Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.7.pre6 and release/0.7.pre7

7bcec66 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [doc] Fix the git changelog HTML.
fec38e2 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [doc] Change heading style of /release/$VERSION/
8ebd4ae 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [doc] Tweak release index appearance.
41c6e01 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [devtools] Only show type errors when they're unexpected
95b4932 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [types] Make note about MyPy flags
45838d1 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [doc] Remove quick reference link
b1e07ee 2019-11-11 Andy Chu [test/spec] Failing test that shows that Oil doesn't respect LC_ALL=C.
2f1eafa 2019-11-12 Aaron Sokoloski [types] get frontend/ passing with mypy (#535)
76ee2e7 2019-11-12 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove unused file
50ae07f 2019-11-12 Andy Chu [metrics] Adjust Oil line count.
39a61cd 2019-11-12 Andy Chu [metrics] Also filter out for
7d586af 2019-11-12 Andy Chu [translation] Fix crash translating osh/ and osh/
0acdfc8 2019-11-13 Andy Chu [mycpp] Translate a context manager to a switch statement.
4554afe 2019-11-13 Andy Chu [mycpp] Got typeswitch() working!
f07c5f7 2019-11-13 Andy Chu [mycpp] Simplify typeswitch() API.
b1ed0b6 2019-11-14 Andy Chu [translation] Start using tagswitch()
8e5127c 2019-11-14 Andy Chu [translation] Start porting osh/ to tagswitch
a251ff6 2019-11-15 Andy Chu [translation] Down to 25 errors in osh/
b0ea10e 2019-11-15 Andy Chu [translation] osh/ is down to 5 compile errors.
254e8d4 2019-11-15 Andy Chu [mycpp] Translate _Next() with kwargs to pair of overloaded functions
026361d 2019-11-16 Andy Chu [translation] Stubs to bring pgen2_demo down to 11 errors.
6756cc2 2019-11-16 Andy Chu [translation] osh/ now translates
7aeaf49 2019-11-16 Andy Chu [translation] Able to translate osh/
c9c1a71 2019-11-16 Andy Chu [translation] Get rid of dynamic printf string in osh/
a3a40f7 2019-11-16 Andy Chu [translation] osh/ now translates
3097b4c 2019-11-16 Andy Chu [translation] Try translating most of the parser all at once.
77bfce5 2019-11-17 Andy Chu [translation] Work on osh/
1fa57b0 2019-11-17 Andy Chu [translation] osh/ down to 239 compile errors
b0cb40d 2019-11-17 Andy Chu [translation] osh/ down to 222 compile errors
867cf48 2019-11-17 Andy Chu [translation] examples/pgen2_demo down to 208 compile errors
ab72fb6 2019-11-17 Andy Chu [translation] examples/pgen2_demo down to 196 compile errors
1a0c77e 2019-11-17 Andy Chu [types, refactor] Make compound_word a first-class type.
2048d41 2019-11-17 Andy Chu [types, refactor] Replace word.Token with token
32dd069 2019-11-17 Andy Chu [translation] Work on osh/
a118c65 2019-11-17 Andy Chu [translation] osh/ down to 13 compile errors
fe97d2d 2019-11-17 Andy Chu [refactor] Start getting rid of 'yield' in the secondary lexers.
8a45e03 2019-11-17 Andy Chu [translate] Stub out the new SimpleLexer interface.
0a02d43 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [cpp/match] Fill out more of the SimpleLexer implementation.
91db614 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [mycpp] Translate calls to log() and p_die() like we do %
0538e76 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [mycpp] Retire the old log() hack in favor of % fmt strings.
41004dc 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [translation] osh/ now compiles after p_die() translation.
ff82b81 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [translation] Type fixes to osh/
4eac842 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [translate] Type fixes to osh/
ca1568b 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [translation] Replace keyword args with separate functions in osh/
7277e5a 2019-11-18 Andy Chu naming
50e182a 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [translate] Remove named arg in osh/
fa7aab1 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [translation] Working on cmd_parse / parse_lib.
313c6da 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [translation] Add support for upcasting.
33c09c2 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [refactor] Get rid of parse_opts shortcut.
2703bd7 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [translation] Get rid of 'or default' pattern.
b600a55 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [translation] 95 compile errors left in parser.
d51420d 2019-11-18 Andy Chu [translation] Get rid of isinstance() in arith_parse
16a04f9 2019-11-19 Andy Chu [translation] Guard TDOP spec with mylib.PYTHON.
4f0ff33 2019-11-19 Andy Chu [translation] Various fixes / temporary hacks for the parser.
cda0bd7 2019-11-19 Andy Chu [mycpp] Generalize _Next() hack to functions with 1 optional param.
879bb6f 2019-11-19 Andy Chu [translation] Minor refactorings
4160f4b 2019-11-19 Andy Chu [refactor] Comment the structure of compound_command / redirects.
