Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.9.5 and release/0.9.6

ec59445e 2021-11-29 Andy C [test/opyc] Try this reordering ...
b001218b 2021-12-01 Andy C [doc] Document typed args
7adffce9 2021-12-01 Andy C [doc] Update table of sigil pairs.
9967a46c 2021-12-01 Andy C [doc] Update "warts" in light of #1029.
da219198 2021-12-01 Andy C [doc] Update eggex API
71778204 2021-12-01 Andy C [doc] Tweak example
b3a9de02 2021-12-02 Andy C [doc] Update table in syntax feelings
d5488d25 2021-12-02 Andy C [doc] More tweaks to syntax table
4c3ed030 2021-12-02 Andy C [doc] Update json doc with changes from 0.9.5
43155668 2021-12-03 emdash Fix 'the the' typo (#1033)
5b819bcd 2021-12-03 Andy C [doc] Eliminated OilFlags
3b3cdf2c 2021-12-04 Andy C [test/spec] Add spec/nix-idioms
125226bf 2021-12-04 Andy C [c-i] Trying out containers
1c3db527 2021-12-04 Andy C [sourcehut] Got docker running
32488954 2021-12-05 Andy C [spec/nix-idioms] Add test case from Raphael
2beaaa85 2021-12-05 Andy C [errors] Improve error message on ${!ref} undefined
6523416b 2021-12-05 Andy C [toil] Publish _release/oil.tar
7d115d02 2021-12-05 Andy C [sourcehut] Upgrade to Debian bullseye and podman.
3e2ca7c4 2021-12-05 Andy C [toil] Turn on Docker's BuildKit engine
65a16f71 2021-12-05 Andy C [sourcehut] Fixes for debian/bullseye image
0112bc29 2021-12-05 Andy C [sourcehut] Run dummy task inside container
ff866056 2021-12-05 Andy C [sourcehut] Compare container vs. non-container
19923363 2021-12-05 Andy C [github-actions] Compare containerized vs. non-containerized
cbfb9062 2021-12-07 Andy C [toil] dev-minimal runs in container on sourcehut and Github Actions!
5a66b862 2021-12-07 Andy C [soil] New subproject
18ab5a5a 2021-12-07 Andy C [soil] More renaming and refactoring
8b0e5c58 2021-12-07 Andy C [soil] More build fixes.
ada50069 2021-12-07 Kai HTTP => HTTPS (#1040)
2586f841 2021-12-07 Andy C [soil] Factor out host-shim
1e898de3 2021-12-07 Andy C [sourcehut] Use host-shim
ded77a6c 2021-12-07 Andy C [soil] Move dependency logic into
323f9297 2021-12-07 Andy C [soil] dev-minimal.Dockerfile now uses
6788a222 2021-12-07 Andy C [sourcehut] Tweak continuous build
abc53489 2021-12-07 Andy C [refactor] Move script to services/
711f0d6f 2021-12-07 Andy C [soil] Fix sorting of sourcehut builds on the dashboard
a462eb21 2021-12-07 Andy C [sourcehut] Try to debug the sort order issue
14fa0cda 2021-12-07 emdash [job control] Fix fg bug, and remove from jobs dictionary (#1037)
98756825 2021-12-07 emdash Use system mypy if it isn't in pip locations (#1042)
e7a0480b 2021-12-08 Andy C [translation] Add specialization now used by jobs dict
dc1ee48d 2021-12-08 Andy C [spec/nix-idioms] Demonstrate another bash inconsistency
b594a852 2021-12-08 Andy C [soil] Write image-pull-time.txt
26dba782 2021-12-08 Andy C [soil] Publish image pull time on the job dashboard
8f574a0e 2021-12-08 Andy C [soil] Add test/ to 'dev-minimal' job
e1f1a0c2 2021-12-08 Andy C [test/interactive] Wrapper to run on Soil (CI)
20346e4b 2021-12-08 Andy C [test/py3_parse] Also parse .pyi files
13c84a4f 2021-12-09 Andy C [soil] Port 'other-tests' job to docker container
bf508728 2021-12-09 Andy C [soil] Port 'cpp' and 'ovm-tarball' jobs
08056147 2021-12-09 Andy C [soil] Build re2c into the oilshell/soil-cpp image
f4ce5c72 2021-12-09 Andy C [soil] Got ovm-tarball running in a container
163efd43 2021-12-10 Andy C [refactor] Rename travis -> soil
664f6427 2021-12-10 Andy C [refactor] Rename run-task -> run-job
715b7404 2021-12-10 Andy C [spec/builtins] Make note of divergent 'cd' behavior
c4f16cb2 2021-12-10 Andy C [refactor] Make REPO_ROOT lines more consistent
4a7a87ac 2021-12-10 Andy C [devtools] Move spec-bin to ../oil_DEPS rather than _deps/
ac97f5c3 2021-12-10 Andy C [devtools] Move cpython-full and cmark builds to ../oil_DEPS
d2354223 2021-12-10 Andy C [spec/nix-idioms] Demo of export with dynamic var name, +=
4b104397 2021-12-10 Andy C [spec/nix-idioms] Rewrite with less confusing quotes
84dc1dd3 2021-12-10 Andy C [devtools] Save space by building source deps out of tree.
