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Appendix: The Journey of Extended Globs


The last post was Winter Blog Backlog: Recent Progress. It mentioned that I drafted a post called How OSH is Designed, which used extended globs as an example to illustrate a few design principles.

I scrapped that draft in favor of the summary, which more accurately conveys the truth.

But I did a bunch of work to dig up the history of the feature in the blog, which I'm publishing here. I don't expect that many readers to be interested in this, but I like it because it helps me keep track of the project.

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Posts Mentioning Extended Globs (2016-2020)


I ran this command to dig up old posts:

oilshell.org$ grep 'extended.glob' blog/*/*/[^_]*.md

It turned up about a dozen, which I've copied below. Summary: OSH started parsing extended globs in 2017, and I partially implemented them in 2018 order to run bash autocompletion scripts.

I put off finishing the feature, since it's uniquely difficult, and wasn't necessary to run thousands of lines of real distro shell scripts.

But Nix motivated me to finish the feature, and it turned out well!

Posts Mentioning Extended Globs (2016-2020)