Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.pre8 and release/0.8.pre9

ddfc00f 2020-07-18 Andy Chu [release] Shell functions for the 0.8.pre8 release.
af5823bb5 2020-07-18 Andy Chu [builtins/read] Always set ICANON when reading from a terminal.
d7edbfe 2020-07-18 Andy Chu [translation] Rewrite to fix crash.
655fea5 2020-07-18 Andy Chu [fix] Fix crash due to value.Obj types
aa3dccf 2020-07-21 Andy Chu [builtins/read] Implement basic version of read -p
754b6b4 2020-07-22 Andy Chu [devtools] Remove a lot of spew from build/ minimal.
b55d93b 2020-07-22 Andy Chu [devtools] Clean up and document test/ invocations
1fcc4f7 2020-07-22 Andy Chu [devtools] Be clearer about what's run with sudo.
02fcc90 2020-07-22 Andy Chu [devtools] Remove spew from 'build/ all'
ead93a1 2020-07-23 Andy Chu [test/unit] Refactor doctools/
bbe15b6 2020-07-24 Andy Chu [devtools] Make pygments optional for now
e7f68b1 2020-07-24 Andy Chu [devtools] Remove more spew from build/ minimal
e0f2b76 2020-07-24 Andy Chu [devtools] Improve appearance of 'build/ minimal'
e76046c 2020-07-25 Andy Chu [devtools] Remove spew in 'build/ all'
1bcd667 2020-07-25 Andy Chu [devtools] Reduce spew in 'build/ all'
1ffcdca 2020-07-25 Andy Chu [doctools/cmark] Disable tests that don't test what we need.
1b02b24 2020-07-25 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove duplicate code from core/
6dc0cee 2020-07-26 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Add compute/fib.* workloads
288661d 2020-07-26 Andy Chu [benchmarks] word_freq example
02610af 2020-07-27 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Write a driver script.
a3c4605 2020-07-27 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Don't use assoc array key in arithmetic context.
6d2c16a 2020-07-27 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Add bubble sort.
9fce0f6 2020-07-27 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Work on compute/palindrome and 'parse-help'
c001f97 2020-07-28 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Make a pure version of 'parse-help'.
ff6facc 2020-07-28 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Got palindrome benchmark working.
9b3a677 2020-07-28 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Add workload params: bytes/unicode, bytes/integer
cf615c1 2020-07-28 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Work on automating the benchmarks.
ef9ea27 2020-07-28 Andy Chu [benchmarks/time] Add --stdout option and use it in benchmarks/compute
48aebcf 2020-07-28 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Refactor to simplify and start using
2d9e81a 2020-07-28 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Refactor to use in all 4 workloads
f32bc9a 2020-08-04 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Fold in benchmarks/parse-help
d79a77f 2020-08-04 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Show quadratic behavior of bash arrays.
4a3ec7d 2020-08-04 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Implement --rusage in and use it
4105145 2020-08-04 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Add rusage columns to 'compute', and 'osh-parser'.
9e637c5 2020-08-05 Andy Chu [benchmarks/auto] Refactor to use a single provenance file.
53e94a7 2020-08-05 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Tasks preserve provenance.
88e461c 2020-08-05 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Create a basic report in R, and render to HTML.
f679586 2020-08-05 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Work on the report's appearance
8bee800 2020-08-06 Andy Chu [benchmarks/report] Label OSH variants consistently.
d2c1226 2020-08-06 Andy Chu [doc] Demo of adding help for echo and read.
5199388 2020-08-08 Andy Chu [translation] Implement [[ a > b ]] with str_cmp() in mylib
be560ec 2020-08-08 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.8.pre9
0c30d96 2020-08-08 Andy Chu [test/gold] Fix moved path
82b291c 2020-08-08 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Fix filtering of provenance / manifest.
9dbab7f 2020-08-08 Andy Chu [benchmarks] Remove duplicate var
e0e25fc 2020-08-08 Andy Chu [benchmarks/compute] Adjust and fix dir structure for release.