21800a9 2019-11-19 Andy Chu [refactor] Redirects on function defs is NOT a special case!
a22c2a1 2019-11-19 Andy Chu [translation] Refactor ParseCompoundCommand to get rid of type errors.
ebb1528 2019-11-19 Andy Chu [refactor] Replace all secondary lexers with non-iterator interfaces.
e1f994f 2019-11-19 Andy Chu [translation] Move TDOP spec to a different module.
90a6976 2019-11-19 Andy Chu [translate] Stub out the TDOP parser spec, which we'll generate.
f813de2 2019-11-20 Andy Chu [refactor] Move errors to a new core/ file
54ade8e 2019-11-20 Andy Chu [translation] Start translating new core/ module.
2d55b1c 2019-11-20 Andy Chu [translation] Translate core/
77fde5b 2019-11-20 Andy Chu [translation] Add stubs so examples/pgen2_demo links
8311312 2019-11-20 Andy Chu [refactor] Create a proper header for asdl/runtime
eeaa368 2019-11-20 Andy Chu [refactor] Use a consistent naming convention for manual ports in cpp/
c0ae33d 2019-11-20 Andy Chu [translation] Trying to translate bin/osh_parse
87a062f 2019-11-20 Andy Chu [build] Start hooking up mycpp to the repo-wide build system.
3830fe8 2019-11-20 Andy Chu [translation] Rewriting build system for osh_parse.
8ea2408 2019-11-21 Andy Chu [translation] Change constructor keyword arguments to Init_* methods.
08c621b 2019-11-21 Andy Chu [translation] Fix runtime::NO_SPID problem.
77b2101 2019-11-21 Andy Chu [translation, mycpp] bin/osh_parse compiles and links!
2c640bd 2019-11-21 Andy Chu [mycpp] Fix translation of single kwarg like MakeOshParser
572f924 2019-11-21 Andy Chu [translation] Add [[noreturn]] on p_die() to avoid warnings.
43f5b6c 2019-11-21 Andy Chu [translation] Fix a couple crashes in bin/osh_parse.
df3c89d 2019-11-21 Andy Chu [translation] 3 explicit len() tests on strings/lists.
e50f8a4 2019-11-22 Andy Chu [mycpp] Statically check for str/list/dict used in boolean context.
c323620 2019-11-22 Andy Chu [ASDL] Fix bug with default vals of attributes for N arg constructors.
bce76a6 2019-11-22 Andy Chu [translation] Replace extend() with append()
d52102a 2019-11-22 Andy Chu [mylib] Implement Str::rstrip()
35325ab 2019-11-22 Andy Chu [mylib] Add statically typed open() wrapper.
8f90912 2019-11-22 Andy Chu [mycpp] Translate del statements.
d19811f 2019-11-23 Andy Chu [mylib] Implement List::clear() and stub out Dict methods.
16ab0fa 2019-11-23 Andy Chu [devtools] Fix the hacky wrapper so invalid syntax isn't accepted.
c3f4555 2019-11-23 Andy Chu [mylib] Implement startswith() and endswith().
2651d86 2019-11-23 Andy Chu [mylib] Implement List::pop(0) and List::extend().
0eb7849 2019-11-23 Andy Chu [cpp] Implement SimpleLexer::Next().
41efd86 2019-11-24 Andy Chu [translation] Start generating the TDOP precedence table.
1f7d71b 2019-11-24 Andy Chu [types] Check osh/
ddc69fd 2019-11-24 Andy Chu [types] Made a pyannotate run over core/
bdf2bd8 2019-11-24 Andy Chu [types] Edit pyannotate annotations of core/
45c7638 2019-11-24 Andy Chu [translation] Generate a precedence table in C++ for the TDOP parser.
d80e865 2019-11-25 Andy Chu [translation] Fix initialization of precedence table.
ae8839d 2019-11-25 Andy Chu [refactor] frontend/ -> osh/
fa72901 2019-11-25 Andy Chu [refactor] Move back into
488518a 2019-11-25 Andy Chu [refactor] Split out cpp/frontend_tdop.{cc,h}
55abdcd 2019-11-25 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
a2e6337 2019-11-25 Andy Chu [mylib] Implement repr(Str* s) and %r formatting
9fee0ed 2019-11-26 Andy Chu [refactor] Clean up build system for bin/osh_parse.
c1b606c 2019-11-26 Andy Chu [translation] Work on core/
9581006 2019-11-26 Andy Chu refactor
4bc99ab 2019-11-26 Andy Chu lint
abfa325 2019-11-26 Andy Chu [translation] Use the UP_ pattern in core/
69007e2 2019-11-26 Andy Chu [translation] Use the tagswitch() pattern, which mycpp can be translate.
010c529 2019-11-26 Andy Chu [translation] Fix bug caught by the C++ compiler!
