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If you have Debian/Ubuntu, and Five Minutes


... then please try the Quick Start section here:

It's a series of shell commands that should take 1 or 2 minutes to run. If there are any failures, let me know. Either leave a comment or send mail to oil-dev@oilshell.org.

If not, after running all the spec tests with ./spec.sh all, you should get a URL like this:

Results: file:///home/andy/git/oil/_tmp/spec/RESULTS.html

Open it in your browser and check it out. It should look something like this.

Then make a tarball from the _tmp/spec directory and e-mail it to me at andy@oilshell.org:

tar --create --gzip --file oil-spec.tar.gz --directory _tmp spec

If you have a web server available, you can upload the _tmp/spec tree with a command like this:

rsync --archive --verbose --copy-links \
    _tmp/spec/ $user@$host:$dest/

# --copy-links is important for CSS

Then send me the URL via Reddit or e-mail to oil-dev@oilshell.org.


The spec tests run shell snippets against OSH and four other shells, then make assertions on stdout, stderr, and exit code.

There's some detail in this Lobsters thread.

I just noticed that the tests are too detailed in some sense! They expose differences between bash 4.2 and bash 4.3, for example. See this thread.

So please try the Quick Start to give me a sense of how big a problem this is. I want to see what different failures there are. On my machine, the tests are all green and yellow, which is good.