Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.7.0 and release/0.8.pre1

d6ebf55 2020-01-19 Andy Chu [release] Remove the INSTALL link from releases.html.
edd0af1 2020-01-21 Aaron Sokoloski [types] add scripts/function to help maintain correct imports when adding type annotation (#584)
72fd055 2020-01-21 Aaron Sokoloski [types] add type annotations to osh/ (#585)
393b705 2020-01-21 timetoplatypus Implements the 'times' builtin (#580)
27cf826 2020-01-21 Andy Chu [spec/builtin-times] Relax the test so zsh passes.
fc4ffb2 2020-01-21 Andy Chu [oil-language] Change 'setvar' to look up local or global scope.
f4d88c2 2020-01-21 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement new 'setvar' and 'set/setglobal' semantics
25889d4 2020-01-21 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement const declarations.
0e722a4 2020-01-21 Andy Chu [doc] Document Oil assignment keywords.
e1926ee 2020-01-22 Andy Chu [oil-language] Stub out setref for now.
76e8f57 2020-01-22 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement 'getline' builtin.
7d3f638 2020-01-22 Andy Chu [doc] Notes on Oil builtins and stdlib functions.
a68b00d 2020-01-23 Andy Chu [types] Remove remaining Any types from osh/
2605d05 2020-01-23 Andy Chu [test/spec] Fix busybox ash assertions for the 1.31.1 upgrade.
1ffa452 2020-01-23 Andy Chu [types] Remove Any from osh/
6dcc840 2020-01-24 Andy Chu [translation] Work on osh/
05430d7 2020-01-24 Andy Chu [translation] Work on translating osh/
c97cc31 2020-01-24 timetoplatypus Spec test: `popd` empty directory stack (#590)
76d9b24 2020-01-24 Andy Chu [types] Remove Union from osh/
e34c3ae 2020-01-25 Andy Chu [refactor] arg_vector -> cmd_value.Argv in most places.
c9433ef 2020-01-25 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove remaining uses of the arg_vector type.
9dcae20 2020-01-25 Andy Chu [translation] Fixes in osh/
d61c7f8 2020-01-25 Andy Chu [test/spec] Expose some bugs found around ArithEvaluator.
6903262 2020-01-25 Andy Chu [test/unit] Add unit tests for the history builtin.
1b7f256 2020-01-25 Andy Chu [refactor] Change ArithEvaluator to use value_t everywhere.
992f799 2020-01-25 Andy Chu [translation] A few fixes for translating osh/
e075250 2020-01-25 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
92a762c 2020-01-26 Andy Chu [translation] Fix trap_nodes check. Caught by unit tests.
34460b1 2020-01-26 Andy Chu [translation] Minor fixes to make osh/[word_eval,cmd_exec}.py translate.
0463dab 2020-01-26 Andy Chu [translation] osh/ uses tagswitch / tag_()
afe22b9 2020-01-26 Andy Chu [translation] Minor fixes in osh/
4541c3d 2020-01-26 lbonanomi [builtin/history] Add '-c' and '-d' arguments (#591)
aec20e3 2020-01-26 Andy Chu [refactor] Process -c and -d before doing anything else.
fcf8f4e 2020-01-26 Matthew Fernandez [doc] Fix typo in mycpp/ (#592)
fe31ba0 2020-01-26 Andy Chu [translation] Turns genexps into 'tmp' list comprehensions.
4178d4f 2020-01-28 Andy Chu [mycpp] List comprehensions can have tuple indices
7731678 2020-01-28 Andy Chu [translation] Routine work on osh/
c6dcabf 2020-01-28 Andy Chu [translation] Fix downcasting in osh/
67be34c 2020-01-28 Andy Chu [translation] Routine fixes in osh/
3e36cf0 2020-01-28 Andy Chu [translation] mylib stubs for osh/
69da38a 2020-01-28 Andy Chu [translation] Refactor EvalWordToString to take an enum.
