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Ideas for Future Deprecations

These are some ideas, extracted from Shell Language Deprecations.

These breakages may never happen, as they require a significant new lexer mode. If they do, you will want to avoid the following syntax:

I expect that those sequences are rare, so this change would break few programs.

Table of Contents
First Class File Descriptors (parse_amp)
Inline Eggex

First Class File Descriptors (parse_amp)

We want to make redirection simpler and more consistent. We can remove the confusing <& and >& operators, and instead use > and < with descriptors.

Remains the same:

echo foo >file
read :var <file


echo foo >& 2
read var <& 0


echo foo > &2         # descriptor with &
read :var < &0

echo foo > &stderr    # named descriptor
read :var < &stdin


echo foo 1>& 2


echo foo &1 > &2

(Note: the syntax {fd}> file.txt will be replaced by the open builtin.)


Inline Eggex

Instead of:

var pat = / digit+ /
egrep $pat *.txt

You can imagine:

egrep $/ digit+ / *.txt

Minor breakage: making $/ significant.

Note: this is probably possible with shopt --set strict_dollar.

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