Commits Between Branches origin/release/0.18.0 and release/0.19.0

e9a957193 2023-09-13 Andy C [release] Fix some errata for 0.18.0
f1e1420b2 2023-09-13 Andy C [release] Fix relative links to CSS
3d41c717f 2023-09-13 Andy C [doc] Update links to src-tree.wwz
ae6a8fd9e 2023-09-13 Andy C [devtools] Improve script
af7df0b11 2023-09-13 Andy C [ASDL] Prepare for value_str to return short name, and Str*
58d6f7b82 2023-09-13 Andy C [ASDL] sum_str() function return Str*, not const char*
3d39a4b37 2023-09-13 Andy C [ASDL] Support dot = false on SUM_str() functions
777870f61 2023-09-13 Aidan [builtin/error] Update the error builtin to use typed_args.Reader (#1726)
d9b4cd653 2023-09-14 Andy C [soil] Script to sync history and analyze it
72f0a0e72 2023-09-14 Andy C [doctools] Idea about simple lexers
64569d6cd 2023-09-15 Melvin Walls [frontend] Add precise location info to function calls (#1723)
87aca15fe 2023-09-15 Andy C [errors] Show 'Int', not 'value.Int' etc.
cc54b0944 2023-09-15 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Remove unnecessary wrapper
8907f7a6c 2023-09-15 Aidan [macos] Fix build failure due to missing std::fmod (#1728)
b35396cda 2023-09-16 Aidan [ysh] Implement Expression Literals ^[1+2] (#1730)
20dd228c3 2023-09-15 Andy C [test/spec] Adjust allowed failures
d6df5ace8 2023-09-16 Andy C [doctools] Experiment in syntax highlighting
8548d7c46 2023-09-16 Andy C [doctools] Use state machine API for good-enough lexer
234c17ab1 2023-09-16 Andy C [doctools] Syntax highlighting at the command line
028448806 2023-09-17 Andy C [doctools/src-tree] Handle multi-line and raw strings
65e717a39 2023-09-17 Andy C [doctools] Lex identifiers, and move to C++
ca05ce3f0 2023-09-17 Andy C [doctools] Refactor to C++ classes
da5c51783 2023-09-17 Andy C [doctools] Add significant line count
f65daf97b 2023-09-17 Andy C [doctools] Start C++ lexer, using template specialization
f6d22a820 2023-09-17 Andy C [doctools] Multi-line comments in C++ lexer
433da20bc 2023-09-18 Andy C [doctools] Lex C++ preproc lines and raw strings
ee1ec219a 2023-09-18 Andy C [doctools] Detect brace structure
dcf5b9912 2023-09-18 Andy C [doctools] Split good-enough into re2c header, and plain .cc
f4d08188c 2023-09-18 Andy C [doctools] Fix regression
ee9ebebc6 2023-09-18 Andy C [doctools] Good shell lexer!
eba52f47d 2023-09-19 Aidan [ysh] Add List->join(), synonym for free func join() (#1733)
ccf64cbdb 2023-09-18 Andy C [doctools] Start HtmlPrinter
545fbd022 2023-09-21 Andy C [release] Don't pass duplicates to tar, which results in weird hard links
41c511577 2023-09-21 Andy C [doctools] good-enough prints files in a loop
e12232cb8 2023-09-22 Andy C [doctools] Rename good-enough -> micro-syntax
488461c97 2023-09-22 Andy C [micro-syntax] Print line numbers
27b1df4d5 2023-09-22 Andy C [micro-syntax] Introduce OutputStream
41d7dcc30 2023-09-22 Andy C [micro-syntax] C++ netstring output -> Python
4b6b7586f 2023-09-22 Andy C [micro-syntax] Prepare to hook up Python and C++
b9587714f 2023-09-22 Andy C [micro-syntax] Trying to optimize tokens
4231ad519 2023-09-23 Andy C [micro-syntax] Abandon Token optimization for now
0bd988ee1 2023-09-23 Andy C [doctools/src-tree] Prepare to hook up micro-syntax
d6f3789f8 2023-09-23 Andy C [doctools/src-tree fix] Add mkdir
120c707a1 2023-09-23 Andy C [doctools/src-tree] Switch to micro-syntax
36d443357 2023-09-23 Andy C [doctools/src-tree] Fix detection of big files
25a4fe7b4 2023-09-23 Andy C [doctools/src-tree] Add file header
60a604b69 2023-09-23 Andy C [doctools] Fix spec HTML CSS link
aa469fa77 2023-09-24 Andy C [doctools/src-tree] Fix .pgen2, and tweak appearance
bac7809e3 2023-09-24 Andy C [doctools/src-tree] Use CSS columns
3a7cf9ab6 2023-09-24 Andy C [src-tree] Improve appearance