349ff63 2020-01-28 Andy Chu [translation] Minor fixes in osh/
0fc4bee 2020-01-28 Andy Chu [translation] Adjust casting in osh/
f96f501 2020-01-28 Andy Chu [translation] Initial fixes for osh/
6e74542 2020-01-29 Andy Chu [translation] tagswitch style for _Dispatch in osh/
2500825 2020-01-29 Andy Chu [translation] Fix name conflict
88649d2 2020-01-29 Andy Chu [translation] Change signature of builtins.
0c6dcd0 2020-01-29 Andy Chu [translation] Disable stuff related to _PyObjectToVal.
15d5535 2020-01-29 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
e0e38a2 2020-01-29 Andy Chu [translation] Misc fixes in osh/
e3cc2d6 2020-01-29 Andy Chu [translation] Rewrite ShAssignment logic for mycpp.
c47858a 2020-01-29 Andy Chu [refactor] runtime::var_flags is a simple integer type, not enum.
b1f2d3c 2020-01-29 Andy Chu [translation] Refactor SetVar interface to use a bitmask.
84a3619 2020-01-29 Andy Chu [types] Some type annotations for osh/
2bc3336 2020-01-30 Andy Chu [translation] Misc fixes across the files that typecheck.
830576c 2020-01-30 Andy Chu [translation] Fix exception syntax across many files.
0199042 2020-01-30 Andy Chu [types] Add type annotations to osh/
a1250cf 2020-01-30 Andy Chu [mycpp] Allow making an alias of ASDL enum types (simple sums).
07ee04a 2020-01-30 Andy Chu [types] Annotate most of osh/
3d18704 2020-01-30 Andy Chu [types] Annotate more builtins.
c96f681 2020-01-30 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build
1f73cc7 2020-01-30 Andy Chu [types] Add TYPES_OUT instrumentation for bin/
8ec696a 2020-01-30 Andy Chu [types] Apply more type annotations from pyannotate.
b440e90 2020-01-30 Andy Chu [types] Scripts to run spec tests with Oil under pyannotate.
d90a373 2020-01-30 Andy Chu [osh/expr_eval] Fix bug evaluating associative array in arith context.
4c66b2d 2020-01-31 Andy Chu [types] osh/ now passes.
fd9f955 2020-01-31 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename osh/ -> osh/
2557a3d 2020-01-31 Andy Chu [translation] translates.
41c656b 2020-01-31 Andy Chu [refactor] Add CheckCircularDeps() method.
2a40ac6 2020-01-31 Andy Chu [refactor] Cleaner style of initializing circular dependencies.
6903b8f 2020-01-31 Andy Chu [refactor] cmd_exec.Deps() is only for the Executor.
200bd1e 2020-01-31 Andy Chu [types] Fix type errors in osh/
ce68875 2020-01-31 Andy Chu [types] osh/ now passes and translates.
b09b294 2020-01-31 Andy Chu [performance] Reorder fields in runtime_asdl::cell.
4143002 2020-02-01 Andy Chu [build] Regenerate method list.
8c457c3 2020-02-01 Andy Chu [translation] Work on osh/
20658ee 2020-02-01 Andy Chu [translation] Replace 5-tuple with a _DebugFrame type.
86de192 2020-02-01 Andy Chu [mycpp] Handle the case where p_die() doesn't have a keyword arg.
d6692e6 2020-02-01 Andy Chu [test/spec] Misc fixes.
aadd9d1 2020-02-01 Andy Chu [build/oil-defs] Manually add posix.times().
ee9fbb3 2020-02-01 Andy Chu [translation] Misc fixes.
bf2266c 2020-02-01 Andy Chu [mycpp] Rewrite [None] * 3 as list_repeat(nullptr, 3)
b04e0b6 2020-02-03 Andy Chu [types] First pass of osh_eval.
c7bfe60 2020-02-03 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename to types/oil-slice to reflect multiple slices.
