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Switching to "Twitter Mode"


In the last two weeks, I've validated a solution to the riskiest part of the project. I plan to break the dependency on the Python interpreter using a variation on the strategy described in the last post.

Because of this, and the fact that I made rapid progress on OSH with the spec tests, I now see a clear path to an initial release of OSH.

Blog Problems

However, I need to change my strategy toward blogging in the near term. I'm reluctant to do that because it's gotten great feedback:

The first half of the blog was coherent because:

But blogging and coding simultaneously is awkward because:

I've been writing less frequently because of this awkwardness, which means the blog is out of date. This is true even on top of the the blog post bankruptcy I declared less than two months ago.

But I've completed more than one successful experiment in the last few weeks, and want to keep you all updated.

So here's the plan:

Planned Updates

I want to write short updates on these topics:

After the OSH 0.1 release:


I may not syndicate the short updates to Lobsters and Hacker News as much. If you want updates, subscribe to /r/oilshell on Reddit or follow @oilshellblog on Twitter.