36cc26607 2023-09-24 Andy C [micro-syntax] Count lines for plain text
4c57dbeb1 2023-09-24 Andy C [micro-syntax] Start here docs, with re2c submatch extraction
b83aed121 2023-09-24 Andy C [micro-syntax] Implement shell here docs
d18e593fb 2023-09-24 Andy C [micro-syntax] Support multiple here docs
b2ae72040 2023-09-24 Andy C [micro-syntax] Prepare for preprocessor support
bed3002c3 2023-09-24 Andy C [micro-syntax] Recognize the C preprocessor
405eb8e37 2023-09-24 Andy C [micro-syntax] Polish code
986d5ac9f 2023-09-25 Andy C [micro-syntax] Fix bug with shell comments
c01690f05 2023-09-25 Andy C [micro-syntax] Simplify preprocessor lexing
096e13ef2 2023-09-25 Andy C [micro-syntax] Optimize the representation slightly
729bd2e2a 2023-09-25 Andy C [src-tree] Include generated files
24bec45db 2023-09-25 Andy C [src-tree] Remove base.css, use src-tree.css only
9719318e5 2023-09-25 Andy C [src-tree] Try CSS text-size-adjust: none
aa412b946 2023-09-25 Andy C [doctools] Check for UTF-8, --comments-only
bae7f0f35 2023-09-25 Andy C [micro-syntax] Fix test
87788afb8 2023-09-26 Andy C [micro-syntax] Support multi-line delimited strings
56fdb00f4 2023-09-26 Andy C [src-tree] CSS fix for mobile phones only
1e6272ce0 2023-09-26 Andy C [src-tree] Restore large font
3aa3fb076 2023-09-28 Melvin Walls [mycpp/runtime rename] index_() -> at() (#1738)
33d3e92f9 2023-09-29 Andy C [devtools] Add .style.yapf
cf54cd26f 2023-10-01 Melvin Walls [mycpp] Dict is now a real hash table (#1729)
2ceed754f 2023-10-01 Andy C [mycpp/runtime comments] Polish comments
5084860e0 2023-10-01 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Dict::reserve() is styled like List::reserve()
e900106d4 2023-10-01 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Support dict_contains() on GLOBAL_DICT()
9ff69caa5 2023-10-01 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Distinguish between kNotFound and kTooSmall
65b8b21a6 2023-10-01 Andy C [mycpp/runtime fix] mylib::dict_erase() typo in last change
446657993 2023-10-01 Andy C [ysh/builtin] dict() accepts value.BashAssoc
0d1266975 2023-10-01 Andy C [refactor] Move evaluation of default args to proc
b9f3e7733 2023-10-01 Andy C [core rename] value.Block -> value.Command
dbb7afa5f 2023-10-01 Andy C [soil] Build C++ tarball earlier in cpp-small job
3e53321e5 2023-10-03 Andy C [soil] Add cpp-tarball task
60cc168c7 2023-10-04 Andy C [soil] cpp-tarball job can publish tarball to web server
b41654ae8 2023-10-04 Andy C [soil] Minor tweaks
bab13c105 2023-10-04 Andy C [cmd_eval refactor] Extract command.Simple case out of _Dispatch
aa2efc83d 2023-10-04 Melvin Walls [osh/cmd_eval] Split _Dispatch() into separate functions (#1742)
9f0f05ef6 2023-10-04 Melvin Walls [mycpp] Unroll StackRoots (#1735)
e6adffb6a 2023-10-04 Andy C [soil] Add using curl
5f2a547b5 2023-10-05 Andy C [soil] wild task fetches the C++ tarball
39010027c 2023-10-05 Andy C [soil wild] Use C++ tarball
b92b7a54d 2023-10-05 Andy C [soil] C++ tarball is used by 3 jobs
cf13e02dc 2023-10-05 Andy C [soil] Perf profiles in 'raw-vm' task
fc9b032ec 2023-10-05 Andy C [soil] Tune tarball retry params
b5e66032c 2023-10-06 Andy C [soil] Tweak tests
f295cec7f 2023-10-06 Andy C [benchmarks/perf] Longer workloads -> more stable profile
f71e1cf0d 2023-10-07 Andy C [mycpp/demo] modulus speed test
5996467ec 2023-10-07 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Start resize policy tests
819c553df 2023-10-07 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Simplify List<T> growth policy code
ad97b78a2 2023-10-07 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Make it clear we're using the 32-byte policy
8be543011 2023-10-08 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Tune List<T> growth policy for the 48 byte pool
