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2017-04-25 OVM will be a Slice of the CPython VM
2017-04-23 The OPy Front End is Working
2017-04-22 Code for the Shunting Yard Algorithm, and More
2017-04-21 Blog Retrospective #2
2017-04-20 Switching to "Twitter Mode"

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2016-11-20 Blog Retrospective #1
2017-04-21 Blog Retrospective #2
Pratt Parsing Index and Updates - Popular posts about expression parsing algorithms.

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2016-10-10 What Oil Looks Like, and a Plan for This Blog
2016-10-11 Oil Can Parse Real Shell Programs
2016-10-12 [ Is a Builtin, But [[ Is Part of the Language
2016-10-13 Oil Parses Shell Scripts Up Front in a Single Pass. Other Shells Don't.
2016-10-14 Oil Now Parses My /etc/init.d Directory
2016-10-15 Blog Roadmap, and Project Roadmap
2016-10-16 debootstrap Parsed
2016-10-17 How to Parse Here Documents
2016-10-18 Shells Use Temp Files to Implement Here Documents
2016-10-19 Lexical State and How We Use It
2016-10-20 Parsing Bash is Undecidable
2016-10-22 New Terminology: Static Parsing vs. Dynamic Parsing
2016-10-23 Roadmap #2
2016-10-24 Four More Projects Parsed
2016-10-26 Grammar for Variable Substitutions
2016-10-28 The Five Meanings of #. And What Does ${####} Mean?
2016-10-29 Four Slashes and Three Meanings
2016-11-01 Pratt Parsing and Precedence Climbing Are the Same Algorithm
2016-11-02 Review of Pratt/TDOP Parsing Tutorials
2016-11-03 Pratt Parsing Without Prototypal Inheritance, Global Variables, Virtual Dispatch, or Java
2016-11-05 Pratt Parsers Can Be Statically Typed
2016-11-06 Thirteen Incorrect Ways and Two Awkward Ways to Use Arrays
2016-11-07 Contrived Example Found in the Wild
2016-11-09 Parsing 183,000 Lines of Git's Shell Source Code
2016-11-13 Shell, Awk, and Make Should Be Combined
2016-11-14 Example Code in Shell, Awk, and Make
2016-11-17 OSH Can Be Parsed With Two Tokens of Lookahead
2016-11-18 Problems With $((
2016-11-19 Oil is on Github
2016-11-20 Blog Retrospective #1
2016-11-21 Roadmap #3: Two Top Priorities
2016-11-25 Roadmap #3 Continued
2016-11-29 Status Update: the Backbone of the Interpreter
2016-11-30 A Problem with Type Checking
2016-12-05 Type Checking vs. Metaprogramming; ML vs. Lisp
2016-12-11 What is Zephyr ASDL?
2016-12-16 Analogies for ASDL
2016-12-23 A Math Problem: Function-Directed Enum Labeling
2016-12-26 Four Functions and Enum Labelings
2016-12-27 Bespoke Superoptimization
2016-12-29 Using Reddit for Blog Comments
2016-12-30 Questions about Superoptimization
2017-01-04 Success with ASDL
2017-01-06 ASDL Implementation and Use Cases
2017-01-09 What is oheap?
2017-01-13 Shell Has a Forth-like Quality
2017-01-15 Pipelines Support Vectorized, Point-Free, and Imperative Style
2017-01-19 On the Wiki: Project Goals and Related Projects
2017-01-21 Pretty Printing ASTs with ASDL, and Metaprogramming
2017-01-26 The Thinner Waist of the Interpreter
2017-01-31 Bernstein Chaining of ssh and su
2017-02-05 Translating Shell to Oil
2017-02-06 Translating Shell to Oil, Part Two
2017-02-11 From AST to Lossless Syntax Tree
2017-02-26 Status Update and Blog Backlog
2017-02-27 Review of Roadmap #3
2017-03-01 Project Roadmap #4
2017-03-04 If you have Debian/Ubuntu, and Five Minutes
2017-03-09 Oil-dev is Alive!
2017-03-23 Measuring Progress with Tests
2017-03-30 Precedence Climbing is Widely Used
2017-03-31 Pratt Parsing Index and Updates
2017-04-08 The Riskiest Part of the Project
2017-04-09 An Unexpected Solution: Cobbling Together a Python Interpreter
2017-04-20 Switching to "Twitter Mode"
2017-04-21 Blog Retrospective #2
2017-04-22 Code for the Shunting Yard Algorithm, and More
2017-04-23 The OPy Front End is Working
2017-04-25 OVM will be a Slice of the CPython VM