Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.6 and release/0.8.7

ad532b6 2021-01-13 Andy Chu [release] Bump to version 0.8.6
626d8ff 2021-01-13 Andy Chu [test/oil-runtime-errors] Tighten up some cases
1c46c39 2021-01-13 Andy Chu [services/toil] Add tasks for runtime errors.
3519509 2021-01-13 Andy Chu Shell functions for the 0.8.6 release
6883e71 2021-01-13 Andy Chu [xtrace] Work on xtrace_rich
73f24f8 2021-01-14 Andy Chu [test/runtime-errors] Disable test case using descriptor 3
260a1d7 2021-01-14 Andy Chu [xtrace] Fix build.
ae7e56a 2021-01-14 Andy Chu [xtrace] Make blocks out of eval and source.
46f2b92 2021-01-16 Andy Chu [xtrace] Work on subshell, pipeline, external command.
7995c46 2021-01-16 Andy Chu [core/process] Don't raise SystemExit SubProgramThunk
dec6fa0 2021-01-16 Andy Chu [xtrace] Refactor to ASDL types for tracing.
ec01902 2021-01-16 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix build
4a52d14 2021-01-16 Andy Chu [xtrace] Replace all usages with new ASDL types.
6d654ff 2021-01-17 Andy Chu [xtrace] Fix unit tests and spec tests.
4aaca41 2021-01-17 Andy Chu [xtrace] Make internal synchronous cases prettier.
7226c2b 2021-01-17 Andy Chu [spec/oil-xtrace] Remove nondeterminism from 2 test cases
09836ef 2021-01-17 Andy Chu [spec/oil-xtrace] Determinism for more test cases
4262517 2021-01-17 Andy Chu [xtrace] Trace at a lower level, in the Waiter.
b14e47f 2021-01-17 Andy Chu [xtrace] Trace exec() calls, and change punctuation characters.
2029f5e 2021-01-17 Andy Chu [xtrace] Simplify and remove dead code
7fe5212 2021-01-17 Andy Chu [xtrace] Use a block to trace the wait builtin
1b57f8d 2021-01-17 Andy Chu [spec/oil-xtrace] Make tests deterministic by sorting.
4fce6e0 2021-01-17 Andy Chu [spec/oil-xtrace] Make tests insensitive to locale
8cdf5be 2021-01-18 Andy Chu [xtrace] Make tracing configurable with PS4.
633edea 2021-01-18 Andy Chu [xtrace] Trace control flow in both legacy and Oil mode
538dbe9 2021-01-18 Andy Chu [xtrace] Add arg to closing line for proc and source
aa66319 2021-01-18 Andy Chu [xtrace] Refactor to sum type
b6c4afc 2021-01-18 Andy Chu [xtrace] Docs and refactoring.
cd59495 2021-01-18 Andy Chu [test, translation] Fix unit test and lint.
7fdc586 2021-01-19 Andy Chu [simple_word_eval] For globbing for cases other than command.Simple
e41e454 2021-01-19 Andy Chu [xtrace] Update doc, and change punctuation characters to > and <
18604f5 2021-01-19 Andy Chu [doctools] Add draft warning
212af20 2021-01-19 Andy Chu [trap, xtrace] Declare that errexit is NEVER disabled in a trap handler.
ce1d0a3 2021-01-21 Andy Chu [builtin/wait] wait builtin can be interrupted.
7310298 2021-01-21 Andy Chu [translation] Fixes after last commit
962daca 2021-01-21 Andy Chu [cmd_eval] Isolate trap handler exit codes!
46de7a5 2021-01-22 Andy Chu [core/process] Start correcting the exit code for an interrupted wait.
66a89f7 2021-01-22 Andy Chu [builtin/wait] If interrupted, exit with a status that tells which signal.
4fc5097 2021-01-22 Andy Chu [translation] Stub for SignalState. Fix build.
a36a0eb 2021-01-22 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix build
f994465 2021-01-22 Andy Chu [types] Fix type checking on continuous build.
1b543bd 2021-01-22 Andy Chu [build] Try 2 locations for mypy
f71d31d 2021-01-22 Andy Chu [test/cpp-unit] Fix build
83c3c1c 2021-01-22 Andy Chu [xtrace] Change newer xtrace_rich to use bare QSN encoding.
02a2d8c 2021-01-22 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.8.7
6ec948f 2021-01-22 Andy Chu [opy/regtest] Update golden checksums
63ce757 2021-01-22 Andy Chu [spec/builtin-io] Rewrite flaky test.