3689091 2019-11-26 Andy Chu [translation] Generate method with default arg.
a3cd7a6 2019-11-26 Andy Chu [translation] bin/osh_parse compiles and runs with core/
187c0d8 2019-11-27 Andy Chu [mycpp] Fix translation of \n \t etc. in write_const()
d97a5b6 2019-11-27 Aaron Sokoloski Add annotations and enable typechecking for osh/ and osh/ (#542)
1cab347 2019-11-27 Andy Chu [types] Fix Travis build by adding --follow-imports=silent
bd99c93 2019-11-27 Andy Chu [types] Remove Union by adding a common base class.
91dd7db 2019-11-27 Andy Chu [mylib] Fix pop(0)
4c6d165 2019-11-27 Andy Chu [translation] Respect exit code of binary during translation.
b24d742 2019-11-27 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build
e999113 2019-11-27 Andy Chu [errors] Fix error message which omitted argument to %r.
a6a585c 2019-11-27 Andy Chu [types] Minor changes to fix build.
2e0d359 2019-11-27 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build for real this time.
2191d5a 2019-11-27 Aaron Sokoloski [doc] clarify docstring of frontend/ (#548)
d1824a1 2019-11-28 Aaron Sokoloski [fix] fix osh/ incorrectly assuming where env binary will *not* be (#549)
5f2b487 2019-11-28 Andy Chu [ASDL] Fix difference between Python and C++ pretty printing.
3b72877 2019-11-28 Aaron Sokoloski [types] Add annotations to osh/ (#550)
f3e7935 2019-11-28 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build
3f25e69 2019-11-28 Andy Chu [translation, mylib] Fix pretty.String() to call repr()
751d5d6 2019-11-28 Andy Chu [cleanup] ovm2/ -> misc/old/ovm2
52dd8b6 2019-11-29 Andy Chu [translation] Smoke test to dump ASTs and assert that they're equal.
6650083 2019-11-29 Andy Chu [translation] Working through smoke test failures.
e1f755d 2019-11-29 Andy Chu [translation] Turn on ASAN for the osh-parse-smoke-2 test.
ed2b805 2019-11-29 Andy Chu [mylib] Fix memory error in str_repeat().
05f107a 2019-11-29 Andy Chu [translation] Get rid of one_pass_parse option.
53d1612 2019-11-29 Andy Chu [test/spec] Split out var-op-bash
db8044c 2019-11-29 Andy Chu [osh-language] Lex and parse ${!prefix@} construct
ce05c5c 2019-11-30 Andy Chu [osh-language] Implement ${!prefix@} and family
550a3ca 2019-11-30 Andy Chu [translation] Fix after parsing ${!prefix@}
01c9c15 2019-11-30 Andy Chu [test/wild] Test translation by comparing Python vs. C++ ASTs.
c71d167 2019-11-30 Andy Chu [build] Change location of native bin/osh_parse
0830bbc 2019-12-01 Andy Chu [build] Add py-yajl submodule.
9ccf9a3 2019-12-01 Andy Chu [release] Script to make a tarball of native (C++) code.
4a91832 2019-12-01 Andy Chu [release] Add a 'tarball-demo' function for oil-native.
027b0ae 2019-12-01 Andy Chu [devtools] Function to share
2225581 2019-12-01 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.7.pre7
a41c34b 2019-12-01 Andy Chu [build] Build and run unit tests for yajl.
62fbfc9 2019-12-01 Andy Chu [oil-language] Start the 'json' builtin.
ea8cefc 2019-12-01 Andy Chu [yajl] Trigger OverflowError in a test.
b83105c 2019-12-01 Andy Chu [types] Fix build.
bac6039 2019-12-01 Andy Chu [release] Automation for oil-native tarball.
62f9a8a 2019-12-01 Andy Chu [ASDL] New syntax to allow types to start with capital leters.
85158db 2019-12-01 Andy Chu [ASDL] Didn't need new keywords to remove the case rule.
3927964 2019-12-02 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename type token -> Token
85bb199 2019-12-02 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename token -> Token in C++ code.
bb690b2 2019-12-02 조성빈 [devtools] Add uninstall script akin to the install script (#555)
c776b0b 2019-12-02 Andy Chu [build] Conditionally run objcopy. OS X doesn't have it.
d4dae40 2019-12-02 Andy Chu [doc] Fix HTML processing in IndexLinker for help-index.
4c2815e 2019-12-02 Andy Chu [doc] Fix bug with nested <a> tags in TOC extractor.
bda4f62 2019-12-02 Andy Chu [devtools] Simplify build/ all
632e555 2019-12-02 Andy Chu [opy/regtest] Update golden checksums.
e63702b 2019-12-02 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Adjust blacklist of methods.
e1926e3 2019-12-02 Andy Chu [devtools] Fix unit test