32880fe 2020-02-03 Andy Chu [types] Use sh_expr_eval to fix lint error in bin/
927e63d 2020-02-03 Andy Chu [types] Update the 'need-typechecking' function and remove duplication.
4a62fa1 2020-02-03 Andy Chu [types] Annotate the new core/ file.
1d80e2a 2020-02-03 Andy Chu [refactor] Extract core/
b405c07 2020-02-03 Andy Chu [types] Annotate most of core/
1bfe1cc 2020-02-04 Andy Chu [types] Add a test evaluator in bin/
8377616 2020-02-04 Andy Chu [types] core/ passes.
cbc122f 2020-02-04 Andy Chu [translation] Attempt to translate bin/ with mycpp.
e56dd57 2020-02-04 Andy Chu [types] Fix build by adding import in generated code.
f2ff324 2020-02-04 Andy Chu [types] Fix build by removing an unnecessary hack.
e097183 2020-02-04 Andy Chu [translation] Exclude a few more files from osh_eval.
fd2a12a 2020-02-04 Andy Chu [translation] Stub out a couple files.
b2f1c96 2020-02-04 Andy Chu [translation] Extract core/passwd for translation.
b5e8d40 2020-02-05 Andy Chu [translation] Work on
1bbef3b 2020-02-05 Andy Chu [translation] Rewrite divide by zero check.
121b588 2020-02-05 Andy Chu [translation] Work on
6f8a19b 2020-02-05 Andy Chu [bool_eval] Fix usage of exec_opts.
acf9e67 2020-02-05 Andy Chu [translation] Simplify exception handling.
dc3ce4a 2020-02-05 Andy Chu [translation] Replace constant dicts with generated functions.
6a2fe53 2020-02-06 Andy Chu [refactor] Extract frontend/ module.
62bbd87 2020-02-06 Andy Chu [translation] Add StringToInt infrastructure for constant dicts.
0304a37 2020-02-06 Andy Chu [refactor] Use an array of booleans to store shell options.
02a809a 2020-02-06 Andy Chu [refactor] Introduce optview module.
8d132a4 2020-02-07 Andy Chu [refactor] prompt.Evaluator uses dependency injection style.
63f144a 2020-02-07 Andy Chu [refactor] Use mutable_opts or exec_opts depending on the need.
9c98941 2020-02-07 Andy Chu [refactor] More separation of optview and MutableOpts.
bedaef9 2020-02-07 Andy Chu [refactor] Use accessors to get exec_opts values.
bff8013 2020-02-08 Andy Chu [translation] Generate C++ code for core/
186f653 2020-02-08 Andy Chu [translation] Fix usage of errexit in optview::Exec.
2db40bd 2020-02-08 Andy Chu [translation] Add with Exec::errexit() definition.
ddac119 2020-02-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Turn 'nullglob' on with oil:basic.
238dfd4 2020-02-08 Andy Chu [spec/oil-options] Tighten up the last test.
47ae4e5 2020-02-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement shopt -s strict_echo.
0259bd1 2020-02-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename frontend.lex -> frontend.lexer_def.
ef1c10b 2020-02-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename frontend.id_kind to frontend.id_kind_def.
57b5ba3 2020-02-08 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove var_flags enum in favor of a bitfield.
668f6f1 2020-02-09 Andy Chu [translation] Pack another SetVar() param into 'flags'.
2bc7f99 2020-02-09 Andy Chu [refactor] Move osh/state -> core/state.
4d54c7b 2020-02-09 Andy Chu [translation] Stub out osh/
d83792a 2020-02-09 Andy Chu [test/lint] Apply clang-format to all C++ code.
e5c8b6e 2020-02-09 Andy Chu [translation] Stub out two modules in pylib/
d3ba482 2020-02-09 Andy Chu [test/spec] Allow use of $PATH from the environment
7935ef8 2020-02-10 Andy Chu [builtin/shopt] Add check for valid shopt name.
