Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.pre7 and release/0.8.pre8

97ce721 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [test/opy] Update golden checksums.
bfe7937 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [release] Add missing file, and add TODO
338d3bb 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [tools/readlink] Fix arg parsing bug found by 'gold' tests.
e9c3f51 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [main] Fix osh command parsing
9498723 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [test/parse-errors] Fix location of oil-native
1ef915d 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [release] Minor fixes
cb502fc 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Fix invocation of osh_eval
a4bf870 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [release] Shell functions for the 0.8.pre7 release.
4cd7e91 2020-07-06 Andy Chu [test] Fix glob expansion.
99ffef1 2020-07-07 Andy Chu [translation] Remove KeyError and IndexError in
f1bc907 2020-07-07 Andy Chu [refactor] getopts explicit GetOptsState var.
013cfb2 2020-07-07 Andy Chu [builtin/getopts] Refactor and add spec tests.
560f44a 2020-07-08 Andy Chu [builtin/getopts] Implement flag smooshing like -c10
79bac31 2020-07-08 Andy Chu [translation] Remove KeyError and IndexError.
aa8b4c0 2020-07-08 Andy Chu [fix] Fix bad refactoring and lint error.
6b8ed4e 2020-07-08 Andy Chu [mylib] Initial version of dict_remove for Str*.
fd89bf9 2020-07-08 Andy Chu [mylib] Specialize Dict::remove() and Dict::keys().
bd7cb19 2020-07-08 Andy Chu [mylib] Implement Str::{ljust,rjust} and Dict::values
a8b8904 2020-07-09 Andy Chu [translation] Fix builtin_bracket and implement SimpleLexer::Tokens().
1f0a4c0 2020-07-09 Andy Chu [translation] Fix collision of input and output var.
8f0290d 2020-07-09 Andy Chu [translation] Get rid of 'if 0' block in Mem::Unset().
a05ac40 2020-07-09 Andy Chu [mycpp] Translate the condition in list comprehensions
94ff335 2020-07-09 Andy Chu [mycpp] Add a check for str/list/dict used in ternary expression.
3da5cbd 2020-07-10 Andy Chu [translation] Fill in _CreateDefaults()
f6a37dd 2020-07-10 Andy Chu [refactor] Handle default flag values in just one place
14293f7 2020-07-10 Andy Chu [translation] Translate two membership functions in frontend/consts
e9f5b81 2020-07-10 Andy Chu [refactor] Shorten the generated code with local vars.
8863ce8 2020-07-10 Andy Chu [translation] Implement test -a / -e.
47141aa 2020-07-11 Andy Chu [translation] Implement functions to get home directories.
4eb8c3d 2020-07-11 Andy Chu [translation] Add tmp var to work around mycpp bug
947ff4b 2020-07-11 Andy Chu [translation] Work around bug by adding explicit type annotation.
1c35df5 2020-07-11 Andy Chu [translation] Implement bool_stat::isatty()
29d95c1 2020-07-11 Andy Chu [translation] Support test -k, -nt, and -ot
f4e1fae 2020-07-11 Andy Chu [translation] Work on os_path module.
f5722de 2020-07-11 Andy Chu [mylib] Fix bug in Str::join().
ee9af27 2020-07-11 Andy Chu [mylib] Implement sort(), sorted(Dict), and reverse()
cc5f97a 2020-07-11 Andy Chu [fix] Hm I already fixed this bug.
b0ccf82 2020-07-11 Andy Chu [fix] Remove debug print, and refactor mylib a bit
9860c1d 2020-07-11 Andy Chu [mylib] Account for deleted items in dict iteration.
f03d178 2020-07-12 Andy Chu [mylib] Add specializations and fix buffer overflow
7956c06 2020-07-12 Andy Chu [mylib] Fix bug in startswith/endswith
1e384b6 2020-07-12 Andy Chu [toil] Run mycpp examples on Travis
8df48d0 2020-07-12 Andy Chu [doc] Update the README
c3e17de 2020-07-12 Andy Chu [mycpp] examples/scoped_resouce almost working.
9751300 2020-07-13 Andy Chu [mycpp] examples/scoped_resource works!
8cae0b4 2020-07-13 Andy Chu [translation] Use context manager instead of try/finally
3c9cb2a 2020-07-13 Andy Chu [translation] Port to context manager: errexit, PushTemp, etc.
a5bf5f1 2020-07-13 Andy Chu [translation] arena.{PushSource,PopSource} to context manager
5428022 2020-07-14 Andy Chu [translation] Port pylib/os_path to our Python subset
ccadcfc 2020-07-14 Andy Chu [test/cpp-unit] Remove obsolete unit tests.
e0a0de2 2020-07-14 Andy Chu [translation] Implement pyos::Chdir instead of posix::chdir
a2b717f 2020-07-14 Andy Chu [builtins/mapfile] Implement -t flag
35066bf 2020-07-14 Andy Chu [translation] Implement hex and octal conversion functions.
c503d2d 2020-07-14 Andy Chu [translation] ctx_Alias
d2bce46 2020-07-14 Andy Chu [mycpp] Translate mystr in ('foo', 'bar')
a5eb988 2020-07-15 Andy Chu [translation] try/finally -> with ctx_Status()
d8db720 2020-07-15 Andy Chu [mycpp] Add parens around expressions.
fd8f76e 2020-07-15 Andy Chu [mycpp] Don't allow 'if maybestr' conditionals.
50bdaaf 2020-07-16 Andy Chu [builtin/printf] Implement printf -v a[i]
0dcacc1 2020-07-16 Andy Chu [mylib] Implement posix::read()
aec85e7 2020-07-17 Andy Chu [cpp/dumb_alloc] Align allocations by 16 bytes instead of 8.
bd25200 2020-07-17 Andy Chu [cpp/dumb_alloc] Make the alignment requirement more portable.
e0b6a04 2020-07-18 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.8.pre8