Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.4 and release/0.8.5

538cd57 2020-11-07 Andy Chu [services] Figured out how to extract a thread with the Zulip API
66f5642 2020-11-09 Andy Chu [doc] Update help for 'run' builtin
fafa7dc 2020-11-09 Andy Chu [doc] Minor updates
76c9bce 2020-11-11 Andy Chu [build/oil-defs] Add missing selectmodule.c
c89fbf4 2020-11-11 Andy Chu [mycpp] Remove --shared-ptr flag
dfbe6e0 2020-11-12 Andy Chu [mycpp/examples] Fix benchmarks to use .opt binary.
b0fdd7e 2020-11-12 Andy Chu [mycpp] Work on translating examples/cgi with GC=1
824b0ef 2020-11-12 Andy Chu [mycpp] Fix bug in BufWriter.
07ea4ce 2020-11-13 Andy Chu [gc_heap] First cut of StackRoots object.
94a6553 2020-11-13 Andy Chu [mycpp] Generate StackRoots instance for each function
74be290 2020-11-14 Andy Chu [gc_heap] Write unit test for garbage collection.
895bb7c 2020-11-15 Andy Chu [gc_heap] Copy femtolisp policy for resizing the heap.
36e475b 2020-11-15 Andy Chu [gc_heap] Temporary fixes to unit test.
aeec1e4 2020-11-15 Andy Chu [mylib] Free memory in Str::replace().
8024c3a 2020-11-16 Andy Chu [mycpp] Raise initial heap size to avoid GC (temporary)
f613a35 2020-11-16 Andy Chu [test/cpp-unit] Fix unit tests
25647aa 2020-11-17 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Improve tests for the tool
06bfc34 2020-11-17 Andy Chu [benchmarks/] Fix reporting bug by shelling out to 'time'.
8a5bae1 2020-11-17 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Add 'hello' task, and found another bug.
f8dbdec 2020-11-17 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Fix output of
b88f021 2020-11-17 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Fix bug in measuring dash memory usage.
74cca7b 2020-11-17 Andy Chu [benchmarks/mycpp-examples] Make note of compiler TODOs.
7ed0b9f 2020-11-17 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.8.5
e0c7b1d 2020-11-17 Andy Chu [build] Fix typo
98c2e57 2020-11-17 Andy Chu [spec/redirect] Work around flakiness.
538062e 2020-11-17 Andy Chu [build] Fix typo again
aadd9d8 2020-11-17 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Add 'hello' benchmark to reporting
1a07fed 2020-11-18 Andy Chu [release] Shell functions for the 0.8.5 release
366097e 2020-11-18 Andy Chu [benchmarks/time] Implement time-helper.c
9b7051e 2020-11-18 Andy Chu [benchmarks/time] Use the new time-helper
236bba0 2020-11-18 Andy Chu [benchmarks/time] Find time-helper by absolute path