Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.pre5 and release/0.8.pre6

ace047b 2020-05-21 Andy Chu [release] Draft of release notes.
172e390 2020-05-21 Andy Chu [oil-language] Revive tests, and fix bug with (x).
0af2fb0 2020-05-22 Andy Chu [oil-language] Parsing 'data' keyword.
1c97a40 2020-05-23 Andy Chu [oil-language] Able to parse 'enum'.
092fa4b 2020-05-23 Andy Chu [oil-language] Start parsing 'class' and 'use'.
e6f97a2 2020-05-23 Andy Chu [oil-language] Change dict literals to @{} rather than {}
93551e0 2020-05-23 Andy Chu [oil-language] Make newlines significant so semicolons aren't required.
6ead0bb 2020-05-24 Andy Chu [tea-language] Coalesce multiple newlines into one.
9b65e97 2020-05-24 Andy Chu [tea-language] Add a pure tea parser.
6ebcd13 2020-05-26 Andy Chu [types] Type check osh/
ea56a02 2020-05-26 Andy Chu [translation] Change to use statically typed flags.
7633cc0 2020-05-26 Andy Chu [types] Add type annotation to builtins.
e9cab05 2020-05-26 Andy Chu [types] Remove type errors by simplifying ui.PrettyDir()
543570e 2020-05-27 Andy Chu [fix] Fix bug in last commit: $HOME is not required.
40d6e09 2020-05-27 Andy Chu [types] passes.
5362cbe 2020-05-27 Andy Chu [translation] translates.
4e35577 2020-05-27 Andy Chu [translation] type checks and translates.
21c3e34 2020-05-27 Andy Chu [refactor] Introduce ParseCmdVal2(), which returns args.Reader()
e9149d5 2020-05-27 Andy Chu [translation] Fix C++ codegen for FlagSpec.arity1
92bb248 2020-05-27 Andy Chu [translation] builtin 'read' uses statically typed flags.
7a232c3 2020-05-27 Andy Chu [translation] has statically-typed flag specs.
34d8100 2020-05-27 Andy Chu [frontend/args] Integer flags are non-negative by default.
ba6c967 2020-05-28 Andy Chu [types] passes static type checking.
85f51ea 2020-05-28 Andy Chu [types] passes type checking.
882137a 2020-05-28 Andy Chu [fix] Fix bug introduced in last commit.
3cdd0d7 2020-05-28 Andy Chu [types] Apply pyannotate types to completion code.
43376d0 2020-05-28 Andy Chu [refactor] ParseCmdVal2 -> ParseCmdVal
9ca7b9a 2020-05-28 Andy Chu [fix] Fix --help and refactor Help builtin.
d8d5106 2020-05-28 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix help unit test.
238eeea 2020-05-29 Andy Chu [refactor] Move flag specs for 'osh' and 'set' to
40dc0d2 2020-05-29 Andy Chu [types] Fix 'typecheck-oil-slice'
999892d 2020-05-29 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename frontend/{arg_def => flag_spec}.py
cdab46f 2020-05-29 Andy Chu [refactor] Rename arg_def -> flag_spec
d1a24be 2020-05-29 Andy Chu [test/lint] Fix build.
ffb1edb 2020-05-29 Andy Chu [build] Fix shell function name
dfa439c 2020-05-29 Andy Chu [translation] Fixes for bin/
bb826c9 2020-05-29 Andy Chu [translation] osh/builtin_*.py type checks but not all translate.
58658d3 2020-05-29 Andy Chu [translation] osh/ translates.
44b0a97 2020-05-30 Andy Chu [translation] Got the real 'echo' working.
5ca59a8 2020-05-30 Andy Chu [test/spec-cpp] Fix bug that prevented running tests.
3fffd20 2020-05-30 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix unit tests.
509ef67 2020-05-30 Andy Chu [translation] Fill in regex function in cpp/
6f17650 2020-05-30 Andy Chu [test/cpp-unit] Run C++ unit tests with ASAN
70447cd 2020-05-30 Andy Chu [translation] Implement another libc regex function.
412f237 2020-05-31 Andy Chu [mylib] Fix mylib::open() with new CStr type.
e13efed 2020-05-31 Andy Chu [mylib] Rename CStr to mylib::Str0, and use it in libc bindings.
3c68d5e 2020-05-31 Andy Chu [mylib] Fix more bindings to use Str0.
2ab37a6 2020-05-31 Andy Chu [cpp/libc] Implement glob() binding.
77edb6a 2020-05-31 Andy Chu [builtin/source] Respect --
e0c1e96 2020-05-31 Andy Chu [translation] osh/ translates!
a454718 2020-05-31 Andy Chu [translation] Hook up builtins in osh/
d306108 2020-05-31 Andy Chu [test/spec-runner] Remove --no-cd-tmp from all tests.
