Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.8.12 and release/0.9.0

b8d89540 2021-07-06 Andy C [doc] Add draft of Oil vs. Shell
657da40f 2021-07-07 Andy C [doc] Make a pass over doc/
c3010bac 2021-07-12 Andy C [spec/oil-options] Remove f(x) parse_paren idea
4561bf03 2021-07-12 Andy C [usage] Allow old options with sh -O, e.g. sh -O errexit
7b5aac8c 2021-07-12 Andy C [spec/var-ref] Test cases for issue #964
ed5a5eee 2021-07-12 Andy C [fix] Restore validation of compgen -o X
a70d6c1f 2021-07-12 Andy C [osh-language] Decay arrays to strings for indirect expansion
f902ba08 2021-07-12 Andy C [spec/var-ref] Add test cases for array indices
7b7b8733 2021-07-12 Andy C [builtin/printf] Fix infinite loop when there are no %
b90a2cc0 2021-07-13 Andy C [types] Fix build
9fdac9ed 2021-07-13 Andy C [refactor] Rename funcs -> procs
ef61ada4 2021-07-13 Andy C [refactor] Introduce sh_expr_eval.UnsafeArith type
519a59c2 2021-07-13 Andy C [refactor] Move ${!ref} handling to sh_expr_eval.UnsafeArith
79a98dfa 2021-07-13 Andy C [refactor] ParseContext.MakeLexer() is now public
d257d5a3 2021-07-13 Andy C [osh/word_eval] Parse ${!ref} contents with the WordParser
6963a577 2021-07-13 Andy C [translation] Fix build
63aacd5d 2021-07-13 Andy C [osh/word_eval] Respect compat_array when evaluating var refs
7d070ad9 2021-07-13 Andy C [osh/word_eval] Evaluate ${!var:=} correctly
5de723c9 2021-07-13 Andy C [fix] Add back 'var_name'
014d26be 2021-07-14 Andy C [fix] Fix vtest_place for associative array
d6e7fcb5 2021-07-14 Andy C [fix] Fix regression in spec/ble-idioms due to ${!ref} changes
8ca9f570 2021-07-14 Andy C [spec/assoc] Two more tests pass now that ${!ref} does dynamic parsing
44d8c669 2021-07-14 Andy C [spec/nameref] Add tests for a[i] in namerefs
b594e577 2021-07-14 Andy C [spec/nameref] A case for bad mutation through array nameref
8f7bbd03 2021-07-14 Andy C [spec/nameref] Add more test cases related to a[i] a[@] etc.
6d83afd0 2021-07-14 Andy C [spec/nameref] Tighten up tests
da4c4f39 2021-07-14 Andy C [translation] Fix build by using a single keyword arg
e2ae5a7f 2021-07-14 Andy C [fix] Fix is_setref arg
56afbefa 2021-07-14 Andy C [spec/nameref] Add comments, remove dead code
7c96ed0d 2021-07-14 Andy C [errexit] Fix crash due to confusion between shopt and POSIX disabling
4974c7ce 2021-07-16 Andy C [refactor] Inline {Push,Pop}ErrExit into context manager
44413614 2021-07-16 Andy C [refactor] Rename VarSubState
af711e18 2021-07-16 Andy C [refactor] More renaming of array special cases
7bde6503 2021-07-16 Andy C [fix] Missed renaming
53d19806 2021-07-16 Andy C [options] Make oil:basic and strict:all disjoint!
538bceb0 2021-07-16 Andy C [oil-language] Implement $_this_dir for "relative imports"
41edd849 2021-07-16 Andy C [fix] Duplicate ctx_ThisDir in the other main() files
11e51771 2021-07-16 Andy C [spec/oil-special-vars] Make the test insensitive to paths
d956c8ea 2021-07-17 Andy C [doc] Another pass over the Oil language tour
9cbb68d9 2021-07-17 Andy C [doc] Mark the tour as polished
3aeeb932 2021-07-17 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.9.0
919c897f 2021-07-17 Andy C [translation] Rewrite rstrip('/') invocation and translate it.