Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.7 and release/0.8.8

8c97a89 2021-01-23 Andy Chu [web] Create blog-v4.css
10a901d 2021-01-23 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove tabs
6f17674 2021-01-25 Andy Chu [spec/nameref] Test case for #881. Associative arrays.
046dc53 2021-01-27 Andy Chu [web] CSS fix
9f2c1ff 2021-01-30 Andy Chu [mycpp] Examples compile and run with GC=1 again
f99d5d8 2021-01-30 Andy Chu [mycpp] Fix unit tests to use NewList
9a526d6 2021-02-01 Andy Chu [translation] mylib.h audit.
e46ca03 2021-02-01 Andy Chu [refactor] Clarify errno usage in
9bfcc8a 2021-02-02 Andy Chu [refactor] Comments about parse_triple_dots
c77f60b 2021-02-03 Andy Chu [gc_heap] Fix missing 8 byte alignment AFTER garbage collection.
fb47110 2021-02-03 Andy Chu [gc_heap] Fix all crashes in mylib2_test.
ea60996 2021-02-04 Andy Chu [gc_heap] Remove a List constructor in favor of NewList<T> function
dfa260d 2021-02-04 Andy Chu [gc_heap] Fix bug in copying Dict::index_ on growth
7371e65 2021-02-04 Andy Chu [gc_heap] Bug fixes in Str methods exposed by GC_EVERY_ALLOC
77386b5 2021-02-05 Andy Chu [cpython] Remove use of btowc() on OS X / FreeBSD.
7b8bac8 2021-02-05 Andy Chu [gc_heap] Fix GC bugs uncovered by my_runtime_test.
ac8e81b 2021-02-05 Andy Chu [gc_heap] All unit tests pass with GC_EVERY_ALLOC!
0080e75 2021-02-06 Andy Chu [fix] Add missing #include.
ca5de9e 2021-02-06 Andy Chu [my_runtime_test] Fix bug caught on continuous build.
c3275dc 2021-02-06 Andy Chu [build] Starting ninja file for mycpp examples.
809e9ae 2021-02-07 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Ninja translates and compiles a couple examples
c06036b 2021-02-13 Andy Chu [build] Ninja runs mycpp examples in test and benchmark mode.
543a730 2021-02-13 Andy Chu [mycpp-examples] Run all of them with Ninja.
56d80bf 2021-02-14 Andy Chu [mycpp-examples] Fixes for Toil.
ef32ac2 2021-02-14 Andy Chu [mycpp-examples] Env vars for Toil.
a0f4e6f 2021-02-14 Andy Chu [services/toil] Include mycpp/_ninja/index.*
9faa712 2021-02-14 Andy Chu [services/travis] Add ninja-build dependency
d24dac5 2021-02-14 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Move translate and compile into
6507191 2021-02-20 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Add type checking and phony targets.
f39d3d1 2021-02-20 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Use 'build' prefix consistencly
f30337d 2021-02-20 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Run unit tests with Ninja.
397387c 2021-02-20 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Try HTML output
543ae0f 2021-02-21 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Compare logs in Ninja.
80efdcc 2021-02-21 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Add tasks to strip binaries
b5ee840 2020-08-03 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Construct a table of benchmark tasks
b0d44b6 2020-08-03 Andy Chu [benchmarks/time] Add --print-header flag
b7eae00 2020-08-04 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Use .tsv extension instead of .txt
988cf93 2020-08-05 Andy Chu [toil] Try to figure out what's wrong with sourcehut build
ab15ef4 2020-08-05 Andy Chu [toil] Also include TSV files in the .wwz archive
8d1f540 2020-08-05 Andy Chu [toil] Minor tweaks
53ed645 2021-03-07 Andy Chu [build] No-op to create a commit with correct timestamp
27613ec 2021-03-07 Andy Chu [toil] Add task to test out R libraries.
42a20ab 2021-03-06 Andy Chu [devtools] Add missing script
219c7df 2021-03-07 Andy Chu [toil] Don't use apt interactively
c2868b8 2021-03-07 Andy Chu [toil] Add more tests to 'other-tests' task
2e5aeb7 2021-03-07 Andy Chu [toil] Show the R version
0f9acca 2021-03-07 Andy Chu [toil] Dump distro information
9cfd11a 2021-03-07 Andy Chu [build] Scripts to install R 4.0 from a custom repo
59e98ff 2021-03-08 Andy Chu [doc/eggex] Change ! to !! (backtracking constructs)
4c985d4 2021-03-17 Andy Chu [builtin/printf] Implement "precision" zero padding for printf.
7e7e59c 2021-03-17 Andy Chu [refactor] Extract method in osh/
f3386ec 2021-03-17 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix crashes in my_runtime_test
7dcc4de 2021-03-17 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Enhance task table with (name, implementation language)
a673258 2021-03-18 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Update R code to analyze table built by Ninja
1b4bb6e 2021-03-18 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix shebang check for shell scripts
8258119 2021-03-18 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Clean up the build system after Ninja port.
f774caa 2021-03-18 Andy Chu [mycpp build] Add missing
3d37351 2021-03-18 Andy Chu [release] Bump to version 0.8.8