Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.3 and release/0.8.4

598f6ff 2020-10-24 Andy Chu [doc] Update QSN doc
7fa9f7c 2020-10-24 andychu Update
9a05cad 2020-10-24 Andy Chu [doc] More updates to the README
850a7bb 2020-10-24 Andy Chu [doc] README: We accept small contributions
1d52445 2020-10-24 Andy Chu [translation] Start translating
10f53eb 2020-10-26 Andy Chu [osh-language] Stub for shopt -s parse_triple_quoted
7898f80 2020-10-26 Andy Chu [fix] Fix compiler flags, and builtin-completion test
38e6710 2020-10-26 Andy Chu [doc] Add draft of 'framing' doc
3716407 2020-10-26 Andy Chu [osh-language] Preparing to parse triple quoted strings
ca598dc 2020-10-26 Andy Chu [refactor] Separate Id values for r'' and ''
ab0a914 2020-10-26 Andy Chu [refactor] Move function to
775e329 2020-10-27 Andy Chu [doc] Describe the doc toolchain, with examples.
cdaf380 2020-10-27 Andy Chu [doc] Allow specifying syntax highlighter per doc.
4e422a0 2020-10-27 Andy Chu [refactor] Make LST schema more specific for ExtGlob
4e0c766 2020-10-27 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix tests broken by last change
e64dedf 2020-10-27 Andy Chu [builtin/shopt] Support groups in shopt -p
ea4acbe 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [doc] Clean up help for option groups.
408ac86 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [oil-language] Disallow @(seq 3)trailing
460f67a 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [builtins] Start 'fork' and 'forkwait'
9935dec 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [test/spec] Failing test case for #853 PROMPT_COMMAND
c628870 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [interactive] Allow PROMPT_COMMAND to see $?
fddeab7 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [test/spec] Also add test for $? in PS1.
7ed62db 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement fork and forkwait.
f104cf9 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [doc] Document fork and forkwait
ee452b9 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [translation] Fix variable name.
7b09f10 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
b081feb 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [options] Change parse_ignored to off in oil:all only
f543582 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [options] Rename strict_echo -> simple_echo
3c6f2a3 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [test/spec] Fix option names, and fix parse_ignored test.
6b1e68a 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [travis] Disable more jobs in hopes of faster builds.
401ed98 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [options] Rename strict -> simple, and put them in oil:all
53879d9 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [options] Rename strict_* -> parse_* and invert default
722ffc5 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [fix] Fix option default value. Fix race and spec tests.
95ed6ac 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [oil-language] Figure out where to put parse options.
393fa7a 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [options] Re-organize options.
3e51b6a 2020-10-28 Andy Chu [oil-language] Turn off expand_aliases in Oil.
17c9e17 2020-10-29 Andy Chu [oil-language] Attach doc comments to BraceGroup nodes.
3b29732 2020-10-29 Andy Chu [oil-language] pp proc prints doc comments
e40b4ee 2020-10-29 Andy Chu [fix] Type annotations and 'repr' invocation
3a6792f 2020-10-29 Andy Chu [doctools] Style updates for the blog.
585354c 2020-10-30 Andy Chu [doc] Fix typo and add shortcut.
b49ad62 2020-10-31 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parse the ~== operator
8f82981 2020-10-31 Andy Chu [tea] Fix entry point, and add it to the continuous build.
81a79a5 2020-10-31 Andy Chu [tea] Move it to its own directory.
01ec5e7 2020-10-31 Andy Chu [tea] Hook up flag parser to main()
9d317ce 2020-11-01 Andy Chu [tea] Split testdata up, and add missing Op_Newline to module grammar
5ed5563 2020-11-01 Andy Chu [tea] README and refactor
5a39754 2020-11-01 Andy Chu [tea] Grammar now recognizes the while statement.
1917b64 2020-11-01 Andy Chu [types] Add missing type annotation.
fbee753 2020-11-02 Yanis Zafirópulos [doc] Copy editing, spelling fixes (#855)
955623c 2020-11-02 Andy Chu [builtin/test] Implement long flags and simple_test_builtin
8a80016 2020-11-02 Andy Chu [osh-language] procs don't return expressions
96a7290 2020-11-03 Andy Chu [refactor] Move some code into the tea/ dir
4072251 2020-11-03 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename file with builtin funcs
8263fca 2020-11-03 Andy Chu [osh-language] Put procs in the same namespace as shell functions.
95d6522 2020-11-03 Andy Chu [refactor] Prepare for shopt --unset dynamic_scope
6f3c277 2020-11-03 Andy Chu [fix] Fix lint errors.
176ce80 2020-11-03 Andy Chu [refactor] More cleanup of the interface to state.Mem
db49cf3 2020-11-03 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename GetVar,SetVar -> GetValue,SetValue
cdb0bbb 2020-11-03 Andy Chu [refactor] Use state.SetVar() instead of explicit scope_e.Dynamic
de0a6e2 2020-11-03 Andy Chu [refactor] More refactoring of scope_e for dynamic scope
a6fe210 2020-11-03 Andy Chu [translation] Fix function/method name hacks
bedd1ed 2020-11-04 Andy Chu [cleanup] Remove unused code
a3e9246 2020-11-04 Andy Chu [oil-language] GetValue() respects shopt --unset dynamic_scope
55eec23 2020-11-04 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build
1517e6b 2020-11-04 Andy Chu [fix] Fix unit tests by initializing mem.exec_opts.
d67f9ce 2020-11-04 Batuhan Taskaya [tea] Create AST nodes for 'for' loops (#857)
9c3d3c2 2020-11-04 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove unused Return() node, and replace it with Tea
c24e447 2020-11-04 Andy Chu [oil-language] Support shopt --unset dynamic_scope
0282e39 2020-11-04 Andy Chu [tea] Fix the test suite to properly signal errors.
64b5b1e 2020-11-04 Andy Chu [translation] Rewrite for mycpp since it doesn't support a[::2]
79aa948 2020-11-04 Andy Chu [oil-language] Restore 'unset' to dynamic scope.
481562f 2020-11-04 Andy Chu [oil-language] Change some hidden assignments to SetLocalShopt()
8e9c60d 2020-11-05 Andy Chu [demo] Repro of bug #858.
2d0be1b 2020-11-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] "neuter" all assignments in Oil.
790c065 2020-11-05 Andy Chu [refactor] Renamings around scopes for clarity.
f7e8fe1 2020-11-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] Enhance strict_errexit
f71f2fa 2020-11-05 Andy Chu [doc] Document how to fix strict_errexit Problems
1935bec 2020-11-05 Andy Chu [fix] Fix unit tests.
a0795ce 2020-11-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] Enforce parse_backslash in unquoted words.
d19f6ea 2020-11-05 Andy Chu [test/parse-errors] Fix the harness to assert an error!
6798c92 2020-11-05 Andy Chu [build] Inline dependency to fix the OVM tarball.
f6951c0 2020-11-06 Andy Chu [translation] Implement C++ version of IsValidCharEscape()
4f67c48 2020-11-06 Andy Chu [devtools] Fix strict_errexit bugs in our own scripts!
b80df9f 2020-11-06 Andy Chu [builtin/pp] Rename pp .cell -> pp cell
1b12685 2020-11-06 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement setref keyword for "out params".
60cc2aa 2020-11-06 Andy Chu [doc] Update 'setref' example
f9592ee 2020-11-06 Andy Chu [release] Bump to version 0.8.4
1e9ac27 2020-11-06 Andy Chu [opy/regtest] Update golden checksums.