3387ba63f 2023-10-08 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Remove #ifdef 0 code, rename vars
5283f0ba5 2023-10-08 Andy C [mycpp/runtime refactor] Print growth table for List and Dict
1dd68521d 2023-10-08 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Tune Dict growth policy to 48-byte pool, like List
077cc741d 2023-10-08 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Make Dict index len a power of 2
72084dc44 2023-10-08 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] assert() -> DCHECK()
2e787f5d0 2023-10-10 Andy C [ysh] Tighten up float syntax
1ccaee6fc 2023-10-10 Andy C [ysh translation] Big floats overflow into inf or -inf
c6897bb76 2023-10-10 Andy C [ysh] Fix handling of floats with small magnitude (close to zero)
06cda3cb0 2023-10-10 Andy C [ysh] Change range syntax to 1 .. n, not 1:n
e4de39116 2023-10-10 Andy C [ysh] Disallow setvar obj->method at parse time
b9cada841 2023-10-10 Andy C [translation fix] Fix C++ compiler error
b0f44c510 2023-10-10 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
4374134a5 2023-10-10 Andy C [ysh-language] Allow var x, y = foo()
7c35822a4 2023-10-10 Andy C [refactor] EvalBlock returns int status
e254d34e6 2023-10-11 Melvin Walls [mycpp] Warn about excessive stack roots (#1743)
f20865cca 2023-10-11 Andy C [format] Some files in osh/
d24f5fb63 2023-10-11 Andy C [mycpp] Thread --stack-roots-warn all the way through
026abf6aa 2023-10-12 Andy C [refactor] Simplify WordParser API
0ed0c8fc1 2023-10-12 Andy C [refactor] Simplify ReadWord() more
2ed197255 2023-10-12 Andy C [ysh-language] Fix parsing bugs with no space before (
121a80324 2023-10-12 Andy C [ysh] Implement shopt -s parse_bracket
2876f70df 2023-10-12 Andy C [refactor] Remove Tuple[...] in favor of ASDL ParsedAssignment
0a53268f3 2023-10-12 Andy C [refactor] Prepare command.Simple for arg evaluation
9e77001f9 2023-10-13 Andy C [ysh] Start evaluating typed args in CommandEvaluator
1bd7bab62 2023-10-13 Andy C [builtin/json] Use typed_args.Reader, now with value_t
bb60fa283 2023-10-13 Andy C [refactor] Migrate error builtin to use evaluated args
c1c030163 2023-10-13 Andy C [build fix] Work around mycpp issues
23a58f804 2023-10-13 Andy C [builtin/eval] Support typed argument, i.e. value.Command
c807296e8 2023-10-13 Andy C [refactor] Pass typed args to RunProc()
0a88bfe4c 2023-10-13 Andy C [refactor] This file was missing in previous commit
48dbd4135 2023-10-13 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
6e00dad4d 2023-10-13 Andy C [doc] Fix tour, and put it in CI
4ad76a33d 2023-10-14 Andy C [ysh] Evaluate lazy proc args to value.Expr
935bd07a1 2023-10-14 Andy C [frontend/typed_args] Add APIs for optional params
9238c1a89 2023-10-14 Andy C [translation] Fix keyword conflict
f7e33a81f 2023-10-14 Andy C [ysh] Unify literal blocks args { } and value.Command objects
bea0ae0f1 2023-10-14 Andy C [cleanup] cmd_value.Argv gets a copy of the parsed ArgList
9d4f08e4c 2023-10-14 Andy C [CommandEvaluator] Restore locations for error message
ee4dd77bd 2023-10-14 Andy C [rename] Prepare for unifying funcs and procs
7adedf3d3 2023-10-14 Andy C [refactor] More toward func/proc unification
72e02e8df 2023-10-14 Andy C [errors] Blame the function call location correctly
a2e6276f4 2023-10-14 Andy C [refactor] Move more func/proc evaluation in core/
ef51f2210 2023-10-14 Andy C [rename] CommandEvaluator::EvalBlock -> EvalCommand
8ee384742 2023-10-14 Andy C [format] Normalize some of the big files
b1ed4bc21 2023-10-14 Andy C [format] */builtin_*, frontend/*.py and */
4afcfb6ae 2023-10-14 Andy C [refactor] Represent Proc and Func more similarly
5e0276692 2023-10-14 Andy C [test/lint] Fix build
56654380b 2023-10-14 Andy C [refactor] Rename to BuiltinFunc and BuiltinMethod
ba32c1cf7 2023-10-14 Andy C [ASDL] Fix code gen bug with Dict[K, V]?
