Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.7.pre8 and release/0.7.pre9

f919e2e 2019-12-05 Aaron Sokoloski [types] Add typechecking for 2 more files (#556)
f057d46 2019-12-05 Andy Chu [types] Remove because it's covered by the other manifest.
d2a5ca8 2019-12-05 Andy Chu [types] Make need-typechecking more precise by excluding a file.
3c12c8c 2019-12-06 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove tools that are out of scope.
01968f6 2019-12-06 Andy Chu [travis] Try running oil-json tests.
b9ce007 2019-12-06 Andy Chu [git] Try a more specific submodule path.
58523bd 2019-12-06 Aaron Sokoloski [types] Add type annotations for oil_lang/ [tentative] (#557)
8b1041d 2019-12-06 Andy Chu [doc] Draft of JSON docs.
f5bd5b1 2019-12-06 Andy Chu [doc] Shell functions to publish to
7ef11b8 2019-12-07 Andy Chu [doc] Update json doc based on Zulip comments.
81cd5c1 2019-12-07 Andy Chu [oil-language] 'pp EXPR' is now '= EXPR'
5366c4d 2019-12-07 Andy Chu [oil-language] Print type names like 'Dict' instead of 'dict'.
d076fa4 2019-12-07 Andy Chu [release] Include the yajl license.
10fb65c 2019-12-07 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.6.pre9
ec480ca 2019-12-07 Andy Chu [release] Remove yajl file that's unused.
3cb7304 2019-12-07 Andy Chu [osh-language] Disable '=word' as the first word in OSH too.
2a7acc4 2019-12-07 Andy Chu [refactor] Change dir structure of generated code.
701e830 2019-12-07 Andy Chu [doc] Change pp to =
0672a04 2019-12-07 Andy Chu [release, metrics] Automate the oil-native tarball build.
3d6aac0 2019-12-07 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Add bin/osh_parse to osh-parser benchmark.
1b08a5f 2019-12-07 Andy Chu [release] Check the oil-native tarball into benchmarks repo.