14 Andy Chu [mycpp] Implement virtual function analysis.
a7b46b1 2019-10-14 Andy Chu [mycpp, asdl] Reproduced the crash bug in examples/parse.
eea38c5 2019-10-15 Andy Chu [mycpp] Upgrade to MyPy 0.730, and fix some bugs.
931b349 2019-10-15 Andy Chu remove
927fe2c 2019-10-15 Andy Chu [types] Start using UP_node workaround.
a7905fa 2019-10-15 Andy Chu [ASDL] Simulate subtype dispatch that C++ has to do in Python.
b6b99ba 2019-10-15 Andy Chu [ASDL] Generate working C++ code for pretty-printing.
5cacccf 2019-10-16 Andy Chu [mycpp] Implement str(int i) in mylib.
88dc557 2019-10-16 Andy Chu [mycpp] Lift the fmtX() functions out of classes.
d461bee 2019-10-16 Andy Chu [mycpp] Refactor the build and test harness.
84e9352 2019-10-16 Andy Chu [ASDL] Generate pretty printing methods in .cc file, not header.
b945dc3 2019-10-17 Andy Chu [ASDL] Start handling shared variants in C++.
fe6c1d2 2019-10-17 Andy Chu [refactor] Get rid of only instance of id? in frontend/syntax.asdl.
8ec9460 2019-10-17 Andy Chu [refactor] Get rid of only instance of 'int?' in syntax.asdl.
4295149 2019-10-17 Andy Chu [mycpp] Able to build alloc_main with syntax_asdl.* now.
2bb6c5b 2019-10-18 Andy Chu [ASDL] Change C++ API to use plain ints for tags.
d3b4e30 2019-10-18 Andy Chu [ASDL] Fix generated code to remove C++ compiler warnings.
f5d59d3 2019-10-19 Andy Chu [mycpp] Add demo of using pgen2.
a79ccc9 2019-10-19 Andy Chu [types, mycpp] Fix errors preventing from translating.
6e04d11 2019-10-19 Andy Chu [mycpp] Implement 'if mylib.PYTHON' and remove part of
783fc43 2019-10-19 Andy Chu [mycpp] Able to translate examples/pgen2_demo.
00453fe 2019-10-19 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
7b5a19d 2019-10-19 Andy Chu [mycpp] Working on examples/pgen2_demo.
a223d79 2019-10-20 Andy Chu [mycpp, types] Working on examples/pgen2_demo.
8ae7850 2019-10-20 Andy Chu [mycpp, types] Stubs to silence compile errors.
71ca51f 2019-10-20 Andy Chu [ASDL] Add an option to generate classes that pass mypy --strict.
3db5f5c 2019-10-20 Andy Chu [types, asdl] Fix Travis build.
3fd4548 2019-10-20 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
dbdc7c0 2019-10-20 Andy Chu [test] Nix snippets.
7155859 2019-10-21 Andy Chu [ASDL] Simple sum types are now subtype of 'int' in Python.
95a9788 2019-10-21 Andy Chu [mycpp] Make examples/parse pass.
3a29eda 2019-10-21 Andy Chu [doc] Update README
9f91ead 2019-10-21 Andy Chu [doc] Document how we build HTML.
cd69001 2019-10-22 Andy Chu [doc] Update README.
fd72c69 2019-10-22 Andy Chu [doc] Publish the README with every release.
6f5cad0 2019-10-22 Andy Chu [doc] Polish the README.
4c413c4 2019-10-22 Andy Chu [doc] Remove unnecessary detail
27834e7 2019-10-23 Andy Chu [refactor] Start to break dependency on core/
d7bf415 2019-10-23 Andy Chu [refactor] Expand more Id tables
b37047a 2019-10-24 Andy Chu [refactor] Break more dependencies on core/
27adf26 2019-10-24 Andy Chu [refactor] Move more Id tables to build time.
d5926d1 2019-10-24 Andy Chu [ASDL, refactor] Generate Id as a simple integer namespace.
dc56997 2019-10-24 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove IdInstance function now that Id == int.
67ad091 2019-10-24 Andy Chu [refactor] Consolidate code gen in frontend/.
f08cc20 2019-10-24 Andy Chu [refactor] Move LookupKind function to new frontend/lookup module
b0037bc 2019-10-24 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove generated code that's no longer used.