e4a54ff50 2023-10-14 Andy C [core] Schema for default args
30b600b16 2023-10-14 Andy C [refactor] Prepare to evaluate default args, for proc and func
0b9b8adaa 2023-10-14 Andy C [core] Evaluate default args for procs and funcs
37375987f 2023-10-14 Andy C [core] Start binding arguments
64e51d28a 2023-10-14 Andy C [ysh] Evaluate typed positional args to procs
a10ac625f 2023-10-14 Andy C [test/spec] More pass in spec/ysh-{blocks,proc}
d3c00e929 2023-10-14 Andy C [mycpp] Fix issue with Optional[Dict[...]]
de7c26d43 2023-10-15 Andy C [refactor] ProcValue -> value.Proc
b071c0571 2023-10-15 Andy C [ysh] Implement positional spread for func and proc
25b561cab 2023-10-15 Andy C [ysh] Proc and Arg evaluation and binding
de9c6d2a8 2023-10-15 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Implement Dict::update(Dict)
b7d31613a 2023-10-15 Andy C [core] binding for named args
11aacf4c8 2023-10-15 Andy C [refactor] func to ParamGroup() syntax tree type
f4a839298 2023-10-16 Andy C [refactor] proc to ParamGroup
554d9804a 2023-10-16 Andy C [test/ysh-parse-errors] Remove duplicates
b2c6846db 2023-10-16 Andy C [mycpp] Fix NewDict() bug: declaration vs. mutation
ead371346 2023-10-16 Andy C [refactor] Simplify _ParamGroup() calls
035d1463c 2023-10-16 Andy C [refactor] Decouple _Bind* functions from Proc
d9815d2c1 2023-10-16 Andy C [core] Bind Func params like Procs
03ce3f0b0 2023-10-16 Andy C [stdlib] Used named arg in sum()
fd156081e 2023-10-16 Andy C [ysh-language] func and proc must appear at the top level
bfabfac4b 2023-10-16 Andy C [ysh] Allow calls like f(; ...args)
eeef62d1a 2023-10-16 Andy C [errors] Move check for =word to catch more cases
e2fa55598 2023-10-16 Andy C [ysh] Disallow f(; positional) at call site
fd2624678 2023-10-16 Andy C [ysh] Validate values of default args
920632e2e 2023-10-16 Andy C [errors] Improve error locations for proc arg evaluation/binding
0790f2793 2023-10-17 Andy C [spec/ysh-builtin-eval] Clarify that sandboxing is a separate feature
5c770e110 2023-10-17 Andy C [optimize] Don't bind params if we don't have a ParamGroup
845893e21 2023-10-17 Andy C [optimize] Don't bind func params either, without ParamGroup
f6298e620 2023-10-17 Andy C [mycpp] Fix condition check to include Optional[T]
3c6c67eac 2023-10-17 Andy C [rename] core/ -> ysh/
f62370169 2023-10-17 Andy C [reformat] core/*.py
f57bfb6c3 2023-10-17 Andy C [reformat] Wrap long signatures
fe1fddeb9 2023-10-17 Andy C [reformat] Remove functions that initialize builtins
cbc1de677 2023-10-17 Andy C [refactor] Re-organize builtin initialization
b8f52e688 2023-10-17 Andy C [refactor] Clean up builtin initialization.
