Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.9 and release/0.8.10

78f3cc5 2021-04-13 Andy Chu [benchmarks/mycpp-examples] Fix C++/Python comparison
8fbc09b 2021-04-13 Andy Chu [release] Bump release template for 0.8.9
026fe7b 2021-04-17 Andy Chu [mycpp/examples] Fix runtime of varargs
a08f2f3 2021-04-17 Andy Chu [native] Create a stub for the new c5po extension.
80df905 2021-04-17 Andy Chu [native] Rename c5po -> cp5o
d848af9 2021-04-17 Andy Chu [native/cp5o] Basic stubs working.
2594396 2021-04-18 Andy Chu [native/cp5o] Basic netstring messages working.
84b813a 2021-04-18 Andy Chu [native/cp5o] cp5o.send() and receive() both work!
541021b 2021-04-18 Andy Chu [native/cp5o] Clean up and test error handling.
d2eee7a 2021-04-18 Andy Chu [native/cp5o] Rename APIs.
f4be740 2021-04-19 Andy Chu [native] Rename cp5o -> NUDS
faef075 2021-04-19 Andy Chu [native/nuds] Rename test code as well
7264228 2021-04-19 Andy Chu [native/nuds] Remove _GNU_SOURCE and update comment
8fed301 2021-04-19 Andy Chu [native/nuds] Check return value of write()
ec7aab9 2021-04-19 Andy Chu [native] Rename NUDS -> FANOS
325944e 2021-04-19 Andy Chu [build] Fix OVM tarball build
a77bc72 2021-04-19 Andy Chu [native/fanos] Update comment
649103c 2021-04-19 Andy Chu [main] Add ---caper and --headless
af60e6c 2021-04-20 Andy Chu [native/fanos] Change API for EOF.
5dff926 2021-04-20 Andy Chu [client] Import py_fanos from blog-code repository
a4ac31f 2021-04-20 Andy Chu [refactor] Move HeadlessDispatch() to fix lint/type errors.
606eb30 2021-04-20 Andy Chu [client] communicates with osh --headless
b8807c5 2021-04-20 Andy Chu [client] Basic messages flowing through headless mode.
28ddfe3 2021-04-21 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix build after refactoring
0de15aa 2021-04-21 Andy Chu [headless] Hooked up working descriptor passing!
fcca5e5 2021-04-21 Andy Chu [build] Use posix_ module instead of 'os'
5ab47e1 2021-04-21 Andy Chu [headless] Init default completions, source oshrc, run EXIT trap, etc.
ff1c890 2021-04-21 Andy Chu [refactor] main_loop doesn't use isinstance().
c8f704d 2021-04-22 Andy Chu [headless] Test FANOS protocol errors
0ee7fce 2021-04-22 Andy Chu [headless] Start docs, and test multiline commands.
83e1710 2021-04-23 Andy Chu [headless] Handle multiline commands.
c518f9b 2021-04-23 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.8.10.
2ed9aa8 2021-04-23 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Filter method in genobject.c