Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.11 and release/0.8.12

d0bac8ba 2021-05-10 Andy C [opy/regest] Update golden checksums
a71d54f4 2021-05-10 Andy C [release] Shell functions for 0.8.11
e1d42267 2021-05-10 Andy C [doc] Fix section on globs.
d11f2c2f 2021-05-11 Andy C [doc] Update/remove place mutation examples
66a3244a 2021-05-11 Andy C [benchmarks] Remove interpreter version from bin/osh provenance
1bdad7c8 2021-05-13 Andy C [oil_lang/testdata] Add hello.oil and run it
56891479 2021-05-13 Andy C [doc] Document temp bindings and scope.
143f5d7a 2021-05-14 Andy C [doc] Initial cut of
e034be3f 2021-05-14 Andy C [doc] More tweaks to
ca4f039a 2021-05-14 Andy C [doc/oil-help] Updates after string design
d55f1396 2021-05-14 Andy C [spec/oil] Extract spec/oil-string
1caa0852 2021-05-14 Andy C [oil-language] Get rid of c'' as a synonym for $''
e4bfb656 2021-05-14 Andy C [oil-language] Implement parse_raw_string
d1cd2992 2021-05-14 Andy C [spec/oil-string] Consolidate test cases
f16b8544 2021-05-14 Andy C [frontend/lexer_def] Add token types for triple quoted strings too.
d649096c 2021-05-14 Andy C [oil-language] Handle """ and ''' etc. in expression mode
42fa7997 2021-05-15 Andy C [oil-language] Implement shopt parse_triple_quote
399b06cc 2021-05-15 Andy C [oil-language] Disallow word parts after triple quoted string
00c687dc 2021-05-16 Andy C [osh/word_parse] Skeleton for stripping space from multiline strings.
74806f56 2021-05-16 Andy C [oil-language] Implement whitespace stripping for """
e43779b0 2021-05-16 Andy C [oil-language] Strip leading whitespace for ''' and $'''
c4791fd1 2021-05-16 Andy C [translation] Fix translation by adding types
6b92b97b 2021-05-17 Raphael Megzari [doc] Add an executable file that will becom A Tour of Oil (#935)
35232bbf 2021-05-16 Andy C [oil-language] Whitespace stripping fix for multiline strings.
aae6eec4 2021-05-16 Andy C [oil_lang/testdata] Fixes to make tour.oil run
fe9390e4 2021-05-16 Andy C [doc] Starting "Learn Oil", Tour of Oil, and modules, etc.
0e51118e 2021-05-18 Andy C [doctools] Extract code blocks from every doc into _tmp/code-blocks
6a5e2f87 2021-05-18 Andy C [build/doc] Make all the right dirs
cbcd4b1d 2021-05-18 Andy C [doc] Reorganize the index
f5201214 2021-05-20 Andy C [oil_lang/builtins] Rename push -> append
f14bc791 2021-05-20 Andy C [oil_lang/builtins] Rename run -> try
accf3d6f 2021-05-20 Andy C [testdata] Rename 'push' -> 'append'
1c0dea0a 2021-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Add append() and extend() as top level functions
dd46c31e 2021-05-20 Andy C [test] Fix more tests after renamings
92b91a78 2021-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Remove obj.field, but keep obj.method()
89bff416 2021-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Fix and document scope of first-class blocks.
99e4cb40 2021-05-20 Andy C [oil-language] Restore the check for nested procs.
70a37993 2021-05-26 Andy Chu [builtin] Initial implementation of 'module' builtin
7ec9971a 2021-05-26 Andy Chu [options] Implement shopt redefine_proc
a0a1cb6a 2021-05-26 Andy Chu [builtin/module] Implement shopt redefine_module
cfedf4ec 2021-05-28 Andy Chu [builtin] Implement the 'runproc' builtin
a4c1f30e 2021-05-28 Andy Chu [builtin/command] Pass block arguments through.
ac632465 2021-05-28 Andy Chu [oil-language] Start parsing ${x|html}
9416613f 2021-05-28 Andy Chu [refactor] Add location info to suffix_op.Unary()
3a583b8e 2021-05-28 Andy Chu [oil-language] Stub for ${.myproc builtin sub}
1266345e 2021-05-28 Andy Chu [builtins] Prototype of 'push' builtin
9440d535 2021-05-28 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement shellvar() to get true value of IFS
96cbe968 2021-05-29 Andy Chu [translation] Fix error.Usage() calls
a9a4565f 2021-05-29 Andy Chu [builtins] Rename 'push' builtin to 'shvar'.
a444edd1 2021-05-29 Andy Chu [oil-language] Start a demo of the config dialect.
b539aea3 2021-05-29 Andy Chu [builtins] Implement shvar, with tests
f6a35098 2021-05-29 Andy Chu [fix] Lint, translation, spec tests, unit tests
2037e126 2021-05-29 Andy Chu [builtin/use] Initial implementation of 'use dialect'
2c85487b 2021-05-29 Andy Chu [osh-language] Fix IFS to use dynamic scope.
5729d9c4 2021-05-29 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement shvar_get() for dynamic scope
d4cafa88 2021-05-29 Andy Chu [COWS] Sketch out an API
1393afd5 2021-05-29 Andy Chu [spec/oil-assign] Failing case for var x = $(false)
c80e10f8 2021-06-04 Andy Chu [test/spec] Temporary fix by renaming vm_eval()
11aa7b4a 2021-06-04 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename core/{pure => shell_native}
563703e2 2021-06-04 Andy Chu [core] Add core/ and bin/oven
46900310 2021-06-16 Andy Chu [doc] Work on Oil Language Tour
48f2baba 2021-06-17 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build
9f657eee 2021-06-17 Andy C [types] Fix build
cd17d01b 2021-06-18 Andy C [mycpp] Skip variables named unused* in addition to _
a2f2e63c 2021-06-18 Andy C [doctools] Document plugins
289408d2 2021-06-18 Andy C [doc] Update tour, oil-help-topics, doc-plugins
72c6c8fb 2021-06-21 Andy C [doc] Updates to the Oil Language Tour.
a6fb26fb 2021-06-22 Andy C [doc] Finished drafting the "command language" part of the Tour
2fc47975 2021-06-22 Andy C [doc] Reorganize around Command, Word, Expression
dac34053 2021-06-23 Andy C [doc] Start project tour and QTSV -> QTT
cdbb8bd7 2021-06-23 Andy C [doc] First draft of the Oil language tour done!
de00be7c 2021-06-26 Andy C [doc] More work on the Oil language tour
de950e14 2021-07-04 Andy C [cleanup] Remove useless shebangs
15905905 2021-07-05 Andy C [doc] Updates to a Tour of Oil.
06919a30 2021-07-05 Andy C [oil-language] Implement 1_000_000 syntax
790fad7b 2021-07-05 Andy C [spec/oil-expr] Disable test that doesn't work in CI environment
a1794525 2021-07-05 Andy C [spec/var-ref] More test cases for indirect expansion
d8a49e67 2021-07-05 Andy C [refactor] Separate all the prefix ops in ${}
d45d0c74 2021-07-05 Andy C [osh/word_eval] Fix crash with ${!undef-}
81233b47 2021-07-05 Andy C [osh-language] Disallow ${!a[@]-'default'} consistently
df9f73af 2021-07-05 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.8.12