3b66e9665 2023-10-17 Andy C [refactor] Misc cleanup / renaming
a7fa526ff 2023-10-17 Andy C [refactor] Put method init near func init
6200adc45 2023-10-17 Andy C [fix] Finish the renaming
9477e1a9b 2023-10-17 Andy C [refactor] Remove copy of List[T]
687b84cd7 2023-10-17 Andy C [reformat] Add asdl, mycpp, data_lang dirs
2c59733e5 2023-10-17 Aidan [stdlib] First cut of declarative flag parsing, in args.ysh (#1736)
bacc494e1 2023-10-18 Andy C [rename] spec/ysh-argparse -> ysh/stdlib-argparse
00efc969f 2023-10-18 Andy C [reformat] ysh/ dir
31d907a5f 2023-10-19 Andy C [ysh] Make :: the expr evaluator operator, rather than _
ea550b759 2023-10-19 Andy C [doc/ref] Document :: dcolon
96a94bfd2 2023-10-20 Andy C [rename] oil_ -> ysh_ in grammar production names
fb0816f41 2023-10-20 Andy C [tea] Disable test case to fix build
668bab594 2023-10-20 Andy C [yaks] Docs about deleting tea/
469940b78 2023-10-20 Andy C [yaks] Start skeleton in typed Python 3, importing yaks.asdl
5a1bf87bb 2023-10-20 Andy C [ASDL] Fix schema bug uncovered by mypy optional checking
b946d168f 2023-10-20 Andy C [cleanup] Remove "Tea" experiment
0ea011276 2023-10-20 Andy C [ASDL] Remove OrderedDict dependency
69e8abe17 2023-10-20 Andy C [yaks] Flesh out the IR a bit more.
04cbdca02 2023-10-20 Andy C [test/spec] Use new style :: instead of _
ac380079a 2023-10-20 Andy C [fix] Remove rest of Id.Expr_DColon
479252556 2023-10-20 Andy C [core] Planning features in value_t, add unary & to grammar
6719c58b8 2023-10-20 Andy C [doc] Start style guide and Novelties
9dad67d89 2023-10-21 Andy C [metrics] Improve line counts
acbe70b27 2023-10-21 Andy C [rename] library -> builtin
58de37788 2023-10-21 Andy C [test/unit] Fix tests
7c6e2396d 2023-10-21 Andy C [rename] Move more code to builtin/
ea37a0857 2023-10-21 Andy C [rename] Move more files to builtin/
6a9d8732c 2023-10-21 Andy C [rename] Move more builtins, fix lint script and errors
5819a5186 2023-10-21 Andy C [fix] Missing file from last commit
071b13a86 2023-10-21 Andy C [rename] Finish moving all builtins to builtin/
1532fb9eb 2023-10-21 Andy C [refactor] Move YSH builtins into their own files
91e1ff5df 2023-10-21 Andy C [soil] Add yaks to CI
93622ec02 2023-10-21 Andy C [build fix] After renaming
231e27017 2023-10-21 Andy C [refactor] Move code out of
32a50ea36 2023-10-21 Andy C [refactor] Move Hay code from core/ -> builtin/
521e05913 2023-10-21 Andy C [refactor] Move code out of func_misc and misc_osh
9a78b1038 2023-10-21 Andy C [spec/ysh-user-feedback] Type error is correctly emitted
82e636f5d 2023-10-21 Andy C [spec/ysh-list] Fix and rename
dd09408c3 2023-10-21 Andy C [spec/ysh refactor] Make organization more consistent
68ce47dd8 2023-10-21 Andy C [ysh breaking] append takes typed arg (), not :var_name
da0d0c62a 2023-10-21 Andy C [ysh] Fix 'append' usage in tests
944df503f 2023-10-21 Andy C [doc/ref] Document append builtin
49620966c 2023-10-22 Andy C [ysh] Parse more augmented assignment
0f30f5063 2023-10-22 Andy C [ysh] Implement rest of augmented assignment, /= *= etc.
026bfedf3 2023-10-22 Andy C [ysh refactor] Use switch/tagswitch in expression evaluator
b1d08dd9f 2023-10-22 Andy C [ysh] Implement setvar L[0] += 1 etc.
