Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.9.2 and release/0.9.3

95f8892d 2021-09-16 Andy Chu [doc] Minor updates to the Tour
3ececcb5 2021-09-16 Andy Chu [doc] Updates/fixes to Language Influences
327c4ecb 2021-09-19 Andy Chu [spec/oil-multiline] Add example from blog post
8c6b0979 2021-09-19 Andy Chu [oil-language] Create a token to parse for @{.myproc arg1}
14acf4db 2021-09-23 Andy Chu [doc] Update 'write' documentation
77281e38 2021-09-19 Andy Chu [spec/bugs] Expose parsing bug with foo$x()
b73b8755 2021-09-19 Andy Chu [doc] Clarify extglob behavior.
f410b8f4 2021-09-28 Andy Chu Merge branch 'dev/spring-1'
3f8fbe1e 2021-09-29 Andy Chu [bug] Fix crash in alias expansion on first word
f7c2f8c3 2021-09-29 Andy Chu [refactor] Better style for setting fnmatch() flags
ad131b76 2021-09-29 Andy Chu [spec/extended-glob] Add test cases
ea1ef973 2021-09-29 Andy Chu [spec/extended-glob] Many new test cases to explore semantics.
46f48b52 2021-09-29 Andy Chu [translation] Fix build
44e35a38 2021-09-29 Andy Chu [spec/extended-glob] Another test case
5f749d32 2021-09-29 Andy Chu [osh/word_eval] Start implementing extended glob.
8e8101a3 2021-09-30 Andy Chu [osh/word_eval] Introduce part_value.ExtGlob()
95f9f103 2021-10-01 Andy Chu [osh/word_eval] Implement most of extended glob!
6699d6e3 2021-10-01 Andy Chu [osh/word_eval] Handle corner cases in extglob-files.
479ad20f 2021-10-02 Andy Chu [mycpp] Fix const pass for list comprehension condition
67b657eb 2021-10-02 Andy Chu elaborate on test cases
f538be1e 2021-10-02 Andy Chu [osh/word_eval] Fix handling of nested extended globs
aee6084f 2021-10-02 Andy Chu [extglob] Test out extended glob escaping.
0fe92899 2021-10-02 Andy Chu [extglob] Globber shares code for glob and extglob.
9aa4eb7e 2021-10-02 Andy Chu [doc] Document extended glob differences.
7052e32f 2021-10-02 Andy Chu [builtin/glob()] Don't output the pattern on no match.
1b36c53f 2021-10-02 Andy Chu [demo] Reproduce FNM_EXMATCH bug
f3ad6c3b 2021-10-02 Andy Chu [demo] Update the fnmatch repro
168394f2 2021-10-02 Andy Chu [demo] More repro for FNM_EXMATCH bug
fa033ea4 2021-10-03 Andy Chu [doc] Update the idioms doc
3def99ec 2021-10-03 Andy Chu [doc] Change OSH manual to Getting Started
999ae6b6 2021-10-03 Andy Chu [doc] Update getting started.
298f64e0 2021-10-03 Andy Chu [refactor] Be consistent about calling LooksLikeGlob()
519217ac 2021-10-03 Andy Chu [extglob] Don't extglob escape when shopt -s noglob
d2ccd66c 2021-10-03 Andy Chu [extglob] Do proper unescaping when there's no match
68655249 2021-10-03 Andy Chu [errors] Tweak error message for PROMPT_COMMAND
c812033a 2021-10-03 Andy Chu [errors] Consolidate eval/trap into source.ArgvWord
1ff3eab9 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [refactor] Move function with UI strings into core/
87b09259 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [errors] Add 'what' field to source.ArgvWord
7c577c87 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [errors] Make GetLineSourceString() recursive
98995e37 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [errors] Quote filenames for unambiguous parsing
61da8078 2021-10-04 Andy Chu expose escaping bug in extglob
b0846d06 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [fix] Only quote filenames in error messages
df91648f 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [refactor] Use bitfield flags for _EvalWordPart args
46b81d06 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [refactor] Use bitfield flags for EvalWordToString
b1e6fc1a 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix _EvalWordPart calls
fe507604 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [extglob] Simplify by always escaping extended glob characters.
721f3f52 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [spec/dbracket] Escaping change fixed a bug!
642ede42 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [extglob] Fix matching of quoted pattern
dcc1b623 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [refactor] Remove unused extglob param to fnmatch()
c8b21a8c 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [extglob] Correctly parse and evaluate ${x%@(cc)}
11583304 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [translation] Fix fnmatch() and types
20d23eed 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [release] Bump to version 0.9.3
bc4520a3 2021-10-04 Andy Chu [test/cpp-unit] Fix fnmatch() tests