Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.9.0 and release/0.9.1

df724669 2021-07-18 Andy C [translation] Implement pyos::Environ()
3d81bc94 2021-07-18 Andy C [test/spec-cpp] Optimize and get it to run in CI
963e9c64 2021-07-18 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
c0ae9aa8 2021-07-18 Andy C [toil] Tweak test/spec-cpp task
6615f309 2021-07-18 Andy C [toil] More tweaks for test/spec-cpp
a8cc52af 2021-07-18 andychu [github] Start porting dev-minimal to Github Actions
7f60f93a 2021-07-18 Andy C [toil] Improve dashboard for Github Actions
4b499b9e 2021-07-18 Andy C [github-actions] Add more tasks: other-tests, dummy
3827e216 2021-07-18 Andy C [github-actions] dev-minimal and other-tests work!
d59a1be2 2021-07-19 Andy C [github-actions] Port 'ovm-tarball' and 'cpp' too
02454ce2 2021-07-19 Andy C [github-actions] Work around zsh configure quirk
765358c2 2021-07-19 Andy C [spec/builtin-completion] Change names to avoid conflict
fb9d35e4 2021-07-19 Andy C [test/spec] Format elapsed time with %.2f
8787a6a4 2021-07-19 Andy C [spec/redirect] Show which file descriptors are open
5e809e9a 2021-07-19 Andy C [spec/redirect] Fix test to be portable
3897597a 2021-07-19 Andy C [spec/redirect] Adjust descriptor for Github Actions
4c000f9c 2021-07-20 Andy C [doc] Update tour, FAQ, and warts based on feedback.
a912d4f2 2021-07-21 Andy C [doc] Minor edits to the tour
3bfd4011 2021-09-01 Andy Chu [builtin] Check type of argument passed to split()
aa0915e6 2021-09-01 Andy Chu [translation] Disable code that can't be translated
8fbfdc18 2021-09-01 Andy Chu [spec/prompt] Relax test for Github Actions build and OSH
3807f1a0 2021-09-02 Andy Chu [c-i] Change build status badge to refer to Github Actions
38c93d0e 2021-09-02 Andy Chu [errors] Suppress stack trace in Oil expressions
139ecff5 2021-09-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement the ~~ and !~~ operators for globs
46a8b5ef 2021-09-05 Andy Chu [doc] Move concepts later in the Tour
3cbd9c8d 2021-09-05 Andy Chu [oil-language] Add support for char literals like \n \\
61e07695 2021-09-06 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement "pound" char literals like #'a'
bd2b0712 2021-09-06 Andy Chu [oil-language] Explicitly disallow #'''
1d197eae 2021-09-06 Andy Chu [doc] Document char literals; update Oil vs. Python
eb9c60f0 2021-09-07 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement \u{3bc} as a 3rd type of char/rune literal
dd9a2e8a 2021-09-07 Andy Chu [oil-language] Get rid of True / False / None
f5087eb8 2021-09-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Use === and !== for exact equality
a52755a5 2021-09-08 Andy Chu [oil-language] Block literals are ^(echo hi | wc -l)
ab105bb7 2021-09-08 Andy Chu [errors] Change run -> try
8832120a 2021-09-09 Andy Chu [errors] Remove obsolete c'\n' syntax
f23422d6 2021-09-10 Andy Chu [doc] Polish the expression language doc
067ebe15 2021-09-10 Andy Chu [oil-language] Recognize ... as first word (parse_triple_dots)
9c8661a0 2021-09-11 Andy Chu [fix] Fix ... check to ensure Id.Compound_Word
9d8f65c1 2021-09-11 Andy Chu [test/spec-bin] Work around for yash build issue
8930a049 2021-09-11 Andy Chu [test/spec] Workaround for misconfigured $PATH
9a2a65df 2021-09-11 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.9.1
6d9cfb16 2021-09-11 Andy Chu [build] Fix PYTHONPATH when running build/
87410a9f 2021-09-11 Andy Chu [release] Start automating dependencies that aren't in Toil
b1651872 2021-09-12 Andy Chu [release] Machine 2 needs dependencies too
827f7034 2021-09-12 Andy Chu [release] Clarify dependencies for machine 2
3f329477 2021-09-12 Andy Chu [oil-language] Implement ~== operator for Str, Int, Bool
620b6ba9 2021-09-12 Andy Chu [doc] Fix tour, and run it in Toil
5ef3a845 2021-09-12 Andy Chu [doc] Polish the Oil Language Tour
052fe5e3 2021-09-12 Andy Chu [doc] Polish expression language doc
c64269cf 2021-09-12 Andy Chu [test/wild] Fix floating point formatting in report
bacb3c6f 2021-09-12 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove member var in WordParser
31146c58 2021-09-13 Andy Chu [release] Build 'bloaty' dep and fix metrics/native-code.R
f0e99433 2021-09-13 Andy Chu [release] Fix location of osh_eval.opt for test/
60baf326 2021-09-13 Andy Chu [toil] Add missing web/ajax.js for osh-summary.html