9cd733390 2023-10-22 Andy C [errors] Pass some location info through to error messages.
0fc654da3 2023-10-22 Andy C [errors] Make shell AssignArg errors more precise by using CompoundWord
3a0cc661d 2023-10-22 Andy C [core/state refactor] Extract mem.SetNamed(), and use it most places
f05beb65c 2023-10-22 Andy C [refactor] Use mem.SetNamed() in more places
a0795090e 2023-10-22 Andy C [refactor] Introduce simpler mem.SetLocalName() function
99b44e975 2023-10-22 Andy C [rename] place_expr -> lhs_expr
862211244 2023-10-22 Andy C [rename] More place -> lhs
9ff9f6201 2023-10-22 Andy C [rename] To syntax_asdl.{sh_lhs,y_lhs}
790d3c140 2023-10-22 Andy C [rename] runtime_asdl.{lvalue => sh_lvalue}
1cba89531 2023-10-22 Andy C [refactor] Make LeftName a first-class type
a9bdf31fe 2023-10-22 Andy C [refactor] Introduce y_lvalue_t
94e123b1a 2023-10-22 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Demo of hybrid rooting scheme: params + stack pointers
0fe301644 2023-10-22 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Demo for value types (Str_v, value_v, ...)
0a578b31c 2023-10-22 Andy C [yaks] Figuring out ytag() vs. typetag()
ecacd8047 2023-10-22 Andy C [mycpp/runtime notes] More notes on tagged pointers
c879ac511 2023-10-23 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Fix unit test
20d02c81f 2023-10-23 Andy C [cmd_eval refactor] Use early return style command.ControlFlow
1aa91f236 2023-10-23 Andy C [rename] Str -> BigStr in all C++ code.
1389ec29d 2023-10-23 Andy C [mycpp/runtime] Demo of new Str interface
10678e3e8 2023-10-24 Andy C [benchmarks/compute] Using C++ exceptions for control flow is slow
73df5fbb0 2023-10-24 Andy C [mycpp] Small string demo works!
8d3754d5b 2023-10-24 Andy C [mycpp] Turn of SMALL_STR
92d420ad4 2023-10-24 Andy C [ysh] Parse place expressions &myvar
b1ef3077c 2023-10-25 Andy C [devtools] Hack up half of import fixer, from lib2to3
43b2997fe 2023-10-25 Andy C [refactor] Extract core/value.asdl
ebb9a8925 2023-10-25 Andy C [metrics] Add C++ code to cloc-report
c50f341df 2023-10-25 Andy C [spec/ysh-builtins] Add test case for read (&x)
e0043e0c7 2023-10-28 Ellen [osh] Implement shopt -s nocasematch (#1748)
f07594607 2023-10-30 Aidan [builtins/osh] Implement read -N and fix read -n (#1753)
e35e9253d 2023-10-30 Andy C [builtin/read refactor] Prepare for read --line (&x), i.e. value.Place
31bb2f072 2023-10-30 Andy C [ysh] Spec tests for value.Place; more 'read' builtin refactoring
b7361c97a 2023-10-30 Andy C [ysh] Implement value.Place: read --line (&x)
187b19cdb 2023-10-30 Andy C [builtin/read] Specify that read --line is buffered
79824c471 2023-10-31 Andy C [test/spec] Rewrite to avoid "FD 0 fighting"
e4257e0da 2023-10-31 Ellen [test/spec] Spec tests for type -a (#1752)
015766ed0 2023-10-31 Aidan [ysh] Fix crash when comparing non-comparable types (#1754)
c8c334b19 2023-10-31 Andy C [ysh] Implement place->setValue() method
f4e02ea36 2023-10-31 Andy C [ysh-language] Remove setref / Ref param, after value.Place
3d300b481 2023-10-31 Andy C [builtin/read breaking] Remove var name arg, default var is $_reply
7c6505ae6 2023-10-31 Andy C [test/spec] Fix build
5708d5b0b 2023-10-31 Andy C [cleanup] Remove _PackFlags(), after setref removal
906b4cfd3 2023-11-01 Andy C [builtin/json breaking] Make 'json read' consistent with 'read'
a1067f51c 2023-11-01 Andy C [ysh breaking] Rename functions parse_hay() -> parseHay() etc
8d3419c38 2023-11-01 Andy C [ysh] Allow call obj->method() instead of ::
696c7d323 2023-11-01 Andy C [ysh] Use call everywhere, instead of ::
cebae70c5 2023-11-01 Andy C [ysh breaking] Remove _ in favor of call
dfbf8cb58 2023-11-01 Andy C [ysh language] Reserve space for units suffix
d6ada0699 2023-11-01 Andy C [ysh-language] Optional colon for type annotations
4605d6471 2023-11-01 Andy C [ysh-language] Mark &a[0] and &d.key as unimplemented
30ce991e5 2023-11-01 Andy C [ysh-language] Allow implicit null initialization
e8a11fd16 2023-11-01 Andy C [ysh breaking] s->trim(), s->startsWith()
0a258e2cd 2023-11-01 Andy C [builtin/error] Message is a word arg, not typed arg
8c4a963ea 2023-11-02 Andy C [ysh-language breaking] Disallow const inside proc and func
0c8248ccc 2023-11-02 Andy C [cleanup] Remove remnants of const in func/proc.