22704a9 2019-10-24 Andy Chu [ASDL] Remove generated code in Python.
e97784e 2019-10-24 Andy Chu [ASDL, mycpp] Id is now a namespace of integers in C++.
cb7c008 2019-10-24 Andy Chu [mycpp] Add mylib.NewStr to work around const char* vs. Str*.
f1dc427 2019-10-24 Andy Chu [mycpp] Implement BufWriter::format_d()
64c1e0d 2019-10-25 Andy Chu [cpp] Start generating C++ code for tables in frontend/lookup.
bc7bb41 2019-10-25 Andy Chu pyutil
675817a 2019-10-25 Andy Chu [refactor, mycpp] mycpp/examples/pgen2_demo now compiles.
446b17b 2019-10-25 Andy Chu [mycpp] Translate xrange(start, end, step)
b5f5e5f 2019-10-26 Andy Chu [ASDL, mycpp] Try to reduce code size with DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN.
38adf1d 2019-10-26 Andy Chu [mycpp, refactor] Now able to translate oil_lang/
e57bbdf 2019-10-26 Andy Chu [mycpp, types] Working on translating oil_lang/
e0a9457 2019-10-27 Andy Chu [mycpp, refactor] Working on translating oil_lang/
18d0714 2019-10-27 Andy Chu [mycpp] Relax/improve the 'x in (1,2,3)' translation.
472e330 2019-10-27 Andy Chu [mycpp, refactor] Down to 12 compile errors in
8135878 2019-10-27 Andy Chu [mycpp, refactor] Generalize cast hack. Add type annotations.
c610436 2019-10-27 Andy Chu [mycpp] Translate list comprehensions.
922c2c6 2019-10-27 Andy Chu [mycpp] Simplify BufWriter API.
37d9f25 2019-10-27 Andy Chu [refactor] Simplify ASDL schema for list comps and genexps.
f82ccec 2019-10-27 Andy Chu [metrics] Count lines of C++ code too.
3322bf1 2019-10-27 Andy Chu [ASDL] Emit C++ constructor with no args.
988de0f 2019-10-28 Andy Chu [mycpp] Implement overloaded {str,list,dict}_contains() for 'in'.
0fbd7b4 2019-10-28 Andy Chu [doc] Markdown toolchain accepts semantic headers h1, h2, h3.
f5bb8ba 2019-10-28 Andy Chu [doc] Use semantic headers: h1, h2, h3
74be66b 2019-10-28 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix lint errors in mycpp runtime, caught by cpplint.
4d22c68 2019-10-29 Aaron Sokoloski [spec/builtin-printf] Implement printf %d \'c to print the numeric value of char c (#517)
42458b8 2019-10-28 Andy Chu [builtin/printf] Fix crash on s[0]
0921226 2019-10-28 Andy Chu [doc] Start re-organizing docs.
78e089f 2019-10-28 Andy Chu [builtins/printf] Add a failing test for unicode char.
1aa3904 2019-10-29 Andy Chu [doc] Generate pretty href/internal anchors from section headings.
2d59737 2019-10-29 Andy Chu test
90885c9 2019-10-29 Andy Chu front
3ee7d89 2019-10-29 Andy Chu [doc] Extract from in repo.
519b28d 2019-10-29 Andy Chu [doc] Moved blog-specific code back to
92a7978 2019-10-29 Andy Chu [doc] Render docs in Python rather than shell.
17df420 2019-10-30 Andy Chu [doc] Consolidate doc rendering with Python tools.
1eb7624 2019-10-30 Andy Chu [doc] Notes on Unicode.
c7cf2c5 2019-10-30 Andy Chu [test/spec] Expose lack of Unicode in ${x//pat/replace}
74906dc 2019-10-30 Andy Chu [test/spec] Expose unicode issues with globs in OSH.
291f53b 2019-10-30 Aaron Sokoloski Fix handling of unicode in affix removal (${s#?} and ${s%?}) (#520)
3f81b90 2019-10-30 Andy Chu [test/spec] Fix busybox ash assertions.
7e859fc 2019-10-30 Andy Chu [test/spec] Verify that only CODE POINTS are counted by ?
