Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.10 and release/0.8.11

c032af6c 2021-04-23 Andy C [spec/oil-builtin-run] Expose bug in '--status-ok SIGPIPE' with builtins
9cc31d52 2021-04-24 Andy C [builtin/run] Implement run --push-status
315bf510 2021-04-24 Andy C [builtin/run] Rename --push-status to --push-globals
945b5a83 2021-04-24 Andy C [headless] Rename ECMD -> EVAL
eab3b83b 2021-04-24 Andy C [core] Make BASH_REMATCH access a "register".
bfb0b581 2021-04-25 Andy C [builtin] Implement push-registers instead of run --push-globals
225a29a2 2021-04-25 Andy C [osh-language] Implement shopt --set sigpipe_status_ok
6d1225a3 2021-04-25 Andy C [builtin/run] remove --status-ok
affd5eb7 2021-04-26 Andy C [builtin/read] Allow read :x :y
33b13853 2021-04-26 Andy C [client/] Move sleep() for clearer output
338468f6 2021-04-27 Andy C [oil-language] Remove the 'set' keyword and shopt parse_set.
7d10c84f 2021-04-28 Andy C [test/parse-errors] Remove obsolete case
3eb1cc76 2021-04-30 Andy C [oil-language] Eliminate static var/const checks on top-level!
dfceda41 2021-05-04 Andy C [spec/oil-assign] Adjust tests for top-level semantics.
7eaac013 2021-05-04 Andy C [oil-language] Remove 'setlocal'
3e6539c7 2021-05-04 Andy C [oil-language] Experiment with new semantics for 'read :x'
2616726c 2021-05-04 Andy C [refactor] Rename helper functions that call SetValue().
243aca52 2021-05-04 Andy C [test/oil_lang] Dont' use setvar IFS = ":"
4b8915b6 2021-05-05 Raphael Megzari [doc] Fix after setvar change (#930)
9d781467 2021-05-04 Andy C [doc/idioms] Remove mention of 'set' keyword.
7354d955 2021-05-04 Andy C [refactor] Consolidate to BuiltinSetValue()
76d335a3 2021-05-04 Andy C [oil-language] read :out can't modify out params!
b51df4b7 2021-05-05 Andy C [oil-language] Tweak semantics of setref lookup.
953acb0d 2021-05-05 Andy C [doc] Change %%% to ...
85fd037d 2021-05-05 Andy C [oil-language] Avoid name conflict in 'setref' by adding scope_e.Parent
4fbbac11 2021-05-05 Andy C [spec/oil-scope] Add test case for setref a, b = ...
16ef9fcf 2021-05-05 Andy C [oil-language] Allow foo\ bar as a valid escape
09071714 2021-05-05 Andy C [strict_errexit] Re-enable allow_command_sub during proc/func calls.
dfaf4e80 2021-05-07 Andy C [doc] Removed parse_set from the language
d56fe657 2021-05-07 Andy C [doc] polished and published!
1f80b7b2 2021-05-07 Andy C [doc] Another editing pass on
9d3ac581 2021-05-07 Andy C [oil-language] "Neuter" the unset builtin as well.
9ce260ce 2021-05-07 Andy C [doc] Fix accidental edit
9df4ec50 2021-05-08 Andy C [test/parse-errors] Change the spec after relaxing the check.
86dfd8c4 2021-05-08 Andy C [errexit] We no longer disallow command subs in conditionals
d894f642 2021-05-09 Andy C [doc] Tweaks to
5f640e47 2021-05-10 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.8.11.
d0bac8ba 2021-05-10 Andy C [opy/regest] Update golden checksums