8f38ee36d 2023-11-02 Andy C [builtin] Got _io->promptChar() working!
01a8771d0 2023-11-02 Andy C [doc] Update novelties, remove a wart!
e2e5ca11d 2023-11-02 Aidan [ysh] Improve error message when using setvar without var (#1755)
f50ed9db3 2023-11-03 Andy C [ysh-language] Parse => in two situations
0d4b8a74d 2023-11-03 Andy C [ysh-language] Check for 'a' in setvar a[i] = 42
1659833d4 2023-11-03 Andy C [ysh-language] Make => a synonym of -> for now
5a68e2000 2023-11-03 Andy C [ysh-language] Implement function threading / chaining with =>
357cb3af7 2023-11-03 Andy C [test/parse-errors refactor] Reorganize files
d7aa2867e 2023-11-04 Andy C [eggex breaking] Change capture syntax
4181353a5 2023-11-04 Andy C [test fix] After capture syntax change
5e56477a8 2023-11-04 Andy C [demo] Try float_test from Bruce Dawson
b44c5061c 2023-11-09 Andy C [doc] Improve survey of unicode operations
4dd7e3b9c 2023-11-14 Andy C [devtools] Use a separate $PID dir under _tmp/spec-tmp
cce7aa892 2023-11-14 Andy C [devtools] Tweak dir naming convention
dfe3d071f 2023-11-14 Andy C [cpp] Make nocasematch tests pass in C++
589fec5df 2023-11-14 Andy C [doc/ref] Updates for Oils 0.19.0
4b54fb858 2023-11-15 Andy C [spec/builtin-completion] Fix test case after help change
f1b63499c 2023-11-15 Andy C [doc] Oil -> YSH
3ef7ea530 2023-11-15 Andy C [errors] Tweak error message
0560149f8 2023-11-15 Andy C [doc] Oil -> YSH or Oils
ace87c458 2023-11-15 Andy C [doc] More oil -> Oils or YSH
295b0d257 2023-11-15 Andy C [doc] Revise "A Tour of YSH"
4373031ca 2023-11-15 Andy C [doc] Add methods to YSH tour
730310fda 2023-11-15 Andy C [doc] Fix flakiness
fb9145c46 2023-11-15 Andy C [ysh] Implement io_->promptVal('w')
8ca152636 2023-11-15 Andy C [ysh-prompt] Consolidate errors, test \D{} invalid
c3614237a 2023-11-15 Andy C [test/unit] Fix prompt test
fbd45ab92 2023-11-18 Andy C [builtin] Add shSplit() function
9688c5005 2023-11-18 Ellen [test/spec] Spec tests for GLOBIGNORE (#1757)
16e16c2ea 2023-11-18 Andy C [spec/builtin-bash] Hack to make 'type -a' output more stable
aa3493be6 2023-11-18 Andy C [test/spec] Split out spec/builtin-type
43de6f75e 2023-11-18 Andy C [builtin/type] 'type' without flags matches bash/dash/ash more closely
fcb2b169c 2023-11-18 Andy C [spec/builtin-type] Make test hermetic
69e518171 2023-11-18 Andy C [builtin/type] type -P does direct search path lookups
ccd76b8df 2023-11-18 Andy C [translation] Fix build
ae40b38ba 2023-11-18 Andy C [fix] command -v on relative paths that aren't executable
9aecb02f3 2023-11-18 Andy C [fix] Check for executable bit in _ResolveNames()
70b2f5c54 2023-11-18 Andy C [osh] Fix SearchPath bug from last commit; implement type -a
f099276d2 2023-11-18 Andy C [translation fix] Add type annotation
8f1a91c57 2023-11-18 Andy C [refactor] Look up one name at a time
296aa4375 2023-11-18 Andy C [builtin/type refactor] _ResolveNames() returns 0 to N entries
bd4b9c0fe 2023-11-18 Andy C [builtin/type] type -a prints all kinds
54862e8b6 2023-11-18 Andy C [builtin/command fix] command -v just prints one name
eba610864 2023-11-18 Andy C [doc] Update YSH language design docs.
