Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.9.3 and release/0.9.4

d3ee9fa1 2021-10-05 Andy Chu [extglob] Raise error on extended glob in ${x//GLOB/}
16430a62 2021-10-07 Andy Chu [release] Update release note template
c920594f 2021-10-07 Andy Chu [spec/var-op-patsub] Remove case covered by spec/extglob-match
97ac4f88 2021-10-24 Andy C [doc] Fix run -> try
84628022 2021-11-09 Andy C [osh-language] Truncate function return status like other shells.
16a55c5f 2021-11-09 Andy C [osh-language] Change the spec so exit status is truncated.
6e236689 2021-11-09 Andy C [core/pyos] Ignore exceptions from termios.tcsetattr.
dbf2e3c0 2021-11-09 Andy C [builtin/read] Only use ICANON unbuffered terminal mode with -d
4c62288f 2021-11-09 Andy C [translation] Fix usage of string in condition
7c0d74dc 2021-11-09 Andy C [prompt] Implement \A and \D{%H:%S} for substituting time
aef6de70 2021-11-09 Andy C [prompt] Implement \s and \v
6210b6cf 2021-11-09 Andy C [interactive] Ensure PS1 is set in interactive shells
2d84d95b 2021-11-09 Andy C [translation] Add missing type annotation
2bf1483c 2021-11-09 Andy C [test/unit] Fix prompt.Evaluator() construction
b58a4ca9 2021-11-09 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.9.4
535a594b 2021-11-10 Andy C [spec/oil-xtrace] Change assertion to be insensitive to line order.
ace75c6f 2021-11-10 Andy C [builtin/read] Make read -n unbuffered, like -d
392996c2 2021-11-10 Andy C [refactor] Handle EINTR in Python rather than in posixmodule.c.
d77e34f9 2021-11-11 Andy C [fix] Two fixes to last commit.
e4f2ab08 2021-11-11 Andy C [translation] Add stubs for new pyos/pyutil functions.
948f2a11 2021-11-11 Andy C [builtin/read] read --line uses new pyos.ReadLine()
6ca7e5e6 2021-11-11 Andy C [builtin/read] Fix 'read -n' port for EINTR
6be54121 2021-11-11 Andy C [builtin/read] Run pending traps in 4 cases.
16263006 2021-11-11 Andy C [demo, benchmark] Refactor repro for issue #986.
2290c409 2021-11-11 Andy C [test/unit] Fix _ReadUntilDelim invocation
2078cd6f 2021-11-11 Andy C [core/pyos] Reimplement pyos.ReadLine()
9a2cb8ea 2021-11-11 Andy C [test/unit] Fix constant moved to another module
f05465eb 2021-11-11 Andy C [demo] Repro for issue #1002
16745f14 2021-11-12 Andy C [demo] Polish repro for issue #1002.
048d7b9e 2021-11-12 Andy C [test] Add a test for parsing with Python 3's AST library.
c1f27474 2021-11-12 Andy C [toil] Run test/ regularly, so it doesn't regress
ccc289bf 2021-11-13 Andy C [test/py3_parse] Ask for type_comments when available
d2796b95 2021-11-13 Andy C [test/py3_parse] Parse type comments when available
cd9786ea 2021-11-15 Andy C [refactor] Cosmetic changes to core/
81399417 2021-11-16 Andy C [builtin/jobs] Refactor so it can be translated.
a1c4f842 2021-11-16 Andy C [core/process] Add pipeline debug info
3efa99c7 2021-11-16 Andy C [translation] Fix translation of core/
8d1e61f3 2021-11-17 Andy C [core/process] Fix bug where pipelines wait for a background process.
3f2dbb4b 2021-11-17 Andy Chu [devtools] Release script workaround for spec test flakiness.
360e7b1c 2021-11-17 Andy C [translation] Port pyos::ReadByte()
21a4de79 2021-11-17 Andy C [cpp] Add unit test for pyos::ReadByte()
7143c7a6 2021-11-18 Andy C [fix] Fix import and rearrange C++ unit test assertions
04f6aa51 2021-11-18 Andy C [cpp] Fix silly read() usage bug.
d1652d14 2021-11-18 Andy C [cpp] Fix another silly C coding error