6a8ca8b 2019-10-30 Andy Chu [test/spec] Update allowed failures after Unicode fix.
5677976 2019-10-30 Andy Chu [types] Experiment with type checking osh/
760f394 2019-10-30 Andy Chu [fix] Fix unit tests after last change.
63312c8 2019-10-30 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename ASDL type to be less redundant.
bb5d426 2019-10-30 Andy Chu [types] Get osh/ passing.
e1bc444 2019-10-30 Andy Chu [refactor] Use the .tag_() method.
1be972f 2019-10-31 Andy Chu [refactor] Move .pyi files to native/
6155a0f 2019-10-31 Andy Chu [types] osh/ now passes.
58734a5 2019-10-31 Andy Chu [doc] Make "front matter" optional.
0c43343 2019-10-31 Andy Chu [doc] Make a formatting pass over all docs, to see what we have.
01aede9 2019-11-01 Andy Chu [doc] Made a pass over every heading in the doc tree.
11fce55 2019-11-02 Andy Chu [doc] More re-organization.
103faad 2019-11-02 Andy Chu [web] Two CSS fixes.
b0faa14 2019-11-03 Andy Chu [web] Adjust style of /release/$VERSION/ and releases.html.
bc70b76 2019-11-03 Andy Chu [doc] Minor CSS and HTML tweaks.
4179217 2019-11-03 Andy Chu [doc] Presentation and formatting.
786ba11 2019-11-03 Andy Chu [doc] Work on quick ref index.
bf385a7 2019-11-03 Andy Chu [doc] Reformat the quick ref.
b81324c 2019-11-04 Andy Chu [doc] Rename 'quick-ref' to 'help'.
db55871 2019-11-04 Andy Chu [doc] Rename ->
87cf7ee 2019-11-05 Andy Chu [doc] Start rendering the new help / quick-ref as text and HTML.
179e087 2019-11-05 Andy Chu [doc] More work on text + HTML output for the help.
080b80b 2019-11-06 Andy Chu [doc] Writing "cards" for help and help-index.
4ad94de 2019-11-06 Andy Chu [doc] Tweak appearance and content of help index.
f2bd765 2019-11-07 Andy Chu [doc] Draft the structure of help contents.
975b3d1 2019-11-07 Andy Chu [doc] Refactor the build system.
fe44927 2019-11-07 Aaron Sokoloski [native/libc] fix var-op-patsub "Substitute one unicode character" test (#526)
e41923a 2019-11-07 Andy Chu [doc] Only export <h4> sections to "cards"tags
fea0efa 2019-11-07 Andy Chu [test/spec] Add --lang-env to set LANG
f674c6b 2019-11-07 Andy Chu note
d362457 2019-11-07 Andy Chu [test/spec] Make the test cases more explicit.
23b38d8 2019-11-08 Andy Chu [while/until] Handle 'break' in the condition too!
fecba5b 2019-11-08 Andy Chu [doc] Move content from old quick-ref to new help.
1d849dc 2019-11-08 Andy Chu [builtin/help] Implement the new 'help index'
c4a5e8b 2019-11-10 Aaron Sokoloski [fix] extra import of pprint in devtools/ can cause error (#531)
00cb9ce 2019-11-09 Andy Chu [help] Get rid of the old osh-quick-ref toolchain.
8e4f3f8 2019-11-10 Andy Chu [devtools] Fix 'build/ minimal'
dd793b7 2019-11-10 Andy Chu [builtin/help] Hook up new help topics to completion.
e80aebe 2019-11-10 Andy Chu [doc, cleanup] Remove old quick ref.
7106aa1 2019-11-10 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.7.pre6
8c553a1 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [opy] Replace hook with a stage to convert the parse tree to tuples.
66dc75e 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [builtin/help] Add help topics so the spec tests pass again.
15ec236 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [doc] Update the man page
4681969 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [devtools] Update to the latest version of MyPy
5c388f5 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build
ce5c1ab 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [opy/regtest] Update golden checksums
0442835 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Fix import.
4ff0343 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [opy] Fix test by getting rid of 'convert'
2af8bf8 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [release] Fix 'metrics' automation
3a5ab1f 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [opy] Update checksums again, after last code change.
44ea8b8 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [release] Shell functions for the 0.7.pre6 release