1a1d93c84 2023-11-18 Andy C [doc] More updates to YSH language design docs
84310e5c7 2023-11-18 Andy C [doc] Comparison Table for proc and func
55205c1ce 2023-11-19 Andy C [test/spec] Fix metadata
6c15c9ee7 2023-11-19 Andy C [builtin/command] Implement command -V (POSIX)
cafe771c3 2023-11-19 Andy C [test/cpp-unit] Fix test
5fbba97ca 2023-11-19 Andy C [doc] Polish ysh-vs-shell
0e04bd4cd 2023-11-19 Andy C [doc] ysh-vs-python polished
eb90a8959 2023-11-19 Andy C [doc] Consolidate naming / style info.
2c4d30742 2023-11-19 Andy C [doc] Draft of, with nice tables
bf810be6d 2023-11-21 Andy C [doc] Polish proc-func
fe7b106d9 2023-11-22 Andy C [translation] Implement raw_input() when not HAVE_READLINE
5fe7e6a1c 2023-11-22 Andy C [cpp refactor] Consistently use kEmptyString for EOF
f7ceae757 2023-11-22 Andy C [cpp refactor] Make raw_input() independent of pyreadline
b36f1859d 2023-11-26 Andy C [doc] Initial cut of
f8447b7db 2023-11-27 Andy C [build] Allow any value of $compiler in _build/
bed9c22e3 2023-11-28 Andy C [interactive] bin/ysh respects $PS1
00afa7830 2023-11-28 Andy C [interactive] Implement renderPrompt(); add ysh prefix to default prompt
f71c6b76f 2023-11-28 Andy C [prompt] Pass global value.IO to renderPrompt()
cec33d9aa 2023-11-28 Andy C [test/unit] Fix build
0dd0e9c9b 2023-11-29 Andy C [prompt] Catch errors from renderPrompt(), as with PS1
571dcc8ad 2023-11-29 Andy C [doctools] doc/ref anchors preserve upper/lower case
eac158b03 2023-11-29 Andy C [doc/ref] Fix :: -> call, add _io->glob()
75ea1db3f 2023-11-29 Andy C [release] Bump to version 0.19.0
aec5c7830 2023-11-29 Andy C [test/spec] Add missing file
503e1d691 2023-11-29 Andy C [doctools] Fix unit tests
b34ee4114 2023-11-29 Andy C [release] Remove tea; make note of bloaty hiccup
a1bbf6f06 2023-11-29 Andy C [release] Fix smoosh automation
52465602b 2023-11-29 Andy C [benchmarks] Fix osh-parser cachegrind reporting
c7f3994e7 2023-11-29 Andy C [release] Shell functions for the 0.19.0 release
79024a492 2023-11-29 Andy C [build] Sort glob results
fdbf55d71 2023-11-29 Andy C [doctools] Fix relative web/ URLs by moving to _tmp/src-tree-www
5a8050a4a 2023-11-29 Andy C [doctools fix] Add mkdir
a3cdba472 2023-11-29 Andy C [cpp fix] Fix readline() bug when !defined(HAVE_READLINE)
ce02e21f2 2023-11-29 Andy C [cpp] Print prompt to stderr when !defined(HAVE_READLINE)
67b84760a 2023-11-29 Andy C [frontend/reader] Don't need extra newline when not calling raw_input()
4d56470f9 2023-11-29 Andy C [frontend refactor] Adapt GNU readline to f.readline() interface