17532a9 2020-06-01 Andy Chu [fix] Fix
2c0fe32 2020-06-01 Andy Chu [translation] Working on and
cfbcb6a 2020-06-01 Andy Chu [spec/errexit] Two test cases from bug-bash@
ac191ff 2020-06-01 Andy Chu [translation] Working on osh/
9c0d4ab 2020-06-01 Andy Chu [refactor] Move History() to
a69bc46 2020-06-01 Andy Chu [translation] translates and compiles!
31ec4b1 2020-06-01 Andy Chu [translation] Hook up 'printf' builtin.
fd36691 2020-06-02 Andy Chu [translation] translates and compiles!
4bb04fe 2020-06-02 Andy Chu [translation] Work on
96a8bbc 2020-06-02 Andy Chu [translation] Don't translate Help().
8355bd3 2020-06-03 Andy Chu [ASDL] Implement 'use' in Python and C++.
88092d8 2020-06-03 Andy Chu [ASDL] Fix circular build dependency with TYPE_CHECKING guard.
3e34bb7 2020-06-03 Andy Chu [ASDL] Fix Python and C++ unit tests with respect to 'use'.
121e1c5 2020-06-03 Andy Chu [types] Remove 'any' types from core/runtime.asdl.
835b167 2020-06-03 Andy Chu [translation] Add builtins from
ae627d4 2020-06-04 Andy Chu [translation] C++ functions to initialize state::Mem().
2d81a92 2020-06-05 Andy Chu [types] Make BraceGroup its own type, so SimpleCommand can contain it.
320c0b6 2020-06-05 Andy Chu [types] Make BraceGroup its own type, i.e. first-class variant.
715e78d 2020-06-05 Andy Chu [translation] osh/ now translates and compiles
33ecd91 2020-06-05 Andy Chu [translation] Hook up prompt evaluator to bin/osh_eval.
789a0ee 2020-06-05 Andy Chu [mylib] Implement Str::split(), with tests.
f2fca98 2020-06-05 Andy Chu [translation] Generate code for consts::OptionName()
607b9df 2020-06-06 Andy Chu [translation] Generate C functions for char lookup tables.
d168066 2020-06-07 Andy Chu [translation] Implement string matching functions for [ with re2c.
f92fac8 2020-06-07 Andy Chu [patsub] Fix - and ] corner cases in GlobToERE().
f116591 2020-06-07 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix unit test after glob change.
ba460d4 2020-06-07 Andy Chu [osh-language] Make semantics of ${a[-1]} $(( a[-1] )) etc. match bash
a4b9f31 2020-06-08 Andy Chu [osh-language] Also fix semantics of unset a[-1]
b984503 2020-06-08 Andy Chu [ui] Work around for lack of location info in __cat.
86d925b 2020-06-09 Andy Chu [errors] Improve error message while parsing arithmetic.
e608377 2020-06-09 Andy Chu [refactor] Change EvalCStringToken to take a Token.
d74f744 2020-06-09 Andy Chu [fix] Fix caller broken in last commit
caaa3db 2020-06-09 Andy Chu [errors] shopt -u verbose_errexit suppresses the errexit message.
9de1037 2020-06-09 Andy Chu [osh-language] First cut of mapfile/readarray builtin
e7eb849 2020-06-09 Andy Chu [translation] Add type annotation and adjust main()
4608db8 2020-06-10 Andy Chu [test/spec-runner] Fix smoosh report.
3017b12 2020-06-10 Andy Chu [osh-language] 'unset array[-1]' now shortens the array.
847db16 2020-06-10 Andy Chu [translation] Run shell functions, and other fixes.
0ad5d65 2020-06-11 Andy Chu [translation] Use the real shopt, and catch UsageError with status 2.
8034178 2020-06-11 Andy Chu [word_eval] Implement more of $-
c3c0071 2020-06-11 Andy Chu [builtin/read] Check status of read -n.
f47e453 2020-06-11 Andy Chu [osh-language] Support negative indices for string slices.
f5e19a2 2020-06-12 Andy Chu [osh-language] Failing spec tests for control flow in eval/source
f32d424 2020-06-12 Andy Chu [osh-language] Make 'eval break', 'source', etc. work
9a02b90 2020-06-12 Andy Chu fix translatino
f88f109 2020-06-12 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.8.pre6
3d147bd 2020-06-12 Andy Chu [build] Add an import to work around a problem.
fb02fc7 2020-06-12 Andy Chu [main] Fix oil.ovm --help