370de7b8 2021-12-10 Andy C [refactor] Rename Dockerfiles and soil command line tool
808a6977 2021-12-10 Andy C [soil] Refactor image deps
3e7b4fc5 2021-12-10 Andy C [soil] Factor out deps-tar layers and more
8f70013d 2021-12-10 Peter Debelak Handle error when sourcing a directory (#1049)
f9f8272a 2021-12-11 Andy C [spec/redirect] Work around infinite loop in our version of mksh.
c14bf0d3 2021-12-11 Andy C [test/spec] Use LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 everywhere
b5d36c08 2021-12-11 Andy C [soil/ovm-tarball] Run as user uke, in dir /home/uke
707cc150 2021-12-11 Andy C [soil] Migrate 'dummy' to /home/uke scheme
180efde6 2021-12-11 Andy C [soil] Fixes for migrating 'dummy' to /home/uke
dcae8f3e 2021-12-11 Andy C [soil] Try to fix permissions errors
50f6f447 2021-12-11 Andy C [soil] Fix permissions again
6802f205 2021-12-11 Andy C [soil] Change permissions of ALL dirs in the repo
e10b4e5b 2021-12-13 Peter Debelak Add -l and --login flags as no-op (#1053)
5fc2405a 2021-12-14 emdash Create pgen-native, a stand-alone fork of CPython's pgen (#1048)
394da105 2021-12-13 Andy C [soil] Add en_US.UTF-8 layer
f6232c87 2021-12-14 Andy C [soil] Add option to disable Docker caching
0bd5223d 2021-12-14 Andy C [spec/builtin-completion] Fix test stdout assertion
f3be9b83 2021-12-14 Andy C [soil] Make page titles more distinct
ad82489c 2021-12-14 Andy C [soil] Use mount-perms for all jobs
7c42ca59 2021-12-14 Andy C [soil] Fix to use /home/uke mount
3295edff 2021-12-14 Andy C [soil] Make [ builtin tests more isolated.
13cf6524 2021-12-14 Andy C [test/interactive] Workaround for flaky test
5c99841f 2021-12-14 andychu [soil] dummy task running on CircleCI
e90a5fa4 2021-12-14 Andy C [soil] Got 'dummy' task running on Cirrus CI.
512d6172 2021-12-15 Andy C [soil] Update home page
e64d6042 2021-12-16 Andy C [fix] Clarify that Open() raises IOError and OSError
d9ba7ba5 2021-12-16 Andy C [builtin/read] Handle errors like EISDIR consistently.
bad96d70 2021-12-16 Andy C [translation] Remove obsolete errfmt.Print() method
5245ea24 2021-12-16 Andy C [errors] Add errfmt.PrintMessage(), and make errors more consistent.
0e5e719e 2021-12-16 Andy C [fix] Fix lint error and allowed failures
0b4dad6c 2021-12-16 Andy C [fix] Various CI errors
03f98c80 2021-12-16 Andy C [errors] Add special message for (x == y)
921b9382 2021-12-16 Andy C [metrics] Add measurement for compiler engineer
74b3150d 2021-12-16 Andy C [metrics] Tweak metrics for compiler engineer
f7fdeb50 2021-12-16 Andy C [metrics] Refactor and enhance line counts
ddae39b3 2021-12-17 Andy C [metrics] Write HTML line counts.
22586bae 2021-12-17 Andy C [metrics] Make a nice HTML table out of the line counts.
147499df 2021-12-18 Andy C [metrics] Polish HTML line counts.
cc7a23c9 2021-12-18 Andy C [metrics] Fix up release automation.
cd8e874c 2021-12-18 Andy C [metrics] More tweaks and fixes
da41512d 2021-12-18 Andy C [metrics] More polish of the line counts.
9d28041a 2021-12-20 Peter Debelak Implement shopt -s failglob (#1058)
2e1197ac 2021-12-20 Andy C [osh/word_eval] Implement failglob for extended globs
16391676 2021-12-20 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
fd52fa67 2021-12-21 Andy C [spec/append] Test cases for +=
e852887b 2021-12-21 Andy C [osh-language] s+=value no longer respects set -u
ba58f7e4 2021-12-22 Andy C [spec/append] More failing cases for += and assignment builtins
5c835884 2021-12-22 Andy C [spec/append] Re-organize test cases
fd47f772 2021-12-22 Andy C [osh-language] Implement += with assignment builtins
399d3893 2021-12-22 Andy C [test/unit] Fix now that we allow readonly a+=1
29d247d3 2021-12-23 Andy C [errors] Tweak messages and refactor
813571ca 2021-12-23 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
a3fb49ad 2021-12-23 Andy C [fix] ArithEvaluator doesn't always have self.parse_ctx
f12f2256 2021-12-24 Andy C [fix] Typo in bin/
3205395f 2021-12-24 Andy C [errors] Polish errexit messages.
4b26b2bd 2021-12-24 Andy C [errexit] Turn verbose_errexit off by default.
d2740427 2021-12-24 Andy C [refactor] Introduce CommandStatus type
6a319826 2021-12-24 Andy C [errors] Suppress duplicate code quotations on errexit
68b0b17e 2021-12-24 Andy C [builtin/try] Don't use errors.ErrExit
33a01159 2021-12-25 Andy C [translation] Make it compile again
a1b354de 2021-12-25 Andy C [refactor] Start getting rid of free function PrettyPrintError().
d8f72aef 2021-12-26 Andy C [refactor] Remove free function ui.PrettyPrintError
6788cbf6 2021-12-26 Andy C [fix] Missing arg
e3b09cc7 2021-12-26 Andy C [translation] Avoid s.find('+=') because mylib doesn't support 2 chars
0d5e57c3 2021-12-27 Andy C [refactor] Use a regex to parse dynamic args to assignment builtins.
42b418c7 2021-12-27 Andy C [test/lint] Remove unused import
1d9435ef 2021-12-30 Andy Chu [release] Bump version to 0.9.6
ae50fa8d 2021-12-29 Andy Chu [release] Shell functions for 0.9.5 and 0.9.6
b386fc2a 2021-12-29 Andy Chu [release] Misc fixes to release automation.