Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.9.4 and release/0.9.5

ecf572b1 2021-11-18 Andy C [benchmarks] Remove unstable field from /proc/cpuinfo
e652f81b 2021-11-18 Andy C [release] Update release note template
69a3153b 2021-11-20 Andy C [builtin/type] type -t is silent on error
4c482062 2021-11-20 Andy C [spec/assoc] Document auto-increment of keys
983c7f95 2021-11-22 Andy C [builtins] Start getting rid of OilFlags syntax
a25c0222 2021-11-22 Andy C [builtins] Remove more OilFlags usages
7a6df448 2021-11-22 Andy C [builtins] Get rid of more OilFlags
6878c305 2021-11-22 Andy C [fix] Typos and flags in OPy
a04fe617 2021-11-22 Andy C [cleanup] Remove OilFlags and associated functions
78ef1fe0 2021-11-22 Andy C [fix] Remove reference to OIL_FLAGS
e774c015 2021-11-23 Andy C [cpp] Remove unused function
02500f59 2021-11-23 Andy C [doc] Update flag syntax to use --
429fba36 2021-11-23 Andy C [refactor] Remove another method
ef36e80e 2021-11-23 Andy C [fix] Fix flag parsing calls
b93d23b3 2021-11-23 Andy C [oil-language] Schema changes for procs to have lazy ArgList
ead85f4a 2021-11-23 Andy C [doc] Document and test array indices and eval_unsafe_arith
b723e9af 2021-11-23 Andy C [fix] Construction of cmd_value.Argv
03d921af 2021-11-23 Andy C [translation] Fix name conflict between method and type ArgList
8ca6badc 2021-11-23 Andy C [lexing] \r isn't considered whitespace!
9c27d182 2021-11-23 Andy C [test/unit] Remove Python 3 tests from test/ minimal
51f3cced 2021-11-23 Andy C [CommandParser] Make the lookahead for shell functions more precise.
6e4db54f 2021-11-24 Andy C [oil-language] Fix lookahead to ( for inline function calls
6114adf0 2021-11-24 Andy C [comments] Comment the 3 lexer lookahead functions.
792e0531 2021-11-24 Andy C [osh/history_test] Change the test case for invalid history item.
c1d5594c 2021-11-24 Andy Chu [oil-language] Fix lookahead for r''
ab65be0d 2021-11-24 Andy Chu [fix] Fix lookahead for ( in WordParser
4c4ebab7 2021-11-24 Andy Chu [test/unit] Fix lexer unit tests
ce8b881f 2021-11-24 Andy Chu [oil-language] Start parsing proc arg lists.
415fdd93 2021-11-24 Andy Chu [test/spec] Adjust allowed failures
18e95b1a 2021-11-25 Andy Chu [oil-language] Rewrite the syntax for proc params.
d1114acd 2021-11-25 Andy Chu [osh-language] Add missing parse error for command list.
271c641d 2021-11-25 Andy Chu [translation] Fix typo that caused translation to fail
dacc6514 2021-11-25 Andy Chu [test] Fix oil_lang/ tests
d41a8c29 2021-11-25 Andy Chu [osh-language] Fix the rule for the previous error message.
f2b8c525 2021-11-25 Andy Chu [osh-language] Change the error case from disallow to allow
e8eb23ad 2021-11-25 Andy Chu [test] Fix case so it succeeds on CI machines.
bdff9f53 2021-11-25 Andy Chu [test/parse-errors] Tweak test case
743938f5 2021-11-25 Andy Chu [oil-language] Attach typed args for procs to command.Simple
1c926018 2021-11-25 Andy Chu [translation] Fix schema
e2d615cc 2021-11-27 Andy C [spec/oil-proc] Fix test case for :out param
d7baf997 2021-11-27 Andy C [oil-language] If the wrong number of args is passed to proc, status is 2.
cd8ad672 2021-11-27 Andy C [refactor] A block argument is considered the last typed arg
bba5cac1 2021-11-27 Andy C [builtin/json] Implement json write (x)
6e9e4765 2021-11-27 Andy C [doc] Fix 'json write' usage in tour
3f3ce651 2021-11-27 Andy C [fix] Call lexer.PushHint on Id.Op_RParen for typed args
9fdcbd91 2021-11-27 Andy C [fix] Make Oil expression parsing re-entrant
ce0d5fbf 2021-11-27 Andy C [word_eval] Catch TypeError for non-iterable object
d335f0c6 2021-11-27 Andy C [fix] Fix remaining references to use reentrant method
9c7819f4 2021-11-28 Andy C [benchmarks/uftrace] Shell automation for building and running
038ce9a6 2021-11-28 Andy C [mycpp] Only generate field names from __init__ (or Reset)
def60c40 2021-11-28 Andy C [release] Bump version to 0.9.5
2f7736bf 2021-11-28 Andy Chu [regtest] Update golden checksums
5e5390cc 2021-11-28 Andy C [gc_heap] Try NO_GC_HACK to speed up parse-errors under oil-native
c393fdf1 2021-11-28 Andy C [toil] Run parse-errors with oil-native
faababd4 2021-11-29 Andy C [opy] Fix arg parsing, and run tests in Toil
8c49f7c2 2021-11-29 Andy C [fix] Change opy test to use long flag syntax
2ba1ff0e 2021-11-29 Andy Chu [test/opyc] Try to fix Toil build yet again