1fc510a 2020-02-10 Andy Chu [builtin/shopt] Don't show no-ops in 'shopt -p'
a9ed59f 2020-02-10 Andy Chu [refactor] Use an OptionDef() class, similar to IdSpec().
81ab375 2020-02-10 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename option_asdl::option -> option_asdl::opt_num.
448b95d 2020-02-10 Andy Chu [fix] Revert accidental renamings from last commit.
3be740a 2020-02-10 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename frontend/lookup frontend/consts
010b2bf 2020-02-10 Andy Chu [refactor] Fix C++ code gen after recent refactorings.
4ed67fa 2020-02-10 Andy Chu [translation] Use constants from frontend/, not
c0b2eba 2020-02-10 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename id_kind_gen to consts_gen.
1d741af 2020-02-10 Andy Chu [mycpp] Translate reversed() to ReverseListIter.
71454d6 2020-02-11 Andy Chu [mycpp] Translate iteritems(d) into something that compiles.
8ec9284 2020-02-12 Andy Chu [translation] d.iteritems() -> iteritems(d) in core/
bfa9598 2020-02-12 Andy Chu [mycpp, mylib] Implement Dict using std::unordered_map.
8791b58 2020-02-12 Andy Chu [translation] Misc fixes in core/
e03c924 2020-02-13 Travis A. Everett Nix configuration that builds a working bin/osh (#599)
c4bdcb1 2020-02-12 Andy Chu [nix] Document spec test failure.
58f2372 2020-02-13 Travis A. Everett [nix] Use nix idiom for shared lib extension (#601)
ad1635d 2020-02-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Move split state machine to frontend/
1777b40 2020-02-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename osh/{builtin => builtin_misc}
37b9d06 2020-02-14 Andy Chu [refactor] Use builtin enum generated by
737e5b2 2020-02-14 Andy Chu [asdl] Rename simple int sums with _i suffix.
31712ef 2020-02-14 Andy Chu [fix] Fix option_i usage and change flake8 params.
990f9f6 2020-02-14 Andy Chu [test/lint] Rename args -> posargs to work around pyflakes bug!
7ee5a5d 2020-02-14 Andy Chu [fix] Fix build error.
9c762c0 2020-02-14 Andy Chu [types] Fix type errors related to builin_t.
cf42229 2020-02-15 Andy Chu [translation] Generate match::MatchBuiltin.
ee9b278 2020-02-15 Andy Chu [translation] Create new arg_def and arg_gen modules.
8ae396c 2020-02-15 Andy Chu [osh-language] Implement ${!ref-default}
910fb2c 2020-02-15 Andy Chu [osh-language] Test the nameref feature.
408f33d 2020-02-15 Andy Chu [osh-language] Implement the nameref feature (declare -n)
5c4d442 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [refactor] Move to frontend/
36e043b 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [spec/nameref] bash and mksh do dynamic parsing of array expressions.
e6dd3c9 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [doc] Document strict_nameref
eee62b3 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [osh-language] Fix parsing of [[ x =~ $f(x) ]]
3113694 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [build] Fix osh_parse by adding #ifndef OSH_PARSE.
ec0b072 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [builtins/popd] Fix error handling, caught by timetoplatypus.
3d15163 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
a4c8592 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [build/cpython-defs] Update method list.
717acaa 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.8.pre1
5d530a1 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix the build for real this time (oops)
015121a 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [build] Restore shell functions that were used by other scripts.
1b66530 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [mylib] Stub out Dict::get() so 'osh-parse-smoke' passes.
c2506bd 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [metrics] Renamed ->
0c04ed6 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [tools/deps] Rename methods.
1ffcc5a 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [test/opy] Make these files parse under OPy.
b74d36e 2020-02-17 Andy Chu [test/opy] Update golden checksum.